In every workshop for 15 years, I've done the casual poll of &quot;How many of you think you are dealing with someone like this.&quot; And usually about 50% of the hands go up. So, Yes, these people are out there and they aren't rare. However, I'd say that about 1% of the population is like this. This isn't a situation that you have to focus on and try to figure out because you'll be dealing with all kinds of people like this. You may have one or two people like this, in your lifetime! What's best about referred customers is that they don't cost a lot to attain. Think about it. What does it cost you to run an ad, flyer or do a val-pak? In most cases, it's hundreds of dollars if not thousands. What does it cost you to get a referral? Typically, auto junk yards costs very little if anything. But now, if you make a few slight changes, you can get even more referrals and really drive your car count up. Your windshield not only protects you from harmful UV rays but accounts for 20 percent of the structural integrity of your automobile. You do not want to run out of washer fluid especially during wet snow conditions. Keep the windshield washer reservoir full with WINTER washer fluid and a spare jug in the trunk. Replace wiper blades once a year or when they start to leave streaks across your windshield. You, as an car repair mechanic owner, assume that because you're doing a great job and you provide honest service at a good value that customers will refer their friends. That doesn't work because your customs don't know they SHOULD be sending you referrals (and they usually won't without a gentle 'nidge'). Always hand your card to someone upside down. This will cause the person to turn the card over and read it, especially if you give them a reason such as a memory hook. How many times have you handed someone your business card and it barely gets a glance? Your partner may have been the primary wage earner, the housekeeper, the car mechanic, the cook, or the one who did the shopping. The thought of all that you have to deal with can be frightening and overwhelming. Just about 6 months ago I was working in a mechanic shop about ten hours a day and still was not making the money I wanted. I would get home and just think what other way is there for me to make as much money as I want and work as many hours as I wanted and be my own boss. I did not want to work for anyone and keep making them money. I wanted to do something for myself and my family. I turned to the internet and found many online business opportunities and recession proof small businesses that would claim they could help you start an online business and you would be able to work when you want and where you want. I looked into a few of them and eventually said to myself that I just had to take action and get started if I wanted to see a change in my life. It's more than likely low cost for a purpose - don't get it just considering that it is affordable. Do your homework and see if it is a fine offer. If you can make money pay for it, if not don't. For instance, fast food and dine in restaurants. If the food at a dine-in restaurant is absolutely divine, I will post a review to any site that will let me. This helps franchise owners or a mom and pop place establish a name for them and brings in more business. At least I would hope to think it works that way. If the food is terrible, the wait staff was horrendous, then the public needs to know that as well. Often times I email the big chains in the 'Contact Us' section on their site. I usually get a prompt reply and some big chains send an automated response. Even though I don't know really where the feedback goes in the big chain pipeline, it stills feels good to have notified someone, or something. <img src="" /> 0 Spotted, 0 Points, #293,400 Worldwide