Evidently the rumors go absent roots that in the new Samsung Galaxy S9 (and Galaxy S9 Edge) will return slot for MicroSD memory playing cards. In principle, in our appear at, this determination would seem to be appropriate. Profits Follow the G4 LG confirmed that the conclude person has welcomed the truth that LG did not give up so effortless opportunities like expandable memory. The amount of inner memory several many thanks to the return of help MicroSD variants will be decreased to 32 or sixty four gigabytes, 128 gigabytes edition will not be released. The battery is the equivalent and will be eternal, and the memory card will be found in a unique tray (which is superb, presented that the Galaxy S5 and earlier for her to get out and insert it into a card reader, it was needed to just take absent the rear shield, which was particularly not comfortable utilizing a great deal of addresses and bumpers. Website Link: 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #292,534 Worldwide