Importance of Digital Marketing : The first to be considered point is that digital marketing is very cheaper when compared to the other modes and way of marketing. Information going online regarding your company or product may not cost the company more than a fractional cost of sending the same information via newspaper or a digital advertisement. Targeting of the audience When compared the digital marketing again stands out to the print marketing as there is always the chance of people being attracted to the digital media more. As the technology probe increasingly more into our everyday life, it has made a significant effect on our sense which can be convinced. Moreover, there are always higher odds of more people watching an online ad than a print media advertisement. If we talk about the technology it has made it very easy for the marketers to track and monitor their results online. The data can always be collected and the analyst might help in data assessing and provide the valuable data for various decision making. The effectiveness of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the most frequently used marketing aid in the present era as it is considered to be more powerful than any other tool. This is true to the core as there's a considerable shift in the preferences of the typical man. Here are a few facts that clearly state the effectiveness of digital marketing. The comparative analysis: customers want a comparative analysis of the prices and benefits of all of the products available in the market. The digital market offers them a platform to review all the aspects connected with a product. The acceptability- In this tech savvy era the information available online is widely accepted by the consumers in comparison to the physically available information. Wider audience: The coverage of digital marketing is significantly more than that of the physical media as the World Wide Web is now the new tool of every sort of communication. It's a lot a whole lot easier to sit back and communicate over a technology driven device. Impact: how many times did you let your favourite show for go to watch an advertisement of a company selling some random item? But while surfing the internet it is always very easy to restart what you left from precisely the same point. Aside from all these things the rising technology regime has given birth to a lot of career opportunities to the aspiring youth. Companies’ got a very effective tool to market their product and services directly to the clients and track the change in the consumer behaviour. It has enabled the companies to assess all the attributes of the clients and allow them to make their best strategic move. Digital marketing holds a significant role for both customers as well as for the companies selling their products and services. So whether you're an individual looking for a chance to make your career or a company expanding their business digital market is one vital element for you. 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #293,074 Worldwide