• Enjoy an Extraordinary Thanksgiving with Foodspotting

    Editor's Note: Thanksgiving is almost here! Foodspotting’s Adam Zolot looks at a few ways to mix up this year’s dinner table.

    While Thanksgiving is all about tradition, this year we're mixing it up. At Foodspotting, some of our favorite dishes are variations on the norm. We love to see food that is just left of center, playful - yet - familiar interpretations of traditions. Today we're sharing some of our favorite alternatives to traditional Thanksgiving dishes to help you think outside of the turkey.

    For starters, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, dungeness crab season just opened. It is commonly said that the original Thanksgiving included plenty of seafood. One of our favorite ways to eat dungeness is slathered in Vietnamese flavors. If you prefer simple, here are some of the best crab cakes in the world.
    While sweet potatoes are a family favorite in most households, there is no better preparation than sweet potato agnolotti. Add this to your menu and kiss your marshmallows goodbye! You won't miss them. And while we're on the subject, the Italians brought us the heavenly gnocchi in sweet potato form!
    If you're looking to improve on your boring, old stuffing - give savory bread pudding a try. Or how about ditching the gluten altogether in favor of a butternut squash risotto? While British food may not have a place at the Thanksgiving table, it would be hard to resist Yokshire pudding!
    In Spain, they know potatoes. This year, in lieu of mashed, try a tortilla Espanola. Better yet, take your mashed potatoes and add some salt cod for Brandade de Bacalao - really - It's so much better than it sounds!
    Green bean casserole? Class them up as Haricot Verts - C'est très magnifique!
    As for the turkey, surprise your guest with Cornish game hens. They can be served individually and take much less time to cook.
    For dessert, your pumpkin and pecan pies, your cobblers and tarts may be lovely. But how about a seasonal galette, or a crostata, or a pumpkin flan to add a twist?

    And lastly, while we're all for changing things up, there's one thing we cannot recommend replacing. For the love, please keep the canned Cranberry Sauce!

    Let’s hear it—what are you favorite traditional and not-so-traditional Thanksgiving dishes? Tell us in the comments!