• Holiday Spotathon: A Huge Success!

    There's only word to describe how we feel about our first ever Heifer International Holiday Spotathon and your reaction to it all: WOW!

    When we announced our giving campaign, we started with three guides. To our surprise, they were completed in 24 hours. To extend the campaign, we added three more - trickier - challenges. However, even those couldn't stop you guys. The only item that was extra hard to find was Evansdale cheese, which we began thinking was out of season or, as one Foodspotter put it, "a myth." That is, until Madam Charcuterie ordered Evandsale from New Zealand especially for our campaign. While the cheese didn't arrive by Christmas day, our Spotathon deadline, we are still going through with our sheep gift!

    To add to our joy, we asked around for sponsors to match our gifts. The wonderful folks at Eating Madison A to Z answered our call by donating a milk cow.

    We and our friends at Heifer could not have been happier with our first holiday campaign. To hear their side of the story, take a look at Heifer's blog post.

    We said it once, but we'll say it again - Thank you so much to everyone who participated and who helped us achieve something amazing!