• Don't Just Wing It On Fried Chicken Day

    Looks amazing, right? Are you getting as hungry for fried chicken as we are? Well, a week from today - July 6th - is America's National Fried Chicken Day, which we're now turning into an international celebration. Simply check Explore for the best fried chicken dishes around you and plan for some deep fried deliciousness.

    Have no fear, you will find delectable pieces of fried chicken out there, whether they’re strips, fingers, or fries, with corn flakes, salad or waffles. Tell us your favorite version of fried chicken, and of course, spot your celebratory fried chicken meal.

    Inspirational photos above by foodspotters around the world - clockwise from top left:

    1. A delicious looking lightly-breaded chicken thigh sandwich with avocado chutney from The County General in Toronto. Spotted by Santolin.

    2. A creative take on Fried Chicken and Waffles with a fresh green salad. Spotted right here in San Francisco by Pei Ketron.

    3. Some juicy (and spicy!) looking buffalo tenders from Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro in Manila, Philippines. Spotted by bugciti.

    4. Ai’s “Freaking Awesome Fried Chicken” from Sydney’s Cafe Ish. Spotted by Lil.

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