As you know, OpenTable acquired Foodspotting in 2013, not only for its amazing content, but also for its incredibly loyal and engaged community. Since then, you’ve been instrumental in how friends and experts alike discover the best dishes across the world, and for that, we just want to say thank you.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. After much deliberation, we have chosen to discontinue the Foodspotting app and website in early May. If you’d like to keep all the photos you’ve captured over the years, we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to download your content. Click here for details

On behalf of our entire team, thank you again for using our product and for all the feedback you’ve provided along the way–we couldn’t have done it without you. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know and we’ll be sure to follow up directly.

2009年より運営してまいりました Foodspotting ですが、2018年5月上旬をもちましてサービスを終了させていただくこととなりました。

OpenTable は Foodspotting のコンテンツの素晴らしさ、コミュニティの絆を高く評価し、2013年に買収いたしました。以降、皆様のお陰で地元や旅先での美味しいものを発見、共有するお手伝いを続けていくことができました。これまでご愛顧いただきましたこと、心よりお礼を申し上げます。

お客様がこれまでに投稿された画像につきましては、パソコンから一括ダウンロードする機能を提供させていただきます。詳細については、 こちら でご案内させていただきます。

サービス終了に伴い、皆様には多大なご迷惑をおかけいたしますことを深くおわび申し上げます。本件に関するお問い合わせは こちら より、お願いいたします。長らくのご利用、誠にありがとうございました。

  • Our friends at, the world’s biggest lifestyle site for men, love helping guys (and gals) find the best things out there. Now they're looking for your help in their hunt for the most macho meal that has ever existed. Do T-bones induce testosterone? Will a bacon burger explosion put hair on your chest? Is there such a thing as a manly salad? You tell them. Simply snap a photo and add it to the Alpha Meal Contest Guide.

    The best submissions will be featured on AskMen in a Top 10: Manly Meals slideshow - that's 17 million AskMen readers who will see your pick! One grand prize winner from the top 10 will also be awarded the ultimate mini-fridge from Micro Fridge – actually shaped like a tool box! – for all those manly leftovers, plus some AskMen schwag.

    Go out and add your sightings of the manliest meal you know to the guide! Contest ends on September 5, 2011. Submit as many manly entries as you'd like.

    • over 6 years ago.
      This reminds me of the time when I was at a bday party (8 yrs old)... for thank you gifts, girls got teddy bears and boys got a ninja turtle tray- I totally got the ninja turtle tray and I so want that mini fridge ;)
    • over 6 years ago.
      I totally want that mini fridge! Sad I can't participate :P
    • over 6 years ago.
      Disgusting :P
  • Editor's Note: Tis' the season for traveling and with so many dining options in any given destination, we're thrilled that Foodspotting helps us navigate, giving us "X-ray vision for food" as we call it by showing us the tastiest looking dishes nearby. Still, a friendly food tip goes a long way, which is why we asked Emily Cavalier, all around awesome food writer and digital strategist, to share her favorite sightings on a recent trip to New Orleans...

    I just returned from a week-long trip to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, a conference for those in the cocktail industry as well as cocktail enthusiasts. I made sure to set aside enough time this year to hit up some of NOLA's best eats.

    Muffaletta Sandwich @ Central Grocery

    This is no ordinary Italian sub. Invented at Central Grocery, one of our nation's oldest delis, the muffaletta is layer upon layer of cold cuts and provolone cheese topped with Central Grocery's signature olive salad (a chopped mix of green olives with pimento, pickled veggies, olive oil and spices). With a flaky outer layer like a croissant and an soft inner crumb that's almost cake-like, the bread is an addiction all it's own. The meats and cheese are piled on a round loaf, quartered, wrapped up and then usually rests overnight to let the olive salad work its wonders as it soaks into the bread. There are many muffalettas to be had in NOLA, but this is the one you shouldn't miss.

    Shrimp and Grits @ The Old Coffee Pot

    The Old Coffee Pot has been around since 1894 and touts itself as "the best breakfast in the French Quarter." They serve traditional Cajun and Creole cuisine and good ol' Southern standards. This dish is so simple that it's not even on the menu. These, hands down, are the best shrimp I've ever eaten, and you can get 'em grilled or fried. Add some biscuits and some made-in-New Orleans Tabasco, and you've got yourself a true NOLA meal.

    Soft-shell Crab Po' Boy @ Stanley

    Everyone in NOLA will argue over where to send you for the best po' boy, a sandwich comprised of some sort of fried protein topped with slaw and different dressings. While the more traditional po' boys carry loads of fried shrimp or oyster to your mouth, Stanley offers an off-the-charts delicious soft-shell crab version that manages to be decadent and delicate at the same time. The crab legs were extra crispy and well-seasoned. One of the best po' boys I've had.

