• Our fabulous tech duo, Ted and Ben, have been working hard the last few weeks on improving Foodspotting's integration with our friends at Foursquare.

    - Feedback taken: We received some really great feedback about our first revamp of the integration and made some changes based on this. So now nomming a food will no longer generate a tip unless you choose to share on Foursquare, and wanting a food will add a to-do to your Foursquare profile.

    - What's new now: What we're really excited about is the newly launched addition of photos on Foursquare - of which Foodspotting is thrilled to be among the first partners to kick off this great experience. Sharing a sighting will now show up as a "check-in with a photo" on Foursquare. Hooray!

    - More feedback welcome, of course: Play around with it and as always, let us know what you think!

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      Awesome! So happy about the photos!
    • over 7 years ago.
      I've tested this featured and make a post (italian language) http://www.pivari.com/featured/foursquare-checkin-con-immagini/ Nice feature. Very nice also on Facebook. I hope soon also twitter can mark the photo!
    • about 7 years ago.
      Super excited about this feature. Now Foursquare needs to create a Foodspotting badge for you guys! Every time someone completes a guide or uploads a certain amount of posts, they can get a different 'foodie' badge. I think that would be pretty neat.
  • We're excited to announce that Foodspotting has acquired Eat.ly. As of today, Eat.ly users will have a new home with us, and we're thrilled to invite the community to join us at Foodspotting.

    Dedicated Eat.ly users, welcome! We hope you'll like what you find here at our humble abode. We've had a fantastic time so far in the past year, and hope you'll enjoy hanging out and sharing your food with all of us.

    The team is here to answer any questions you may have - we're just an email away!

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      WOW!! Great News!!
    • about 7 years ago.
      I'm glad I finally found it. The old eat.ly address doesn't do anything now. Would it be possible to have it redirect here?
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  • Last week, Foodspotting had the great honor of starring in an episode of Food(ography) on the Cooking Channel! What does a TV episode of us entail? Well, lots of food, for one, and a great group of Foodspotters who came out in the pouring rain to participate. 

    Since our episode won't be airing until the spring, our entire shoot centered on the pursuit of tasty coconut dishes. On our list was mussels in coconut curry at Kuma Inn, coconut cream doughnuts at Doughnut Plant, and coconut cupcakes with meringue frosting at Sugar Sweet Sunshine, just to name a few. Here are a few snapshots of our day. There's never a typical one here at Foodspotting...

    (Photos from top: Sugar Sweet Sunshine bakeshop counter, cupcakes on camera, Foodspotter Alexis waiting for the crew to set up, cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine.)

    Posted by Amy Cao in News on December 06, 2010
  • I know, already, right...? I'm not prepared for it either, but to get us all in the spirit, we've got some really cool stuff we're kicking off this month.

    Spot for a Cause

    Join us in following and completing our Spotathon guides to help us in a special holiday giving campaign through Heifer International.

    Fact is, we're super lucky to be able to eat - and spot - as many great foods as we all do, and the Foodspotting team wants to give back by helping others less fortunate than us and hopefully you, our wonderful community, will get involved with us. Our goal is to complete all these guides before Christmas Day, and if we hit that goal, Foodspotting will donate a cow, a pig and a vegetable garden through the good people at Heifer International.

    We just need to collaboratively complete these guides - so even just one item will help! And best part is, if you spot an item, you'll automatically get these awesome badges designed by our illustrator Cat Oshiro. So let's all go out and spot for this great cause!

    - Guide for Milk Cow Spotathon - participate to gift a milk cow
    - Guide for Vegetable Spotathon - participate to gift a vegetable garden
    - Guide for Pig Spotathon - participate to gift a pig

    Add to Our Holiday Gift Guide

    I love love LOVE gift giving but I'm usually stumped at what to get the food-lover who already has all the kitchen gadgets they could buy. So why not food gifts? You know they'll love it.

    We've put together an open guide to collect all the great food gifts out there, so help a fellow gifter out and let us know if there's anything you think other food-lovers out there would enjoy for the holidays! Click here to follow and add your thoughts to the guide.

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      Yes, Michael! Funny, we were *just* talking about that internally here too! :) Going to try to get that back up on the site down the road as a feature. Stay tuned.
    • over 7 years ago.
      You can now see everyone's sightings again! We re-built it just for you.
    • over 7 years ago.
      hey the holiday spotathon is looking like a bunch of pictures from the supermarket
    • over 7 years ago.
      hey @bigloutech, it's okay to spot produce! We encourage people to spot the food they eat at restaurants, but there are no rules against markets or packaged foods.
  • I was struck by the sheer volume of food-related reads at my local bookstore recently, which led me to wonder: With so many "perfect foodie holiday gifts," how does one choose? So, today, we're trying something new: Food-related book reviews. As always, we share our impressions here so you can decide for yourself. A big thank you to our friend Meredith Kaffel for taking on the task of writing our first review and who reads way more than I do. I'm curious to hear your thoughts too, so let me know. Questions, feedback, and recommendations are welcome always. - Amy

    Growing up, my favorite place to read was the kitchen table, and I credit that childhood habit with imprinting on me that reading and eating are intertwined. Both acts are nourishing, satisfying, and sustaining; both can serve as vehicles of pleasure or escape. Given their natural linkage, then, it is a special alchemy that occurs when a writer actively blends them together. And few writers pull this marriage off as well as bestselling and James A. Beard Award-winning author, Mark Kurlansky

