• Get the New iPhone Update While It’s Hot

    While you may not spot the changes right away, there's a lot going on under the hood in the latest Foodspotting iPhone update. In particular, we've completely rebuilt sharing to be faster and smarter than ever! We hope you’ll love several of the new features as they make Foodspotting even more fun and convenient to use.

    Ever thought...?

    • "I want to jot down the dish names while I still have the menu!" Now you can fill in the details like place and dish name and add the photo later. Just choose "Skip Photo" (the button on the right) and hit "Close" to save once you've filled in the details.
    • "I take my picture before I've tasted the food!" or "I don't want to make my friends wait to eat!" Use the new saved drafts to take a picture and hit "Close" to save for later when you can add the details and share whether you loved it.

    What else is new?

    • Suggested Places: See suggested places based on where the photo was taken (if you've allowed location services) instead of your current location.
    • Date Taken: See the date taken (instead of date uploaded) on your profile and following feed. Now people won't think you were eating a cheeseburger at 2am. Unless you actually were.
    • Lists: Like Guides and Nearby Places have been unified to use unified search controls and paging.

    Sound good? Go get it! Download or update the new Foodspotting app, and rate it five stars for five (and more!) great new features.

    Posted by April in News on January 31, 2013
    • about 5 years ago.
      These new features sound great! I use the Windows Phone version, but I am sure I will be getting some of these great features myself soon. Good Job!
    • about 5 years ago.
      The new feature updates are great! But the updated app crashes a lot: 50% to 60% of the time on the latest iOS.
    • about 5 years ago.
      @Sreevatsan We have an update for that waiting for approval now! Sorry for the crashing.
    • about 5 years ago.
      Got it… works perfect on my iPad, too. Greetings by Marlene, www.girlsgame.tv
    • about 5 years ago.
      Great! ...Now how about a windows phone update please?
    • over 4 years ago.
      How do you add new Restaurants???