• Restaurant Week has become a welcome tradition in many cities and, going forward, we hope Foodspotting will become a bigger part of them all! For our latest Restaurant Week partnership, we're teaming up with The Valley Table magazine for Hudson Valley Restaurant Week between March 14th–27th. You already know that Restaurant Week deals can be a steal, but now you can dine out and win another delicious meal just by foodspotting your favorite dish!

    First things first: Follow our Hudson Valley Restaurant Week guide. When you dine at participating restaurants, remember to snap a pic of dishes you like and add them to the guide.

    After Restaurant Week, Hudson Valley food lovers will be invited to vote on their favorite photos. On April 1st, the winning photos will be chosen based on number of votes.

    The owner of the photo with the most votes win one overnight stay at The DoubleTree Hotel in Tarrytown, NY, plus a $60 gift certificate for the hotel’s Bistro Z.

    Three 2nd place prizes will be awarded for the next most voted photos. 2nd place winners will receive one of the following: $60 gift certificates to dine at Cosimo’s Trattoria in Poughkeepsie; La Lanterna in Yonkers; or Il Sorriso in Irvington. In the event of a tie, the editors will randomly select a winner from the top most voted photos.

    Hudson Valley friends, book your table now while reservations last. Good luck, and eat up!

    Hudson Valley Restaurant Week

    Photo: Sautéed Hudson Valley Foie Gras by Foodspotter Moriza.

    Posted by Amy Cao in Contests on March 12, 2011
    • about 7 years ago.
  • If you haven't noticed, we're really excited about the Official SXSW Street Food Fest that we're hosting and presented by our friends at BlackBerry this Sunday. It's already looking to be a great event and we're pumped about our Secret Menu Scavenger Hunt featuring some amazing prizes.

    Check it out:
    - Spot 3 items to win a limited edition t-shirt provided by BlackBerry
    - Spot 4 items to win a Peeps gift pack
    - Spot 5 items to win one year's worth of a Squarespace account, plus a t-shirt
    - Spot 6 items to win delicious Tasting Boxes by Foodzie
    - Spot 8 items to get a BlackBerry device or $200 worth of Peeps money

    First things first – follow the guide, spot away, and redeem prizes at our Street Food Fest, but hurry because we only have a limited number of prizes for each bracket!

    Last but not least, a huge thanks goes to our wonderful prize sponsors and our friends at the food trucks for making this Secret Menu Scavenger Hunt possible.

    • almost 7 years ago.
      So you were sponsored by Blackberry? Does it mean we can expect a Blackberry app from you soon? :)
    • over 1 year ago.
      That is truly amazing dish thanks for share this. http://www.webtechcoupons.com/offers/norton/
  • Lots have been happening at Foodspotting lately. This week, we released our app to the Android Market! And you guys may have noticed that we're co-hosting The Official SXSW Street Food Fest with BlackBerry on March 13th. So, BlackBerry friends, we have you guys in mind. Last but not least - iPhone-using foodspotters, thanks always for your support. We have an app update coming out soon too.

    To celebrate our latest milestones, grab some friends and go out in the name of Foodspotting this Friday. We're kicking off monthly eat-ups called Foodspotting First Friday and we hope you'll join us by hosting or attending one in your city!

    Each FFF will revolve around a theme, and this month's theme is "circular shaped foods" aka BALL shaped foods. Take a look at our Meetup.com page to find an existing event in your city or be awesome by starting your own. If you're in New York, come out to meet me for drinks and arancini - fried Italian rice balls - at Bar Stuzzichini in the Flatiron District at 6:30p. For inspiration for your own eat-up, take a look at some of our favorite round edibles: Helga's meatballs, sesame balls, cakeballs...

    Whichever falafal-like food you decide on, spread the word and ROLL OUT.