    These are just three of my favorites from this trip, but I've already set my sights on the following for my next visit...

    Fried Chicken and Jambalaya @ Coop's
    The Lunch Buffet @ Dooky Chase
    Shrimp Po' Boy @ Domilise

    Check out my website Mouth of the Border for more photos and tales of my trip to New Orleans!

    Guest writer Emily Cavalier is the founder of Mouth of the Border, an online community for lovers of ethnic food and culture, and Midnight Brunch supper club. Emily consults on event and digital media strategy with brands like Conde Nast, The Vendy Awards and Google. Follow her on Foodspotting and Twitter @ecava.

    (Trolley photo by Adam Reeder on Flickr)

    • over 6 years ago.
      Thanks, Belly!
    • over 6 years ago.
      Hey Emily - Sounds like a great trip! I'd nominate the muffaletta Sandwich :)
    • over 6 years ago.
      take two pizza doughballs roll both out. slather on the olive salad on one. toss on the meats and cheeses. cap with the second pizza and seal the edges. cook till golden brown. mmm, mmm good.
    • 4 months ago.
      This looks nice.
  • "Live every week like it's Shark Week," said Tracy Morgan's character on 30 Rock. If there is a more inspiring quote, we don't know what it is, and it so happens that this week is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. In the spirit of scary creatures and menacing beasts, the Foodspotting team put together an abbreviated list of some of our favorite ferocious-looking foods spotted around the world recently.


    Our co-founder Alexa and her husband Seth returned from lunch last week thrilled with their latest food discovery: lavender with fig mochi @ Ebisu Restaurant. Sounds innocent enough, right? When we saw it, our Android developer Bob remarked: It looks like the sarlacc monster from "Return of the Jedi."


    If you have a snake phobia like I do, look away! Seeing this 18-inch monster gave me the heebie jeebies. It was spotted by Ms Fatty at a county fair in California. She says she ate it all. (Gulp.)


    Some foods look so freaky, they make you worry and wonder "Are you sure it's dead?" Case in point: grilled whole branzino @ Inakaya New York. How can something so ugly taste so good?


    We're quite fond of the friendly earthworm, but we sure as hell don't want to see it at the dinner table. While we highly recommend trying delicious squid ink pasta at least once, be warned that you may want to avoid ordering it on a first date unless your dining companion digs ink-stained teeth.


    They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but it's harder to stay neutral about the way food looks on a plate. While we are big fans of all pig dishes – pork chops, porchetta, pork belly, bacon, you name it – we find this crispy close-up of whole roast pig just a bit disturbing.

    Now that you've seen our favorite frightening-looking foods, let us know if you spy any unusual dishes worth investigating, and be sure to check back again soon for Shark Week on Foodspotting Part 2!

    • over 6 years ago.
      Amy, in Trinidad we eat a dish called "Shark & Bake" or "Bake & Shark" (the argument to the name is endless). It's a fried piece of shark meat that you combine with all sorts of yummy toppings. I get the cabbage and mango slaw with garlic sauce and cucumbers - it's a MUST HAVE when you visit the island, see here from my last trip:
    • 5 months ago.
  • No Photoshop needed.

    Last week, we asked why you wanted to win a new Cyber-shot WX9 courtesy of our friends at Sony. We had a ton of entries come in from Twitter, Facebook, and right here on our blog. We loved all your answers and, yes, it was difficult to choose! As mentioned in the rules, our team picked the winner based on answer creativity and active participation on Foodspotting, meaning we were looking for spotters who are often spotting, leaving comments, engaging with other users, and us! After much discussion, we came up with our WX9 winner and three runner-ups who will get $25 Sony gift cards. You guys all rocked the contest, but here are the winning reasons...

    WINNER At Foodspotting, we live to share and we devote our days to making sharing your favorite foods easy and fun. And when you spend as much time as we do with each other, your co-workers become like your adopted family – one with whom we enjoy many meals. We loved foodspotter Ann's entry for precisely these two reasons, so congratulations, Ann! We hope you like foodspotting with the WX9 as much as we do.

    Ann said... I want to win #fsgiveaway because sharing food photos with my sister is like having her with me. #imissmysister

    RUNNER-UPS We also loved Madam Charcuterie's entry because it hit our other goal in the head – Foodspotting is a way to share foods you love, not the ones you hate.

