About the Team

Alexa Andrzejewski Cofounder, CEO Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon

Alexa first came up with the idea for Foodspotting because she couldn’t find good Okonomiyaki in San Francisco. Before launching Foodspotting in 2010, Alexa was a User Experience Designer for Adaptive Path where she helped clients ranging from startups to established companies reimagine products from the ground up. Alexa looks forward to following in the footsteps of colleagues who’ve started their own UX-driven ventures. Alexa seeks to advance experience-minded thinking through speaking, writing and teaching, and recent appearances include WebVisions, Big Omaha, SXSW, the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and New York, UX Week and LIFT in South Korea. Alexa’s first food-related venture was making and selling miniature food for American Girl dolls when she was 8.

Ted Grubb Cofounder, CTO Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon

Ted believed in Foodspotting from the start. While sketching ideas over Mission Pie, he envisioned the day when Foodspotting could be the picture menu for any restaurant or neighborhood and decided to invest his technical skills into making this experience real. Ted has been working as a designer & developer since the late 1990s. Before Foodspotting he helped start multiple companies including Get Satisfaction, where he built its friendly face and high quality user experience from the ground up.

Soraya Darabi Cofounder, Advisor Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon

Soraya Darabi loves food, travel, photography and emerging technology, so naturally she was one of the earliest foodspotting devotees, before becoming an advisor to the company and now a co-founder. She previously worked for Epicurious.com and drop.io, but most notably The New York Times where she successfully launched the social-media presences of The Times and created digital partnerships for them with platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In 2010 she shared a spot on The Daily Beast’s “Women Who Rule the Web” list alongside Alexa. Her favorite food is ice cream, and especially the delicious bi-rite salted caramel soft serve in San Francisco that her cofounders introduced to her upon a trip to the bay.

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    Bob Penrod Senior Mobile Developer Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Seth Andrzejewski Head of Business Operations Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Kim Ahlström Senior Developer / Linguist Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Pablo Delgado Senior Developer / Data Engineer Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Mohammed Jisrawi Mobile Developer / Designer Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Aish Fenton Senior Developer Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    Matthew Jarjoura Mobile Developer Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon
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    April Walters Head of Community Twitter-icon Foodspotting-icon


  • BlueRun Ventures (Jay Jamison)
  • Felicis Ventures (Aydin Senkut)
  • 500 Startups (Dave McClure)
  • High Line Venture Partners (Shana Fisher)
  • Zelkova Ventures
  • 2020 Ventures
  • Dave Morin, Founder and CEO of Path
  • Steve Lee, Group Product Manager for Location Based Services at Google
  • Derek Dukes, Founder and CEO of Dipity
  • Dan Martell, Cofounder of Flowtown

Special Thanks

We are thankful to the following people and organizations, without many of whom Foodspotting might never have happened:

  • Our community & super spotters
  • Our illustrator, Cat Oshiro
  • Past contributors, Adam Zolot, Marvin Sum, Alec Page, Fiona Tang, Amy Cao, Marc Powell, Chris Connelly, Shelly Roche, Jeremy Frank, Ben Bloch.
  • Our awesome lawyers, Josh Cook & Leila Banijamali

Everyone who helped us get Foodspotting off the ground: Peter Merholz, Jesse James Garrett from Adaptive Path and Rebecca Blood for encouraging this to happen; Russ Moench, Kirk McMurray and Kim Ahlstrom from Smart.fm for assuring Alexa that Foodspotting needed to exist; Naeem Zafar, Megan Casey and everyone from Jumpstart Your Startup; Peter Lee, Aaron Bannert, and Warren Stringer from iPhoneDevCamp; Sana Choudary, Michael Goff, Marc Nager, Shaherose Charania and everyone from Startup Weekend; Scott Fleckenstein for imparting your Ruby knowledge to Ted; Joyce Kim for early legal help; our incredibly supportive parents and siblings and too many others to name here!