My blog Chompchomp was created to share my discoveries of restaurants that are willing to go that extra mile for us food intolerant customers and make our meals just as delicious and enjoyable as those of our less intolerant companions. Up until recently I was always so proud to be one of those people who would eat nearly anything. However my world was to change dramatically after the humbling diagnosis of gluten intolerance and fructose malabsorption. On the up-side, my diagnosis has resolved many of my chronic ailments and has further developed my appreciation for fresh ingredients and skilful cooking. Although some may say my one track mind tends to always steer toward food, my other passions are cats, running, shoes and more cats. I am big animal lover and a self-confessed crazy cat lady. I have a shoe collection to rival Emelda Marcos and I truly believe you can never have too many shoes.

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