• Foodspotting for iOS 7 is here!

    When we started Foodspotting four years ago, we set out to make finding good food as easy as looking in a bakery window. Foodspotting for iOS 7 brings us one big step closer towards that vision. Our iOS 7 redesign is more than skin deep -- we've completely reimagined and streamlined Foodspotting to let your photos shine (4 million of them now!). To do so, we looked at how people actually use Foodspotting and put all of our food finding features where you’d naturally expect to find them.

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    Here’s where you can now find…

    Filters & Places
    Find dishes by place or by category using our new smart search. Look for new categories like “Find dishes at places you can reserve (on OpenTable).”

    Location & Map
    Find dishes anywhere in the world by tapping the green bar and setting your location. You can enter a city or address, or pan and zoom the map.

    About This Dish & About This Place
    Scroll left and right to discover great dishes. If a dish piques your interest, simply scroll down to learn how to obtain it.

    Explore and Activity
    Toggle between discovering nearby dishes and discovering dishes from friends with one tap (upper left), and we'll remember which you last used.

    What's Missing?
    While we were able to give almost every part of Foodspotting a new home, we had to put a few features on hold to make this redesign possible, so if Guides or Hide are important you, you might not want to upgrade. We're working on adding a few other features back as well.

    We hope you enjoy this lighter, smarter Foodspotting app as much as we do. We look forward to your feedback via Facebook and Twitter.

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    • over 4 years ago.
      Looks good, hopefully the Windows Phone app will have some great new features too!
    • about 4 years ago.
      Everyone is saying not to upload this new version. Have the bugs been fixed?
    • about 4 years ago.
      The only big one we know of is people having problems logging in with Facebook due to changes on their end. To fix, you need to 1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone; 2. Find "Facebook" > 3. Turn "Foodspotting" off and on again. We hope you'll give us another chance in 2014!
    • almost 4 years ago.
      Thank you, I updated it. It's not as user friendly as the old version, but I'm slowly getting used to it. :)
    • over 2 years ago.
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    • over 1 year ago.
      Superkool. I will get that one.
    • about 1 year ago.
    • about 1 year ago.
    • 11 months ago.
    • 8 months ago.
      Really good
    • 6 months ago.
    • 6 months ago.
      Great. :)