    The critical thing to know about Kurlansky’s latest offering is this: Edible Stories is a delicious novel-in-stories devoted to food. From its dedication (“To Marian, who loves her bulots, Talia with her fresh grilled sardines…”) to its chapter headings (The Icing on the Cake,” “Osetra,” “Hot Pot”), to its page content, Edible Stories is a love letter to gustatory pleasure and peculiarity, and to the revealing and sometimes inexplicable way that food insinuates its way into our lives and changes us forever. There is “Orangina,” a story which shows how a single soda can lead to love, loss, and revolution, and also “The Soup,” which eerily conjures, through an indigenous Alaskan soup, themes of language, communication, and family.

    In Edible Stories, Kurlansky writes about a woman who falls in love because of the way a man talks about crème brulee, and another woman who falls out of love because her husband no longer cares about food. This book is subtle, but wickedly funny, and pungent in its well-marinated prose. Like the best meals, once you have experienced Kurlansky’s take on food, you can never go back and unlearn the taste – nor will you want to.

    Meredith Kaffel is a literary agent in New York City and a rampant foodie.

    Posted by Amy Cao in News on November 30, 2010
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      Perfect timing Foodspotting! Thanks :)
  • Cupcakes: Lesson 1

    Foodspotting joined forces with Levi's Workshops in New York City last week to do what we do best - take food photos! Leading our food photography workshop were ace New York City photography pros who brought their wealth of knowledge from every field - editorialportrait, celebrity and, of course, food. Not only did we eat a lot of Kumquat Cupcakes who generously donated miniature treats for the photo session, we learned to master our SLRs and point-and-shoots! But the most exciting thing for our app users? Foodspotters left knowing how to improve their phone pictures too! (The Cross Process app is kinda awesome if I do say so myself.)

    Many, many thanks to William Brinson, Lauren ColchamiroElk Studios, and Chelsea Beasley for showing us how to compose our shots, to use our white napkins (takes away shadows), and telling us "don't be shy to tell the waiter you'll be posting the pic and make sure it looks great." 

    We can't wait to host more of these gatherings to learn more and so we can meet you all. Everyone who came to the workshop were amazing too. You guys are a ridiculously sweet bunch!

    Photos by Soraya Darabi, Andrew Klein and Chelsea Beasley.

    We have fans.  They have t-shirts!Momofuku kitchen prints.  I want.

    Posted by Amy Cao in News on November 29, 2010
    • over 7 years ago.
      It was a really great event! Thanks again for putting it together. I learned some great tips from the pros, and they're already producing some awesome results!
    • over 7 years ago.
      Wish this event was in SF!! two of my favorite things, photography + cupcakes = super awesome!
    • over 7 years ago.
      Jennie - we definitely want to host more of these events everywhere! SF seems like a natural next stop...
  • Tomorrow's best known as a day to feast, but, as the name suggests, it's also THE day to give thanks. From the whole Foodspotting team, thank you for foodspotting everyday, for being patient as we work through hiccups, and for sharing great feedback to help us improve. 2010 has been awesome, crazy, and everything between these extremes, and it's all because you thought, "Hey, this looks pretty cool. Let me download the app, tell my friends, and share my favorite foods..." We know there are a million places where you could be, so thanks for being here with us on Foodspotting!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! From Alexa, Ted, Soraya, Fiona, Ben, MarcJeremy and me

    Posted by Amy Cao in News on November 23, 2010
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      Nice! Have a great Thanksgiving! Eat well! (and document it)
    • over 7 years ago.
      Thanksgiving every day!
    • over 7 years ago.
      @crazy, I love your attitude. Absolutely - celebrate Thanksgiving everyday!
  • A few months ago, I was lucky enough to attend a super fun Wok+Wine event where I became fast friends with the world traveling proprietors, Peter and Lizzie. The event was so awesome that I insisted they work with us at Foodspotting to host some parties, and Peter instantly agreed to do an exclusive bi-coastal event for us - one night in New York, and the very next night in San Francisco.

    The premise of Wok+Wine? 40 pounds of shrimp (or prawns to us Aussies), 40 bottles of wine, and 40 awesome guests who gather and mingle over deliciousness. It's what Wok+Wine calls "the world's most delicious social network" and indeed it is.

    I'm excited to report we pulled off two great parties and everyone had a fantastic time. What about a video to help illustrate the fun? Thought you'd never ask...

    A Tale of Two Cities, a Wok and Wine. from Foodspotting. Produced by our awesome Amy Cao.

    The event could not have been such a smashing success if it were not for our fantastic sponsors:
    - Fourth Estate in San Francisco offering the most tasty Pinot Noir I've ever had
    - Wild Rock in New York offering a super delicious Sauvignon Blanc
    - OpenHouse Gallery, a fabulous event space in SoHo where our New York party was hosted

    A very special thanks to our friends The Noble Rot, Kat Popiel of Protein, and Julie Crabill of Inner Circle Labs who all helped us connect with our wonderful sponsors. And a big round of applause for our promotional partner Gilt City.

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      i'm tempted to make this at home now!