• If it weren’t for okonomiyaki, there would be no Foodspotting, and if it weren’t for No Reservations, I might never have learned about okonomyaki. So we all have Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel to thank for making Foodspotting possible in the first place!

    I fell in love with hard-to-find foods on a trip to Osaka, Japan, where I sampled okonomiyaki & takoyaki, which I first learned about from Tony’s Osaka episode. I returned to San Francisco craving these foods, only to find there was no easy way to look up or rate specific dishes. So I set out to create a way for people to learn about new dishes and find them locally, and thus, Foodspotting was born.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I still always I want to know what Tony’s eaten near me. (Here’s me at Koyoshi Sushi on my last trip to Japan…)

    And that wish has finally become reality with today’s big announcement:

    Travel Channel has partnered with Foodspotting to make recommendations from No Reservations available to me & you via location-based guides on Foodspotting. The first guide they’ve created is quite a masterpiece - 100 foods from around the world to celebrate the 100th episode which means you should be able to launch Foodspotting in any city Bourdain has been to on No Reservations and see the closest foods he’s tried. Not only that, but you can also share your own experiences with Tony & fans by posting photos to Foodspotting.

    Because Foodspotting is all about sharing food experiences, I can’t imagine a better partner to launch our guides platform with than the Travel Channel & No Reservations.

    Follow the Travel Channel on Foodspotting — we can’t wait to see how many of Tony’s recommendations you’ve tried!


  • Foodspotting 2.0 is finally here! We’ve completely overhauled the design and programming of the Foodspotting iPhone app to make finding and sharing food recommendations a more intelligent, social and beautiful experience.

    It’s more intelligent.

    The Browse tab makes it easier to toggle between the nearest, latest and best foods around…

    The Find tab highlights ways you can use Foodspotting: You can find whatever you’re craving, see what’s good at a particular restaurant and get recommendations from people, places and foods you follow…

    It’s more social.

    You can finally access your profile, sightings, bookmarks and guides, and follow friends and experts to see theirs….

    You can earn virtual “tips” when others compliment (+10), want (+20), or nom (+25) foods based on your sightings, and you can give out more noms, the more tips you earn…

    You can follow guides created by partners and other users, complete them by taking photos of guide items, and earn recognition and even real world rewards for completing certain guides…

    It’s more beautiful.

    We’ve overhauled the visual design and made sure it will look amazing on iPhone 4’s beautiful screen.

    We hope you’ll love this update as much as we do! Let us know what you think and rate it in the iTunes store!


  • Just wanted to give you all a heads up that we’ll be launching a redesign of the Foodspotting website this week! (We had to do something while we’re waiting for the Foodspotting 2.0 iPhone app to hit the app store! Look for it next week!) Here’s a sneak preview of a few of our favorite elements:

    It emphasizes location-based discovery: Foodspotting isn’t just about food photos, it’s about discovering good foods and where to find them. The giant foodmap makes it easier to explore what’s been spotted around the world.

    It’s more social: I don’t know about you, but we love getting comments! Commenting and complimenting are now inline, so it’s easier to react to brilliant food finds and beautiful food photos.

    It’s easier to create and find guides: Guides are the easiest way to share food or drink recommendations, even if you don’t have a photo! We’ve made it easier than ever to create and discover great guides.

    It’s all about you: We’ve lightened up the design to draw less attention to Foodspotting, and more attention to you and your food recommendations! Your profile will feel a lot more like a food blog, and we’ll be offering more customization options soon.

    Let us know what you think! We’ll need your help testing it and working out bugs. We hope you’ll be as excited about this redesign as we are, as it’s been weeks in the making, but let us know how we can keep making Foodspotting better!

  • Congrats to our friends at Zagat Survey for launching ZAGAT TO GO 4.0, which beautifully integrates Foodspotting photos! They’re the first partner to put Foodspotting photos to use in their own app, and they’ve done a fantastic job!

    Check it out: http://blog.zagat.com/zagat-to-go-4-0-adds-foursquare-foodspotting-and-more

    Learn more: http://techcrunch.com/2010/08/13/zagat-and-foodspotting-get-cozy-take-fine-dining-to-the-next-level/