Obtain the measurements through the builder's plans or stretch out a tape measure across the structural users of the roof to straight measure the length. Record the beliefs. The result may be the general number of sheets required Actually. Divide the tal roof region from the effective region of an individual sheet and gather the result to the next whole amount. Using the example values of a roof area of 210 square foot and a highly effective sheet size of 18 dot 75 square feet, 12 sheets are needed, as 210 divided by 18 dot 75 equals 11. Increase any needed overlap in the edges, so round up the dimensions to the next larger feet to simplify computations. If the measured length is usually 19 ft 10 in ., and an additional overlap of 6 ins is necessary at both ends, the ultimate figure likely to end up being 21 ft 19 foot 10 in . plus 6 ins times 2 equals 20 feet 10 inches, that's curved up to 21 foot. OMG, I guess after i read your primary post, I wasn't wearing my reading eyeglasses. LOL! <h4> Have got a beautiful time! </h4> Many thanks for the clarification. Assuming you do not have any live wires in the shower with you, you must be fine. Therefore, baby oil is inexpensive, as well as the glow will last forever!!~!!! I'm sure you heard about this. Know what, I polish it with baby oil, after cleaning. Again Then, I be sure this was ought to be ok. Let me talk to you something Now. Is it safe? Drinking water and electricity and a ns of conductive metal makes me a little anxious, not a metal surround merely. Of course thank you quite definitely for this cool and very exclusive idea, plus all the how to measures! As I've ld other people about it, many of us know that there's one question I can't answer, I'm really thinking about doing this for my bathroom remodel. Thoughts? <h4> All of the best with your bathroom! </h4> We have not got any whitish corrosion or any various other problems with the galvanized metal. We didn't in fact use rustoleum or other things on ours although I have read at least one article where someone did. After a few years of use it ain't quite as reflection like as it was when we initial set up it but as you can plainly see in the picture above it still appears pretty good. With all having said that... I don't assume it'll last permanently but I must say i have no problems so far. Plenty of info are available easily by going on-line. Thank you for your kind terms! We have not completed any maintenance onto it apart from washing and I still make use of regular strategies and cleaners just avoiding anything quite equivalent method as yours. How or what did you do to prevent water from getting behind the tin where your hot cold water lever is situated? <h4> My issue can be. </h4> What did you seal it with? For example, thanks a lot again! I am considering carrying this out for our bathroom aswell and that's better blog about it all! You observe, ours could be a little different once we have to integrate a bath tub as well but the z channel is a superb idea around the bottom. Have you trapped to any annual maintenance to issues with White Rust as much other forums say can happen? I'm sure you found out about this. Wonder the way the rustoleum worked out for you and if you apply once again almost any frequently. On p of this, thanks a lot very much for the blog on this task! But, If I missed this in previous questions I am sorry Therefore. galvanized steel coil 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #293,344 Worldwide