• Have you ever heard of Saganaki? Kunafa? Or Bubble & Squeak? Growing up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I knew my meat and potatoes well. And while childhood favorites like Pierogies and Schnitzel will always have a place in my heart, the past few years have opened my eyes to a world of dishes I never knew existed.

    Five years ago, I traveled to Japan and Korea, where I was surprised to realize how many dishes I’d never heard of before -- dishes like Okonomiyaki and Tteokbokki. A few weeks later, I woke up with the idea to create a “Field Guide for Food” -- a pocket-sized guide to interesting dishes from around the world.

    The book idea evolved into an app idea, and Foodspotting was born. I teamed up with Ted Grubb and Soraya Darabi, and in January 2010, we launched the first app for finding and sharing great dishes. Foodspotters shared dishes from around the world, from our childhood hometowns in Pennsylvania to food capitals like Tokyo and Istanbul.

    Millions of food photos later, the time seemed right to create this book, and today, we're excited to announce that our friends at Chronicle Books and our beloved editor (and donut expert) April Walters have brought The Foodspotting Field Guide to life.

    So how many dishes in this post do you recognize? And how many have you tried? If you’re curious about dishes like these or want to learn more about all 75, then this interactive field guide and food journal is for you. Or if you think you’ve already tried them all, then take The Foodspotting Field Guide Challenge and tell the world:

    Get the book & see how many dishes you've already tried:

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  • Happy January, Foodspotters!

    January is one of our favorite months at Foodspotting—we joined OpenTable a year ago in January 2013, we launched Foodspotting in January 2010, and the idea behind Foodspotting was conceived on January 2009:

    On MLK Day 2009, I woke up with the idea to create a "field guide for food"—a visual, bird guide-esque handbook for discovering and identifying interesting dishes. Today, we're excited to announce that The Foodspotting Field Guide is on its way!

    This interactive field guide, brought to you by Chronicle Books, features 75 dishes we thought everyone should know about—from Okonomiyaki to Saganaki—illustrated by photos from local spotters like you. (You'll hear from us personally if your photo was included!)

    The Foodspotting book has been a labour of love, especially for April Walters, who was heading up community at Foodspotting while composing this beautiful book, so we hope you'll love it as much as we do! Thanks for making it possible.

    If you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it...

    Pre-order on Amazon
    Pre-order on Barnes and Noble
    Pre-order from Chronicle Books

    More to come in 2014!

    Alexa (and April)

    The book, inside and out + some early sketches from way back in 2009 (Find more here!)

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      Nice to see #adobo being featured! :)
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      Just bought it!
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      I'm in!
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      That looks like pure awesomeness. Thanks!
  • We love discovering great dishes and the places where you can enjoy them, which is why we are super excited to share OpenTable for iOS 7 with the Foodspotting community. The OpenTable app now has new search features and a design that allows restaurants to shine, making it easier than ever to find and book places to eat. Be sure to check out restaurant profile pages – many of them feature Foodspotting photos!

    New features include:

    * Streamlined search: Change the date, time, or party size in line and see results immediately
    * Focus on location: Enter an address or city­ to find restaurants nearby
    * New ways to explore: Browse restaurants by top-rated categories or cuisines
    * Easy access to more info: Swipe left and right to see all available times, and pull down on a restaurant page to see Foodspotting photos
    * Points tracking: See your progress toward earning your next Dining Cheque

    New features are also available on OpenTable for iOS 6 and iPad. Have a question or feedback to share? Please email iOShelp@opentable.com.

    Download OpenTable for iOS 7

  • When we started Foodspotting four years ago, we set out to make finding good food as easy as looking in a bakery window. Foodspotting for iOS 7 brings us one big step closer towards that vision. Our iOS 7 redesign is more than skin deep -- we've completely reimagined and streamlined Foodspotting to let your photos shine (4 million of them now!). To do so, we looked at how people actually use Foodspotting and put all of our food finding features where you’d naturally expect to find them.

    Be the first to download it!

    Here’s where you can now find…

    Filters & Places
    Find dishes by place or by category using our new smart search. Look for new categories like “Find dishes at places you can reserve (on OpenTable).”

    Location & Map
    Find dishes anywhere in the world by tapping the green bar and setting your location. You can enter a city or address, or pan and zoom the map.

    About This Dish & About This Place
    Scroll left and right to discover great dishes. If a dish piques your interest, simply scroll down to learn how to obtain it.

