• Pictory and Foodspotting Collaboration

    Pictory submission by Victor Sutan

    For those of you who are familiar with Pictory, you'll know it as a powerful showcase of amazing images and tales. For those of you who aren't, stop reading this and click here now.

    Laura Brunow Miner, founder of Pictory and creative retreats, Phoot Camp and Eat Retreat, has a knack for curating amazing talent and does so regularly on Pictory, as well as her unconventional workshops.

    With great pleasure, I announce our collaboration with Pictory for a very special food adventure theme, You Want Me to Eat What?. We get the honoured guest curation spot for this showcase, and I'll just say that Pictory came to the right place because who else comes to mind when you think of interesting and great food photography :)

    We're looking for photo stories of the food world's extremes. Share your photos and a brief description of still-wriggling octopus, radioactive energy drink, grandma's traditional pickled vegetables, your aunt's raw vegan concoctions, or whatever it is that makes you think again before digging in. Pictory is also partnering with the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism's food and health magazine, The Ration, on this gallery.

    Send your submissions in here - you have until July 25th to share your best shot.

    Posted by Fiona Tang in News on June 27, 2011
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      amazing !~~