<iframe width="400" height="" align="left" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe> Fortunately for many, videos are still hugely popular and effective which then turns our attention to YouTube So then we have to acknowledge that this is still a valuable source of gaining targeted traffic even if some people are afraid to use it. The purpose of the following article is to show you how too can find success with YouTube. As you build your channel with videos, interlink all related videos together which is one thing many people do not know how to do. If somebody is interested in watching one of your videos and is actually liking it, chances are that they may want to see more videos created by you, ones that are relevant to the current video. You see, this is exactly why it is worth your time to make your content the best it can be. So you see that it makes perfect sense that your audience will stick around and watch more of what you have to offer only if it is good. There is no guarantee about channel subscribers, but when other people see that you do have a respectable number of will make them very curious. There will of course be channels in your market, as well, and you may want to consider subscribing to them. It is possible that you may pick-up several more subscribers from the owners of those channels, but think there are better uses of your time. Try using a call to action in your videos to also subscribe to you, and you never know how that will go. Give people directions, and one good example is to place links on your site, and then just tell people to subscribe to your YouTube channel. One thing is for sure with YouTube, it is hard to get bored since there are videos on so many different topics. In other words, they want to have a consistent stream of video content coming their way that they can consume on a regular basis. If you are doing niche marketing, then this becomes even more important. Simply get in the habit of producing a video or two each week - why not if you are going to do it. However, keep in mind that you can't really overdo this process and upload several videos per week, because that may annoy your viewers and make them unsubscribe from your channel. Even if you are a rank beginner at YouTube, that is all right because nobody else will know - plus this stuff is easy. To know more, go to this website: 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #293,080 Worldwide