• Happy Valentine's Day Foods!

    This Valentine's Day, we invited you guys to get in the spirit by #heartspotting aka spotting for heart-shaped foods. And, as always, you guys delivered a feast.

    From cookies to crème brulée, sushi rolls to cheeseburgers, and even tiramisu, together we found heart-shaped edibles the world over. What surprised us, however, is that many of these dishes are actually available year-round.

    Like so many seemingly elusive things, maybe it's just a matter of keeping our eyes open because who knows what escapes us when our eyes are closed?

    (I'm talking about heart-shaped foods, of course.)

    Thank you so much to all the foodspotters who looked out for hearts this weekend! We ♥ you.

    To everyone... Happy Valentine's Day!

    Posted by Amy Cao in News on February 13, 2011
    • about 7 years ago.
      yay thank you for featuring my heart shaped burger picture!!! :) love all these hearts, they are making my heart warm and snuggle
    • about 7 years ago.
      Yay! This is awesome :-D Thanks for featuring my heart cookie and its tuxedo date! Happy Valentine's Day!
    • about 7 years ago.
      woo-hoo! made it with my heart shaped cookie from Takahachi Bakery! I bought the last 2 on 2/14!