• Help Us Welcome Eat.ly Folks

    We're excited to announce that Foodspotting has acquired Eat.ly. As of today, Eat.ly users will have a new home with us, and we're thrilled to invite the community to join us at Foodspotting.

    Dedicated Eat.ly users, welcome! We hope you'll like what you find here at our humble abode. We've had a fantastic time so far in the past year, and hope you'll enjoy hanging out and sharing your food with all of us.

    The team is here to answer any questions you may have - we're just an email away!

    • almost 7 years ago.
      hooray, hooray!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      bueno!! Bueno!!!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Welcome, Eat.ly!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Wonderful news! Welcome Eat.ly!
    • almost 7 years ago.
    • almost 7 years ago.
      WOW!! Great News!!
    • over 6 years ago.
      I'm glad I finally found it. The old eat.ly address doesn't do anything now. Would it be possible to have it redirect here?
    • 25 days ago.