• Friday Spotlight: Toronto Underground Market

    Our team is a big fan of the great food scene in Canada. The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a prime example. The monthly social food market, located at the historic Evergreen Brickworks, is the first of its kind in Canada. TUM is a community market—not a farmer's market, and not quite a food festival — but something unique to feature budding food entrepreneurs, chefs and beverage folks. A recent CBC News reporter captured it best: “The beer is flowing, the barbeques are going, everything smells so good I can almost taste it. 2,200 tickets sold out in just 4 hours.”

    Curious? Tickets for the August market, taking place on Saturday, August 25 at 6-11 pm, go on sale starting NOW! They sell out like hotcakes, so go get em in the next few hours.

    The best part: We're teaming up with TUM to give away Foodspotting t-shirts at the next three events. Follow TUM on Twitter to find out how to win.

    Photos: The crowd by TUM, Scotch Egg by Chops

    • over 5 years ago.
      That is sooo cool! Awesome that Foodspotting is back in the Toronto scene!
    • over 5 years ago.
      Love the TUM. We always give it props.
    • over 5 years ago.
      The tickets are sold out :( Does anyone know if there is some way to get tickets anyway? I really really wanted to go!
    • about 1 month ago.