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Do you create great local content? Give your bucket lists, walking tours and dish recommendations a life beyond print or web or TV. Publish them on Foodspotting to make them available when and where people need them! All you have to do is:

  • Create a profile and add a few recommendations each day: Make Foodspotting part of your social media routine by uploading photos of recommended dishes or simply clicking "Loved it!" next to any dish that's already there.
  • Turn static lists into location based-guides. Our guides are the easiest way to share a set of foods or drinks you recommend; you don't even need to have photos. We'll generate a map for you and make your list available via mobile. And if your guide gets featured, your guide's badge will appear wherever that dish appears in Foodspotting.
  • Engage your fans by encouraging them to complete your guides, vote on guide items, add their own nominations or enter photo contests using hashtags.
  • Show off your recommendations using our widget, which you can customize to fit your website or blog.
  • Get featured by creating great content and making sure we know about it. We're always on the lookout for great profiles and guides for our Featured User and Featured Guide lists!

Want more control over your profile? Upgrade to a branded channel to use your own banner and colors. Contact us to learn more about pricing and possibilities. We can't respond to every request but if your content stands out, we'll do our best to follow up or feature it.

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