    • about 7 years ago.
      I'm heading to Philly this weekend otherwise I'd be there. Happy Eating & Spotting :)
  • Hey y'all!* The Foodspotting team is heading to the grand old state of Texas for SXSW. As part of the festivities, we're hosting The Official SXSW Street Food Fest presented by BlackBerry on Sunday, March 13th. That day we're gathering some of Austin's best street foods together and the lineup simply has us super pumped for next week! Take a look:

    - Along Came a Slider
    - Boomerang's Pies
    - Chi'Lantro
    - Clem's Hot Diggity Dogs
    - Hey Cupcake
    - Lucky J's
    - Old School BBQ & Grill
    - One Taco
    - Phoebe's Mud

    SXSW conference badge holders get in free while we'll ask non-badge holders to pay a small fee which will go toward Charity: Water. Justin Bieber's doing it too! Donating to Charity: Water, that is. Not attending our Street Food Fest :P

    Because there's never too much of a good thing, we're also hosting a Secret Menu Scavenger Hunt. To win prizes, follow the guide and spot as many of the secret menu items as you can from our street fest food trucks. Spot a few to win a smaller prize; spot them all to win the grand prize.

    Don't forget to RSVP. We can't wait to see you guys in Austin!

    *I've always wanted to use that greeting without it sounding out of place!

  • If you haven't had or heard of schnitzel, allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite foods. Schnitzel is a traditional Austrian dish; it's a hand pounded, lightly breaded thin cutlet fried to golden perfection. Traditionally, it's served with a lemon wedge and a side of delicious Austrian potato salad... Shall I continue? Are you hungry yet?

    To sate our constant schnitzel cravings, we're lucky to have Schnitzel & Things, one of the most beloved food trucks in Manhattan! So, when Oleg Voss - Schnitzel & Things owner and all around good guy - suggested we co-host a Foodspotting eat-up, we were all over it.

    Join us tomorrow for our first ever Schnitzel & Things Foodspotting Showdown. It'll be the first of many eat-ups with Oleg and the gang, and a way for us to meet foodspotters and schnitzel lovers! Follow the Schnitzel & Things Foodspotting guide to get started. The first person to spot all twelve items gets a free schnitzel platter or sandwich of your choice. (No, we don't expect you to eat twelve platters tomorrow, but don't let us stop you if that's how you roll...) Seeing that today is Valentine's Day, let's just say we think this is the beginning of a beautiful thing...

    TIME & PLACE Tuesday 2/15, 12PM at East 46th Street between 5th & 6th Aves

    If you're a restaurant or food truck owner who is interested in hosting a Foodspotting eat-up, email us! We're happy to help with planning.

    • about 7 years ago.
      It was good meeting you Amy! And that panna cotta was amazing, but i'm about to fall asleep now. zzzzz
    • about 7 years ago.
      Chris! So good to meet you too. Sorry I was jumping up & down like a maniac. I'm not usually so fidgety :) I told Soraya you said hi. She says HI BACK!
  • Some things are inevitable. Taxes, aging... Valentine's Day. While there are plenty of naysayers among us, the quintessential Hallmark holiday has its perks, like the proliferation of red-colored packaging, Valentine's Day-themed TV episodes, and - our favorite - food! Before you bite into another red velvet cupcake, however, we're asking Foodspotters to think outside of the square-shaped box and look for heart-shaped foods. This weekend, we challenge you to scour your city for unique, absurd, and utterly delectable foods that fit the mold. On Monday, we'll reveal heart-shaped deliciousness in one massive collage.

    Whether you lurrve V-Day or are planning to sleep through it, we all still gotta eat. So...let's!

    NOTE Tag your photo #heartspotting in the note so that we can find it! Tags work from mobile now.

    Photo credit Anile P on Flickr

    • about 7 years ago.
      Found this sweet little heart-shaped radish while cooking http://bit.ly/hsorMM
    • about 7 years ago.
      Joan, that reminds me of this heart shaped cucumber! http://bit.ly/fRg338
    • about 7 years ago.
      Did this on Friday, that's how excited I was to post this! http://www.foodspotting.com/reviews/354397 Happy Valentine's Day Foodspotting, keep getting lots of love!
    • about 7 years ago.
      I make heart shaped eggs too, scrambled & sunny side up :) my kids love it so much :)
  • San Francisco, rejoice! One of our most popular contests is back. While we can't believe that a full year has gone by, we're excited that 7x7 Magazine's 2011 Big Eats SF is upon us again.

