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Noticed people taking pictures of your dishes? Perhaps they’re recommending them on Foodspotting! Unlike many review sites and apps, we only care about the positive. We encourage your customers to share photos of dishes they like and to vote up the dishes they love.

As these photos spread throughout Foodspotting, Facebook and Twitter, they can drive more people to your restaurant by highlighting your best dishes and making it easier to discover your restaurant via Foodspotting. You can help by:

  • Creating an account using your restaurant name. We don't mind if restaurant owners post their own dishes as long as they're transparent about it.
  • Encouraging people to spot your dishes. Some restaurants offer a special table or treat to people who show that they're spotting their dishes.
  • Posting photos of your dishes and daily specials on Foodspotting. Your dishes will be easier to find and rate and your followers will see your menu updates in their feed.

We hear countless stories of people discovering places they wouldn't have thought to try otherwise because they saw some amazing dish on Foodspotting, so we're developing tools that will help you draw even more foodspotters to your business.