Automatic pet feeders have become a popular choice for pet owners today. It was originally intended for men and women who don't remain home during the day or are largely away on trips. However, it is now widely used even By pet owners who remain at home because feeding their furry companions throughout the day can be a small hassle. Many veterinary doctors have successfully experimented on using automatic feeders for all sort of pets. The experiments have proven that using a pre-programmed feeder for your dog comes with a great deal of benefits. Pet owners are simply asked to record how the change in feeding habits affect the behaviour of the dogs. During the initial stages, changes should be made constantly until you see a desirable behaviour in your dog. The system is like monitoring your dog on your own because it can be programmed manually. Additionally, it has been commonly recommended by physicians to patients whose owners are off on long trips throughout the year. A very common side effect that lots of dogs suffer from long periods of isolation is melancholy. With innovation, manufacturers are able to add voice recordings into the feeders. For more information on automatic dog feeder please visit More Info Conducting tests before making the purchase also ensures the device actually dispenses the exact amount of food as programmed. Portion control is currently one of the most raved about features. This has enabled many people to help control the weight of their pets even when they aren't around to look after things. All these features put together makes for a great device. So many buyers look for these features because these are the ones that make or break the product usability. Most companies also offer warranty for buyer protection. The warranty will cover all breakages during the first years or months, depending on the offer. 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #292,996 Worldwide