    For the chance to win some amazing prizes, follow 7x7's Big Eats guide and spot as many items on the list as possible. The first three people to spot the most foods will be recognized in 7x7 magazine and will win the following:

    Grand Prize Winner: A luxury trip to Napa, including two nights at the gorgeous Napa River Inn, dinner for two at Morimoto Napa and a late-night wine tasting at John Anthony Wines

    First Runner Up: A local cookbook library from Chronicle Books

    Second Runner Up: A cleanse package from Can Can Cleanse

    Think there's an item missing from the list? Add it to the "I Can't Believe It's Not In The Big Eat 2011!" guide.

    Note: Because there are so many of the same items, unfortunately prizes can't be given to the same winner two years in a row. The contest will be over once someone has spotted all 100 items. Second and third place prizes will be awarded to whoever is next in line. Now, eat up and good luck!

    • about 7 years ago.
      Amy, a contest like this in NYC would be great!
    • about 7 years ago.
      As the only past winner of this contest, I too feel excluded. For the record, due to the changing of names of some items or places (in 2010 it was "Delfina restaurant," in 2011 it's just "Delfina." I think there's some location merging that needs to happen), there were only 53 items that directly crossed over from last year to this year. BTW- Not that I'm playing, but guess who's spotted 23 of the new items. Does this mean if I complete the list this year (but not win), would I be excluded from the 2012 list? Wouldn't it be easier to just say that the items need to be spotted in the calendar year they represent? I bet that would level the field. And one more thing, can we PLEASE banish the Egg Custard from the Golden Gate bakery?
    • about 7 years ago.
      No, no, I just photographed my 1st Egg Custard from there today! If all the items were new, Michael, there would have been an even playing field and no reason to exclude you at all; that was my original point. BTW how would you prove the photo was recent, and do you really want to eat the same thing? With the expense of going to these restaurants, I don't see the motivation for anyone beyond people with those old photos to even enter.
    • about 7 years ago.
      Before last year's contest, I've had eaten in the majority of the restaurants, but didn't have the photographic evidence to complete the contest, and it was a treat to revisit some of the places that I hadn't been to in years (Zuni) to gather the evidence. One of my frustrations last year (and what made it such a horse race) was that people were uploading pictures in bulk from the previous year. People had parties where they had 10-15 items from the list at a time as take out and people had the pictures. It would not be hard at all to modify the code to only display items within a certain date range. That egg custard was also part of the 7x7 Big Sweet guide and at least one other one, methinks.
  • Baltimore Skyline at Night

    Restaurant Week has become a welcome tradition in many cities and we hope Foodspotting will become a bigger part of them all in 2011. For our first Restaurant Week partnership, we're teaming up with Maryland during Baltimore Winter Restaurant Week between January 21st and 30th. You already know that Restaurant Week deals can be a steal, but now you can dine out and win another meal for two just by foodspotting your favorite dish!

    First things first: Follow our Baltimore Restaurant Week guide. As you dine at designated restaurants throughout the week, remember to snap photos of your favorite restaurant or dish. The more interesting the better, so keep your shots crisp, clear, and clever.

    After Restaurant Week, Baltimore food lovers will be invited to vote on their favorite photos. On February 11th, the winning photos will be chosen based on number of votes.

    Whoever has the most winning photos will win a $50 gift certificate for lunch at Sotto Sopra, plus a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Morton’s the Steakhouse. The winner with the second most voted-on photos will win a $150 gift certificate for dinner at Brewer's Art. Winners will be contacted by email. Good luck and bon appétit!

    (Photo by NearDC on Flickr.)

    • about 7 years ago.
      Thanks for supporting our wonderful Maryland food! Loving the app and just uploaded my first sighting!