    Explore and Activity
    Toggle between discovering nearby dishes and discovering dishes from friends with one tap (upper left), and we'll remember which you last used.

    What's Missing?
    While we were able to give almost every part of Foodspotting a new home, we had to put a few features on hold to make this redesign possible, so if Guides or Hide are important you, you might not want to upgrade. We're working on adding a few other features back as well.

    We hope you enjoy this lighter, smarter Foodspotting app as much as we do. We look forward to your feedback via Facebook and Twitter.

    Download Foodspotting for iOS 7

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      Looks good, hopefully the Windows Phone app will have some great new features too!
    • about 1 year ago.
      Everyone is saying not to upload this new version. Have the bugs been fixed?
    • about 1 year ago.
      The only big one we know of is people having problems logging in with Facebook due to changes on their end. To fix, you need to 1. Go to "Settings" on your iPhone; 2. Find "Facebook" > 3. Turn "Foodspotting" off and on again. We hope you'll give us another chance in 2014!
    • about 1 year ago.
      Thank you, I updated it. It's not as user friendly as the old version, but I'm slowly getting used to it. :)
  • Are you a Foodspotter? Then our shiny new "Food Camera" for iPhone was made just for you! Download the latest Foodspotting iPhone app and be the first to give it a try.

    You might be a Foodspotter if…
    (according to our Facebook & Twitter friends)

    1. Your friends and family ask if they can eat now. (Andres on Facebook)
    2. You judge a restaurant based on available lighting. (Kristopher K. on Facebook)
    3. The sound of the camera shutter makes you salivate. (@ZazuPitts on Twitter)
    4. Your camera roll contains nothing but food photos. (Sylvie C. on Facebook)
    5. You stand on a chair to get the best shot. (Bean L. on Facebook)
    6. Your husband wants to take a bite but instead slides the food towards you and waits. (Sheila M. on Facebook)
    7. You have more photos of food than photos with friends. (@seant046 on Twitter)
    8. You've ordered dishes when you're not even hungry just so you can spot them. (Me)
    9. You forget to eat your lunch because you are so busy spotting. (Our teammate Chloe in real life)
    10. You take dozens of photos of the same dish in the name of getting the sharpest, most delicious-looking shot. (Team Foodspotting)

    There are many joys of food photography, and our new Food Camera was designed to make spotting your food faster, easier and more joyful for everyone. We're glad you love Foodspotting and want your fellow diners to love it too, so we hope the new Food Camera will equip you to spend less time shooting food and more time enjoying being a Foodspotter!

    Download Foodspotting on iTunes

    Here's a tour of what's new so far, but we have even more tasty enhancements and features in the works, like food focused filters. Until then, we hope you'll enjoy this smart food camera, and we look forward to your feedback.

    KNOWN ISSUE FOR PHOTO STREAM USERS: If you use photo streams (shared photo albums), you may have to scroll through photo stream photos to get to your latest photos. If you use photo streams heavily, you may want to wait for the next update!

    You can now...

    Tap with one finger to set and lock focus:

    Tap with two fingers to set and lock focus and exposure (lighting) independently:

    Take or choose multiple photos to compare:

    Compare photos by zooming and tapping to find the best one:

    Download Foodspotting and try the new camera!

    • over 1 year ago.
      I envy iPhone users...
    • over 1 year ago.
      The exposure setting is AWESOME!
    • about 1 year ago.
      Macro focus, grainy low light has been unsatisfying experience on a smartphone.. I use a dedicated camera for my needs. Use my smartphone only when I forget my camera. And I have an Android.
    • 12 months ago.
      Your primary focus (excuse the pun) seems to be iOS but are there any plans to trickle these updates down to Android and Windows at any point? I appreciate that the varying architecture makes this potentially difficult but there must be ways to standardise certain features?
  • While you may not spot the changes right away, there's a lot going on under the hood in the latest Foodspotting iPhone update. In particular, we've completely rebuilt sharing to be faster and smarter than ever! We hope you’ll love several of the new features as they make Foodspotting even more fun and convenient to use.

    Ever thought...?

    • "I want to jot down the dish names while I still have the menu!" Now you can fill in the details like place and dish name and add the photo later. Just choose "Skip Photo" (the button on the right) and hit "Close" to save once you've filled in the details.
    • "I take my picture before I've tasted the food!" or "I don't want to make my friends wait to eat!" Use the new saved drafts to take a picture and hit "Close" to save for later when you can add the details and share whether you loved it.

