• Meet The New Activity Feed

    When we launched our Facebook Timeline app earlier this year, we loved that we could finally see all of the interesting things our friends were wanting, trying and loving on Foodspotting. In fact, we were finding so many great dishes via Facebook that we began to crave this capability in Foodspotting.

    So in the spirit of helping people discover even more great dishes, as well as making Foodspotting more interesting for those of you who don't photograph food or don't have friends who do, we're excited to introduce The New Activity Feed for iPhone and Android (and coming soon to web and mobile web -- let us know if you want to beta test!).

    The dishes people Want, Try and Love appear as lightweight entries that you can act on too:

    And the dishes people Spot appear as full entries, complete with comments and compliments:

    We realize that for our top users, this may feel like a dramatic change (and we're exploring ways to help super users manage any information overload). But we hope that for both foodspotters and foodseekers alike, The New Activity Feed will open up a whole new world of great dishes to discover.

    Download the latest updates to give it a try, and if you haven't already, let us know what you think! Send us a note to tell us about any bugs, and if you discover something particularly interesting via the new feed, tweet it using the tag #feedfinds!

    P.S. Not following anyone interesting yet? May we suggest some of our friends, like Chow, BlackBoard Eats, and musician Mayer Hawthorne?

    • over 5 years ago.
      Dear Alexa: I truly enjoy FS and have spent quite a bit of time on it since I joined. I am following 450+ food spotters from all corner of the globe and I enjoy the dialogue with a my spotter friends; and I do try to view all their new postings. But for whatever reasons that people want & love certain food or spot or giving friends points, it is now showing up on the activities screen (which used to be the "following" screen) and with me following 450+ people it takes forever for me to get past the wants & loves to get to the new spots which I am most intrested in and I'm confident a lot of my FS friends feel the same. So if you can separate the "wants & loves" into a separate screen and the spots in dedicate screen (like before) - for both the activities and the profile section, this Food Spotter will be so grateful. Since I updagraded my iPhone, I have stop using it because it is too slow and too cluttered with all the "loves & wants" which BTW I can barely see the food pictures and make out what they are. It also makes the "loved & wanted" food pictures on phone screen appear very small, cluttered and trivial. So I stop using my phone FS app. I apreciate your time & consideration. Let's go on with our Yummilicious adventure:-D
    • over 5 years ago.
      Tom Doran is spot on! FS is my favourite mobile app however not so much since the update.....I agree with suggestions he has made to ensure FS continues to be fantastic for time poor prolific mobile users. Kudos to FS for seeking feedback & striving to be an ongoing fabulous experience/addiction for worldwide food lovers :)
    • about 5 years ago.
      Well put by one of the members that provides the community a positive experience~