    Madam Charcuterie said... I want to win #fsgiveaway because a Sony WX-9 will help me share the power of positivity at Foodspotting.

    With over 500 sightings, we were excited Super Spotter Rodney wanted to get his wife into Foodspotting, too. Rodney said... I want to win #fsgiveaway because I want to get my wife hooked on Foodspotting, and being able to stash one of these cameras in her purse would help her be able to spot at a moment's notice.

    Last but not least, we want you guys to know we value you not only for the number of dishes you share, but also for the quality of interactions you have with other users! For that reason, we want to say thanks to Yellowflip for often being the first to give other users positive feedback and for constantly encouraging fellow spotters to keep foodspotting.

    Both photos taken by myself on the Sony Cyber-shot WX9.
    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on July 29, 2011
    • over 6 years ago.
      Congratulations to Ann, Rodney, and Yellowflip!
    • over 6 years ago.
      Congrats! Aww I thought mine was good! :(
    • over 6 years ago.
      Thanks Foodspotting and Sony! Congrats to the runners up & everyone who loves to foodspot! Great way to start the weekend. Happy Foodspotting and happy eating.
    • over 6 years ago.
      Congrats to the winners! I love both those answers too :)
  • Foodspotting is about sharing and discovering the best foods around you, so we feel really lucky to see our community – you guys – breaking bread with each other and finding the most delicious things. We've been especially excited to see some groups meeting regularly, like in New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and you may remember our awesome spotters in Philly who host monthly eat-ups, food crawls, and picnics in the City of Brotherly Love.

    To join or host an eat-up in your city, check out our guide to eat-ups, and be sure to follow Foodspotting on Twitter and Facebook so you never miss an invitation! To get a sense of what our eat-ups are like, check out the video that foodspotter Mega Yummo! put together of the Orlando eat-up at Nile Ethiopian Cuisine. Last but not least, we want to extend a huge thank you to foodspotter Droolius who has been integral in organizing these gatherings in Florida!

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on July 26, 2011
    • over 6 years ago.
      very cool! It was a fun Eat-up!
    • over 6 years ago.
      I think the title should read Ethiopian and not Turkish. Just sayin..:)
    • over 6 years ago.
      I changed it as soon as I posted it :) My brain was stuck on your most recent eat-up excursion at Steak & Salad.
  • Yes, these two photos were taken with a point-and-shoot camera. And I did not have to adjust any settings, f-stops, shutter speeds, nada. And yes, it was just as easy as hitting a button!

    Behold, the Sony Cybershot WX-9. A few months back, Sony invited us down to San Diego and armed us with this amazing camera with a special Gourmet setting, helping make it easier to photograph foods. Who better to call to the case than us Foodspotters, right? Since then, we've been playing around with the cameras and have continued to be impressed and re-impressed with the quality of the photos. You can see for yourself above. I will also disclaim that I did not adjust any colours for lighting in the shots.

    We think the camera is so great that we want to give away one of these bad boys to a lucky foodspotter, courtesy of our friends at Sony! All you have to do is leave a comment below or share the following on Twitter or Foodspotting's Facebook page:

    I want to win #fsgiveaway because (reason here). Then include a link to your Foodspotting profile.

    One winner will be picked by our team based on answer creativity and active participation on Foodspotting. Three runners-uppers will receive $25 Sony gift cards. Deadline to participate is Monday, July 25 at midnight PT. We'll make our selection next week.

    • over 6 years ago.
      I want to win #fsgiveaway because I love everything about @foodspotting! The Food, the Photos, and most of all, the Fantastic Followers and Staff ;) I want to continue sharing good food with all the good people of the foodspotting world with a cool new Sony Cybershot equipped with a setting perfect for spotting food!
    • over 6 years ago.
      I want to win #fsgiveaway because, even though I know it is somewhat of a death sentence for the poor innocent camera, I really need working equipment to keep up my foodspotting ways. My point and shoot developed a problem a few months ago where it stopped focusing in low light situations, then that spread to bright light, it's like the food is in motion, not pretty. Lately this disease seems to have spread to my poor iPhone. You can sit and watch as it goes in and out of focus, plus it seems to have gone a step further and the colors change as you watch alternately getting darker then lighter then darker. It's gotten to be almost a game to try to be faster than the changes and get a good shot =)
    • over 6 years ago.
      I want one because I don't have a camera - only have my iPhone. As far as my active participation on FS, well I'm #1 right now. I'm VERY active : )
    • over 6 years ago.
      I've been trying and trying to win this camera...I love all the features that it offers and would love to play with it for my Foodspotting. It's great when I take pictures at different restaurants and explain what Foodspotting is...I've turned people on .
  • Editor's Note: Luckily for us, our team sees plenty of pictures that make our mouths water on Foodspotting. Recently, however, we came upon DrawnToDevour whose sightings looked different to anything else we've seen. On closer inspection, we noticed the images were not abstract photos of food, but watercolor sketches of milkshakes, tacos, and coffee! As it turns out, the artist's name is Dan Bransfield and we found out what inspires him to draw his foodspottings...