    What else is new?

    • Suggested Places: See suggested places based on where the photo was taken (if you've allowed location services) instead of your current location.
    • Date Taken: See the date taken (instead of date uploaded) on your profile and following feed. Now people won't think you were eating a cheeseburger at 2am. Unless you actually were.
    • Lists: Like Guides and Nearby Places have been unified to use unified search controls and paging.

    Sound good? Go get it! Download or update the new Foodspotting app, and rate it five stars for five (and more!) great new features.

    Posted by April in News on January 31, 2013
    • about 2 years ago.
      @Sreevatsan We have an update for that waiting for approval now! Sorry for the crashing.
    • about 2 years ago.
      Got it… works perfect on my iPad, too. Greetings by Marlene, www.girlsgame.tv
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      Great! ...Now how about a windows phone update please?
    • almost 2 years ago.
      How do you add new Restaurants???
  • We just celebrated our birthday and over three delicious years of helping people find and share great dishes. Now we have something else to toast because we're joining forces with our friends at OpenTable, who have agreed to acquire Foodspotting!

    (See OpenTable Press Release)

    When we founded Foodspotting, driven by our love of obscure dishes like okonomiyaki, Ted, Soraya and I set out to bring a dish-centric dining guide into the world and watch it grow. We raised some money, grew our team to ten (plus alum), and built a community that catalogued over three million dishes. Today, towards the same end, we're so happy to have found a great home for Foodspotting where our site, app, and community can continue to thrive while our entire team continues to focus on making your dining experiences awesome.

    We’ve already been working closely with the OpenTable team as partners: In addition to making restaurant reservations via Foodspotting, you may have seen Foodspotting photos from select restaurants popping up on OpenTable. But we both realized we could create smarter experiences if we could integrate more deeply by, for example, recommending dishes when you make reservations to enabling restaurants to showcase their best dishes. We look forward to augmenting your dining experiences with Foodspotting’s recommendations to forge the shortest path between you and great food!

    What does this mean for me?

    Rest assured that Foodspotting will continue to live on as a standalone product, as OpenTable deeply values the Foodspotting community and your contributions. You’ll still be able to spot food anywhere in the world, from street food stalls to seven course meals. But you can also look forward to smarter recommendations, better restaurant information and a more visual, social and design-driven dining experience as we bring the best of Foodspotting to OpenTable.

    We hope you’ll celebrate with us as we reimagine dining with OpenTable. We’d love to hear what you’d like to see us create together, and look forward to making it happen!

    • about 2 years ago.
      Awesome! So happy to be a part of the growing community!
    • about 2 years ago.
      Congratulations to Foodspotting on their journey to our taste buds; and to ALL the spotters that opened our world to the diversity of awesome FLAVORS to explore.
    • about 2 years ago.
      Nice.. Not useable for where I post.. but think it's a positive addition for the foodspotting community
    • almost 2 years ago.
      This is great news! We love using open table and foodspotting!
  • [View this album on Facebook: Three Years in Photos]

    Make a wish and blow out the candles, Foodspotting turns three today! It’s been an incredible year with many new features, a beautiful redesign, not to mention so many new mouth-watering sightings and delicious eatups around the world. Thank you for being such an amazing, astounding, and hungry community of food lovers.

    Because no birthday is complete without a bit of reflection, here are some highlights from the past year, our most fruitful year yet:

    On our first birthday, we proclaimed January 15th as World Foodspotting Day. Last year we threw a Ball Ball and watched as people gathered around the world and enjoyed their own eatup birthday party. This year we’re throwing our own San Francisco birthday party—a Milkshake Mashup Mixoff with our friends Cako, Frozen Kuhsterd, and The Seeker Wines on January 25th!

    Our incredible ambassadors and super users are leading the charge on birthday eatups, so join your nearby group of food lovers to find out about what’s in the works. Anyone can host an eatup, so if there’s no one in your area, check out our tips to getting an eatup started in your city.

    Belgium - Florida - Kansas City - Las Vegas - Little Rock - Los Angeles - Netherlands - New York - Philadelphia - Sacramento - Seattle - Sydney - Turkey - Vancouver - Washington DC

    Thank you for an awesome year and cheers to the future--we're working to make your Foodspotting wishes come true!

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      Help me choose my dress!!
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      When to start wedding dress shopping
    • almost 2 years ago.
      When to start wedding dress shopping
    • almost 2 years ago.
      Help me choose my dress!!