• Have you ever heard of Saganaki? Kunafa? Or Bubble & Squeak? Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I knew my meat and potatoes well. And while childhood favorites like Pierogies and Schnitzel will always have a place in my heart, the past few years have opened my eyes to a world of dishes I never knew existed.

    Five years ago, I traveled to Japan and Korea, where I was surprised to realize how many dishes I’d never heard of before -- dishes like Okonomiyaki and Tteokbokki. A few weeks later, I woke up with the idea to create a “Field Guide for Food” -- a pocket-sized guide to interesting dishes from around the world.

    The book idea evolved into an app idea, and Foodspotting was born. I teamed up with Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi, and in January 2010, we launched the first app for finding and sharing great dishes. Foodspotters shared dishes from around the world, from our childhood hometowns in Pennsylvania to food capitals like Tokyo and Istanbul.

    Millions of food photos later, the time seemed right to create this book, and today, we're excited to announce that our friends at Chronicle Books and our beloved editor (and donut expert) April Walters have brought The Foodspotting Field Guide to life.

    So how many dishes in this post do you recognize? And how many have you tried? If you’re curious about dishes like these or want to learn more about all 75, then this interactive field guide and food journal is for you. Or if you think you’ve already tried them all, then take The Foodspotting Field Guide Challenge and tell the world:

    Get the book & see how many dishes you've already tried: