Gástro Ecléctico


Always the open minded food enthusiast, regardless of origin, ethnicity, style, ingredients, vegan, meaty or fishy, fingers or forks – love food, cooking & experimenting forever. That is why I joined FoodSpotting... Gástro Ecléctico is Ethnic and eclectic, east meets west, south meets north, where all things edible meet in the middle, and can be incredible... Whether you’re nouveau to cuisine, an inclusionary culinary, like only an effectual victual or lewd food, prefer harmony in gastronomy or are an in-home gastronome, just like goodie foodie or maybe a gourmand first hand, a Connoisseur, full-time bon vivant or a part-time epicurean for cheap eats or fine treats - no matter what the epicurean nomenclature Gástro Ecléctico is for you... With Bourdain the hero, Zimmern the roll model, or you prefer Ray to Flay, are mild on Child, sterile with Emeril or have Puck for luck - and whether you concoct it yourself, or fancy it at an eatery – join us at Gástro Ecléctico Facebook and at Gástro Ecléctico Foodspotting.com to be an afórtunato aficionádo of Gourmét to acclaim, criticize or even boast ~ let’s have fun... Bon appétit! from Rick el Gástro Ecléctico.

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