• Book a table & spot some dishes with OpenTable for iOS 7!

    We love discovering great dishes and the places where you can enjoy them, which is why we are super excited to share OpenTable for iOS 7 with the Foodspotting community. The OpenTable app now has new search features and a design that allows restaurants to shine, making it easier than ever to find and book places to eat. Be sure to check out restaurant profile pages – many of them feature Foodspotting photos!

    New features include:

    * Streamlined search: Change the date, time, or party size in line and see results immediately
    * Focus on location: Enter an address or city­ to find restaurants nearby
    * New ways to explore: Browse restaurants by top-rated categories or cuisines
    * Easy access to more info: Swipe left and right to see all available times, and pull down on a restaurant page to see Foodspotting photos
    * Points tracking: See your progress toward earning your next Dining Cheque

    New features are also available on OpenTable for iOS 6 and iPad. Have a question or feedback to share? Please email iOShelp@opentable.com.

    Download OpenTable for iOS 7

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