• What do you get when you combine a negative restaurant review with a chef gone rogue? The result is Bitter Feast, an indie movie about a food blogger who gets his comeuppance after publishing a rumor which leads to the demise of a TV chef's culinary empire. Renowned Chef Mario Batali (pictured above) makes a cameo in this horror film which makes this point: Be careful what you blog...

    To celebrate the release of the Bitter Feast DVD, we're giving fifteen Foodspotters their own copy! Just name your favorite food-related movie and we'll randomly pick fifteen DVD winners on Friday afternoon (Pacific time). Leave your answer in the comment section below or tweet your answer using this hashtag #FoodspottingDVD. Good luck!

    1/24/11 Update: All fifteen winners have been emailed. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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    • about 7 years ago.
    • about 7 years ago.
      God of Cookery
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      Fried green tomatoes
  • With all the buzz around our funding announcement and World Foodspotting Day coming up on Saturday, you might think there's no way we have more awesome news for you. But we do, and here's the deal:

    Social Media Week is coming and we're teaming up with the incomparable Whole Foods Market in New York City! Between February 7th and 11th, we'll be co-hosting Sustainable Flashmob with Whole Foods Market in their Manhattan stores. Celebrity chefs, like award-winning Chef Marcus Samuelsson, will prepare featured dishes for the ultimate Foodspotting opportunity. Come in during the demos to snap photos of the dish and upload the pic to Foodspotting to get a Whole Foods Market gift card. Plus, there's more...

    The bigger the "mob," the better the prizes, so spread the word and bring your friends! Tell your co-worker, roommate, grandma - everybody! - that Foodspotting will be flashmobbing Whole Foods Market and their participation could mean the difference between you winning a free lunch or a whole month of groceries. More details will be unveiled closer to the date, but if you like us and good food in the Big Apple, then visit this link to register and hold your spot. It's free and space is limited, so get yer name on the list before your arch nemesis takes your place.

    Stay tuned for Social Media Week festivities in San Francisco too!

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      Haha- yes, i'll bring my gammy with me. Looking forward to this...thanks for posting.
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      what about in california?
  • Hello, New York Friends! Foodspotting is collaborating with East Village favorite Spot Dessert Bar tomorrow for a special holiday event to benefit your sweet tooth and Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. For $12, you and a friend will get a one-time-only holiday dessert along with a card from the dessert shop. 

    Of course, the sweet deal doesn't end there. 10% of proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish, plus you'll get an edible surprise from Spot Dessert Bar. If you're in the city, stop by the dessert shop tomorrow to sate that cupcake craving and give to charity! 

    Don't forget to upload your dessert photos to Foodspotting and click here to see recently added Spot Dessert Bar dishes. Happy holidays!

  • Can you name these foods? Prove it by completing the Foodspotting Gastronomy Challenge brought to you by DonQ, makers of a fine collection of rum (including a special Foodspotting blend). Name the food, name the country of origin, identify the ingredients and prove you're the Master to win amazing prizes!

    Complete all three quizzes and tell DonQ and Foodspotting why you're the Master to win a party for you and 25 of your closest friends. Complete all of DonQ's social media powered challenges, proving that you're a Master of All Skills to win a trip to Puerto Rico to witness the art of rum-making first-hand with one of DonQ's master distillers.

    Take the challenge below, and help us prove to DonQ that Foodspotting users are true masters of their domain!

    Launch quiz in a new window

    Launch quiz in a new window

    P.S. If you completed this last week, you might want to do it again to be sure your entry was registered -- word got out via Twitter before DonQ was completely ready on their end.

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      Totally! Did you try our quiz yet, Paula?
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      how can we find clues?
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      Hi, Carlo! You can search for the foods listed underneath the photo and see which food that pic matches up with :) http://foodspotting.com
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      Woohoo, Master of all Skills! Great Spottertunity. Looking forward to more.
  • *sung to the tune of Vanilla Ice, of course

    If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, you may have seen that I recently vacationed in Iceland - a week in Reykjavik, to be exact, and absolutely adored it. The weather was a pain-inducing cold, but the landscapes and skyscapes I witnessed were more than worth it.

    I took Spot with me, and we ate our way through town - including quirky foods like reindeer burger (juicy, gamey and very tasty) and smoked puffin (interesting flavor, really really dark red in colour and consistency was like the raw part of seared duck, unfortunately the restaurant was too dark to get a good pic).

    And no, I didn't get to eat the fermented shark, but DID get to try an Icelandic hot dog - underneath a layer of sweet mustard and mayo-y goodness sits a pile of delicious crispy fried onion pieces. Yep, you can always count on me to go halfway across the world and still find a hot dog to eat - in my defense, it's recommended as one of the city's must-eats by everyone Icelandic :)

    Aside from some interesting ingredients (like whale and those mentioned above), cuisine in Bjork's homeland was surprisingly similar to food you'd find in America - a good example is a "truck" breakfast, served at two of the cafes I visited.

