• Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soupspotting

    Editor's Note: Today we welcome Philly Foodspotting ambassador Brian Lim to Spotted! You may know Brian from his blog bridges, burgers & beer. Last Wednesday, he got Philly spotters together for the delightful cold weather combo of grilled cheese and tomato soup. See what you missed below...

    With winter upon us, Philly Foodspotters thought a grilled cheese & tomato soup eatup should be held! Last week we did just that over the river in New Jersey at The Pop Shop, a quirky diner with an entire section of its menu dedicated to grilled cheese. We're talking over 25 different kinds! (Bobby Flay even had a throwdown here a couple years back, serving up his 5B's against The Pop Shop's Calvert.)

    Pop Shop owners Stink and Connie Fisher set up a special menu for Foodspotting consisting of five different varieties of grilled cheese, tomato soup garnished with Goldfish crackers and pop fries served with a homemade spicy ketchup. My favorite sandwiches were the Calvert and 5B's.

    Put these foodspottings on your Wanted list by following the Philly Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Eatup Guide.

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