    AC Which came first: your love for painting or eating? And how did one feed (pardon the pun) into the other?

    DB I always liked drawing, but in recent years I was drawing less and less as it seemed I was always on a computer. A year and a half ago I made a New Year's resolution to draw more. I would get up early and go to a cafe before work and sketch. Also, I go out to eat a lot. So, a New Year's resolution and a lack of culinary skills led to sketchbooks filled with sandwiches, pizzas, scrambled eggs and cocktails.

    AC How do you decide which foods to paint?

    DB I usually paint my favorite foods and cocktails. Anything with color and warmth. Sometimes, I approach it like a challenge: can I make this sandwich look delicious? I have a hard time depicting bacon. It never looks good when I'm done with it. Ah, bacon! They should have sent a poet.

    AC You often draw directly on the menu. Has a restaurant ever noticed your art on their menus? Do you leave it for the enjoyment of the next customer or do you take it home?

    DB I love painting on the menus! They're usually made from much nicer paper stock than what's in my sketchbook, and they accept the watercolors nicely. I always leave them behind for the staff, kind of like an extra tip.

    AC What's your favorite dish to eat? Favorite dish to draw?

    DB Pizza and Pizza. I love the warm tones, the composition of the toppings, the texture. It's one of the few things I draw that makes me hungry looking at it later.

    AC What is the painting process like for you?

    DB I try to do the painting before I eat it. It's a kind of delayed gratification, but I find it tastes much better! It's like I'm eating it twice, in a way. But, I'm merely human, and I also don't want it to get too cold, so most of the time I'll take a picture of it on my iPhone, eat, then paint it right then and there. I work in pen first, then add the watercolor. It usually takes about 15-20 min for one of these, on average. A drink doesn't take too long, maybe 5-10 minutes. All of these end up in my sketchbook, and some end up on my blog.

    AC Are your watercolors for sale? Where can someone purchase them?

    DB Sometimes restaurants will commission me for paintings. I'm always happy to recreate a favorite dish for a potential client. Just email me at drawntodevour [at]!

    Follow DrawnToDevour on Foodspotting.

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on July 21, 2011
    • over 6 years ago.
      Thank you all! And thanks to Amy and the FS gang for a very nice feature.
    • over 6 years ago.
      This is fabulous!
    • over 6 years ago.
      By looking at Dan's beautiful artwork, we are inspired to take better food pictures. Now our challenge would be - how can we create an artistic food picture by using the digital camera as a tool to add some artistic touch to it? Dan, thank you for sharing your masterpiece with us.
    • over 6 years ago.
      His work is amazing! And what an interesting way to use Foodspotting. :)
  • It's with great excitement that we announce multi-award-winning Chef Mario Batali has joined us here on Foodspotting! The addition of Mario to our already stellar list of publishers really has us amped and what a way to kick off the week :)

    Mario has awesomely put together his top recommendations in San Francisco, New York and Italy. Not only has he created guides that outline his favourite hidden gems in these cities, each guide is filled with wonderful details about why he loves certain dishes and specific things on the menus that are can't-miss. If you're fans like we are, these are definitely guides you'd want to refer to when in each city.

    Help us give Mario Batali a huge Foodspotting welcome, and follow his guides here:

    • over 6 years ago.
      Mario, my wife and I are big fans of yours. We live in the Ann Arbor area and also enjoy the Traverse City for R&R. As a fellow Michigander, do you have any dinning recommendations to pass along? Also, any chance of a restaurant in MI?
    • over 6 years ago.
      Fiona, should Mario indulge in some Foodspotting on Cape Cod, I humbly submit that Maresa's Cooking would make his mouth water. I am a personal chef who specializes in exquisite and authentic Northern Italian Cucina, just like my mamma does it. I would be honored if you would visit my website at
    • over 6 years ago.
      Mario, I just viewed a show where you highlighted Italian appetizers here in Rhode Island at Al Forno's & Casserta's Pizza. Thanks for showcasing some of our best in Rhode Island, and, there's still lots more to taste here!