    Seafood was super duper fresh, as to be expected on a coastal city like Reykjavik, and maybe even more so because the Icelandic currency boasts fish on it :) In fact, I ate some of the tastiest lox I've ever had.

    Thinking of taking a trip abroad somewhere? I highly recommend visiting this gorgeous country. None of the iPhone photos here do the scenery justice.
    • over 7 years ago.
      Spot was lucky he got to go with you. Most spoiled mascot ever.
    • over 7 years ago.
      and Siguuuur Ros had you seen film about Iceland -Heima?
    • over 7 years ago.
      I'm going to Iceland in May! I can't wait to try some of your recommendations!
    • over 7 years ago.
      Wow Iceland looks beautiful, reindeer burger? You need to try ostrich and buffalo when you're here then.
  • Greetings Foodspotters!

    This week I'm headed to The Emerald Isle, aka my grandfather's native land of Ireland, home of verdant fields, leprechauns, red deer, Cillian Murphy, and arguably the best beer in the world. Guinness car bombs, anyone?

    Specifically, I will be in Dublin and on this upcoming Sunday evening, I'd like to host our second international Foodspotting eat-up at the historic Leo Burdock's Pub, which several locals tell us has the best fish & chips in town.

    Join me for some munching and mingling. By the end of the night, we may or may not be singing one all of these. So what do you say? 8PM - er, 20:00 me lads? Lassies?

    - Soraya

    UPDATE We were informed that Leo Burdock's is just a takeaway spot and may not be conducive for mingling. Soraya will meet everyone out front at 8PM before moving on to a bar nearby. Follow Soraya on Twitter (@sorayadarabi) for the location in case you arrive after eight! - Amy

    (Photo by sergiocruz on Flickr)

    • over 7 years ago.
      I'd go with you, Soraya, but I am currently eating reindeer burgers in Iceland.
    • over 7 years ago.
      will stop by! xx
    • over 7 years ago.
      Awesome! Can't wait to see you Kristen.
  • We've been busy bees behind the scenes here at Foodspotting and one of our top priorities has been to find ways to reward you for being, well, you! We're planning events, food crawls and trying to connect with Foodspotters all over the world. Believe me, if we could hug you all, we would. So, for now, we're participating in four fun contests across the States. All it takes is a slushie photo with a clever caption or a pic of fire roasted meat. Take a look and see what we mean.

    • Kelvin Natural Slush Co. Super Natural, Super Cool Foodspotting Photo Competition

    Given the epic name, we won't win points for brevity. But you might win for slurping delicious ice beverages from this Vendy Award-nominated slushie truck that just hit the streets in New York City. WHAT Take a photo of a Kelvin slush, give it a witty caption and upload it to Kelvin Natural Slush Company hereWHY Apparel from super swank Gansevoort Hotel, an "I Shoot Food" Foodspotting tee and 20 free Kelvin slushies. WHEN Deadline is midnight Friday, October 1st. Get on it.

    • Inside Look at Marcus Samuelsson's Los Angeles

    World-class chef, cookbook author and Top Chef master Marcus Samuelsson has handpicked ten dishes for you to try in Los Angeles. First to get them all wins New American Table and his likeness on Foodspotting. We've a huge crush on Chef Samuelsson so we're eager to hunt down tarte flambe in exchange for a badge with his face on it. WHAT Follow and complete Marcus Samuelsson's Los Angeles Guide hereWHY Signed copy of New American Table and the Marcus Samuelsson badge on Foodspotting. WHEN ASAP

     Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook Hunt #2

    After the great success of the first SoBe Wine & Food Festival giveaway, we're back with Foodspotting Hunt #2 - the search for rare ingredients. WHAT Spot dishes which use ingredients like agave nectar, green almonds and yuzu juice anywhere in the States. Then add your spottings to the SoBe Foodspotting Guide hereWHY Win a signed copy of the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook. WHEN First come, first serve!

     Primal Napa Valley 2010 Ticket Giveaway

    Primal Napa Valley 2010 is a celebration of "fire cooking, meat and the art of butchering". In other words, a meat fest of large proportions happening this Saturday, September 25th. Hungry? Yeah, that's what we thought. WHAT Add your favorite pic of roasted meat to Foodspotting here. Then tweet the link to @artofthebutcher and include the hashtag #PrimalNapaPics. WHY Two of the best roasted meat pics will win a pair of tickets to PrimalWHEN The event is this Saturday, so as soon as you can!

    With that, good luck and happy foodspotting!