• Foodspotting goes on a NEXTPEDITION

    What if you could go on a mystery culinary adventure in an unknown destination? Where would your dream food destination be and what would you eat? Would you make a beeline for the closest Starbucks or take a chance on local specialties even if you can't pronounce their names or recognize the ingredients? How would you decide where to eat? As our team works to improve Foodspotting for food lovers, sharers and seekers around the world, these are questions we ask ourselves again and again.

    Next week, we will get the chance to experience a new locale without any advance planning on our part thanks to American Express Travel's NEXTPEDITION.

    NEXTPEDITION is a new program that offers consumers the opportunity to take a vacation where the destination and itinerary are unknown until a few days prior to when the actual journey begins. Some activities are planned and are revealed day by day via a customized electronic console. Travelers take a quiz prior to planning their vacation to reveal their Travel Sign, which could be anything from Gastronaut to Scenester, and their mystery trip is customized by specialized agents. (We scored "Tasteblazer" status when we took the quiz. See below for the description.)

    We'll be flying out on Monday, but we won't know where to until the box containing the electronic device arrives today. Huge thanks to the American Express Travel team for inviting us to experience NEXTPEDITION. We'll be going with no reservations, no plans, no destination in mind, really, but this gives us a chance to do two of our favorite things: travel and let Foodspotting lead the way wherever we may be.

    October 31st Update: Our first stop is New Orleans on Halloween!

    Tasteblazer. You sit atop the food chain like it's your throne. You're a wandering foodie royalty. Taking full advantage of your position to nosh on the finest fare in all the land. Any land.

    Airplane pic via Flickr

    • about 6 years ago.
      So excited to hear about the trip and what you eat along the way!
    • about 6 years ago.
      That sounds awesome! In boca al lupo as the Italians say (good luck)!! Looking forward to hearing about your adventure!!
    • about 6 years ago.
      Awesome! I'm a Tasteblazer too, I looked into doing a Nextpedition when they came out, but even the cheapest ones were outside of my budget. Looking forward to living vicariously through you =)
    • about 6 years ago.
      Very exciting! Can't wait to hear where you end up and what goodies you'll find when you get there! :)
    • about 6 years ago.
      Wow! That sounds like my dream vacation! You truly have the most amazing job ever. I cannot wait to see what you spot during your trip! Enjoy!
    • about 6 years ago.
      So looking forward to getting updates from you!
    • over 5 years ago.
      sounds amazing!!!!! a lil jeally over here!!!