• A Camera Made for Food: Foodspotting 4 for iPhone is here!

    Are you a Foodspotter? Then our shiny new "Food Camera" for iPhone was made just for you! Download the latest Foodspotting iPhone app and be the first to give it a try.

    You might be a Foodspotter if…
    (according to our Facebook & Twitter friends)

    1. Your friends and family ask if they can eat now. (Andres on Facebook)
    2. You judge a restaurant based on available lighting. (Kristopher K. on Facebook)
    3. The sound of the camera shutter makes you salivate. (@ZazuPitts on Twitter)
    4. Your camera roll contains nothing but food photos. (Sylvie C. on Facebook)
    5. You stand on a chair to get the best shot. (Bean L. on Facebook)
    6. Your husband wants to take a bite but instead slides the food towards you and waits. (Sheila M. on Facebook)
    7. You have more photos of food than photos with friends. (@seant046 on Twitter)
    8. You've ordered dishes when you're not even hungry just so you can spot them. (Me)
    9. You forget to eat your lunch because you are so busy spotting. (Our teammate Chloe in real life)
    10. You take dozens of photos of the same dish in the name of getting the sharpest, most delicious-looking shot. (Team Foodspotting)

    There are many joys of food photography, and our new Food Camera was designed to make spotting your food faster, easier and more joyful for everyone. We're glad you love Foodspotting and want your fellow diners to love it too, so we hope the new Food Camera will equip you to spend less time shooting food and more time enjoying being a Foodspotter!

    Download Foodspotting on iTunes

    Here's a tour of what's new so far, but we have even more tasty enhancements and features in the works, like food focused filters. Until then, we hope you'll enjoy this smart food camera, and we look forward to your feedback.

    KNOWN ISSUE FOR PHOTO STREAM USERS: If you use photo streams (shared photo albums), you may have to scroll through photo stream photos to get to your latest photos. If you use photo streams heavily, you may want to wait for the next update!

    You can now...

    Tap with one finger to set and lock focus:

    Tap with two fingers to set and lock focus and exposure (lighting) independently:

    Take or choose multiple photos to compare:

    Compare photos by zooming and tapping to find the best one:

    Download Foodspotting and try the new camera!

    • over 4 years ago.
    • over 4 years ago.
      It is starting to look like the Windows Phone interface, nicely done.
    • over 4 years ago.
      windows phone?
    • over 4 years ago.
      I envy iPhone users...
    • over 4 years ago.
      The exposure setting is AWESOME!
    • almost 4 years ago.
      Macro focus, grainy low light has been unsatisfying experience on a smartphone.. I use a dedicated camera for my needs. Use my smartphone only when I forget my camera. And I have an Android.
    • almost 4 years ago.
      Your primary focus (excuse the pun) seems to be iOS but are there any plans to trickle these updates down to Android and Windows at any point? I appreciate that the varying architecture makes this potentially difficult but there must be ways to standardise certain features?
    • 5 months ago.
      Just too AWESOME!!