Pomegranate Bistro


The quintessential destination for homegrown cooking, Lisa Dupar’s Pomegranate Bistro is one of the Eastside’s most popular neighborhood eateries. Nestled in the heart of Redmond, Pomegranate’s 80-seat restaurant is the brainchild of husband and wife chef-extraordinaires Lisa Dupar and Jonathan Zimmer. Pomegranate’s menu features a contemporary blend of Pacific Northwest cuisine and classic comfort food inspired by Lisa Dupar’s southern upbringing and classical French training. Pomegranate’s “hot from the oven” signature fire bread is topped with anything from tequila rock shrimp to arugula and shaved pecorino. Seasonal menus rotate regularly, as does the hip cocktail menu and award-winning wine list featuring over more than 125 hand-selected wines.

Redmond, WA duparandcompany.com 4 Spotted, 1,080 Points, #25,363 Worldwide