Spring of 1989, mankind initial read about the American researchers associated in the examine of traveling saucers. On his dangerous and intriguing operate, he said, speaking on an American radio beneath the pseudonym Dennis. A number of months afterwards the mysterious physicist dared to give his real title - Bob Lazar - and offer an interview to US tv. The online video of his famous report is still widespread on the Net. The expert, who participated in "the key project in the globe," explained that he - a nuclear physicist, and until finally the spring of 1989 was engaged in reverse engineering - i.e., tries to outline the basic principle of the engine-alien plane. Lazar explained that the operate on the "most mystery project in background," he started in December 1988, and prior to that, he labored in the division's Meson Physics of Los Alamos (New Mexico). To review the alien vehicles, Bob Lazar, started out in the territory of the navy air base in the central Nevada Nellis - the so-called S-four sector. He was it is approximately fifteen miles south of polygon 52 at Groom Lake, in which, according to Lazar, made spy planes U -2 and SR -71. Aliens are heading to attack earth might be a concern, but that is confident, we will have an Alien Invasion soon. By collaborating in the investigation research group, "saucers" Lazar found that fuel for these devices is then nevertheless (1989-1991 yr) is not an open aspect a hundred and fifteen of the periodic desk - ununpentium (Uup). In his report, Lazar defined that item - or fairly, it is utilised by aliens isotope, in contrast to most other elements that occupy the last cell of the periodic table, is steady, and is saved in the "plates" by his colleagues researched. About to shop 105 minutes or, say, the 107th member to communicate firmly is not essential - and he and the other decays in thousandths of a 2nd. Hence, the mere assertion of abnormal qualities ununpentium induced scientists questioned. However, a lot of physicists have been recognized hypothesis of "island of stability," which in the early eighties, the largest share Soviet scientist - Academician of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Analysis Georgy Flerov. He argued that some aspects with the variety of above a hundred would be a lot more secure - that is, be in a position to "dwell" more time than their neighbors in the periodic desk. Additional, tries to confirm the data Lazar is, even far more, explanation to doubt. Lazar mentioned that he analyzed in Alien Invasion and Massachusetts Institute of Technologies. Even so, he was not in the record of graduates of well-known universities. Even so, Lazar has identified a scientific journalist George Knapp discovered references to Bob Lazar in the tax documents of the US Air Drive, as effectively as - in the mobile phone e-book Los Alamos Countrywide Laboratory - exactly where he was detailed as a technician. Therefore, the thought of Lazar that the lists of graduates it was dipped in a distinct buy, began to seem more plausible. Knapp also excavated a information write-up publication "Los Alamos Keep track of," in 1982, mentioning Lazar, a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Read more here: 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #293,373 Worldwide