• Greetings Foodspotters!

    This week I'm headed to The Emerald Isle, aka my grandfather's native land of Ireland, home of verdant fields, leprechauns, red deer, Cillian Murphy, and arguably the best beer in the world. Guinness car bombs, anyone?

    Specifically, I will be in Dublin and on this upcoming Sunday evening, I'd like to host our second international Foodspotting eat-up at the historic Leo Burdock's Pub, which several locals tell us has the best fish & chips in town.

    Join me for some munching and mingling. By the end of the night, we may or may not be singing one all of these. So what do you say? 8PM - er, 20:00 me lads? Lassies?

    - Soraya

    UPDATE We were informed that Leo Burdock's is just a takeaway spot and may not be conducive for mingling. Soraya will meet everyone out front at 8PM before moving on to a bar nearby. Follow Soraya on Twitter (@sorayadarabi) for the location in case you arrive after eight! - Amy

    (Photo by sergiocruz on Flickr)

    • over 7 years ago.
      I'd go with you, Soraya, but I am currently eating reindeer burgers in Iceland.
    • over 7 years ago.
      will stop by! xx
    • over 7 years ago.
      Awesome! Can't wait to see you Kristen.