• Since our wee team of eight is based out of San Francisco and New York, it makes sense that we've been talking a lot about foods from the east and west coast.

    That said, we've been looking to team up with just the right partners to branch out in more parts of the States! To this end, we're thrilled to announce our partnership with Sauce Magazine - the restaurant dining authority in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Follow the guides they created just for Foodspotting users to everything delicious from can't miss dishes to the ten must-try regional sandwiches to foods that are new interpretations of culinary classics, like the Scottish staple, Cock A Leekie Pie.

    If you're using these guides, we'd love to get your feedback! Also check back often for more good food recommendations from Sauce - there will be some great new guides to see every month.

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on March 29, 2011
  • If you have been following Foodspotting in the news, you might have noticed that our company has not one, but two women co-founders. Our CEO Alexa Andrzejewski has been leading the company since its inception, while our Chief Marketing Officer Soraya Darabi has been inspiring the global digital community since her days at the New York Times. To this end, we're thrilled to share this video from Soraya's recent interview on TechCrunch about Foodspotting, women in tech, and what she would be doing if she wasn't working on Foodspotting. Some answers surprised even us, but it's all worth watching.

    Check out the full interview on TechCrunch.

    • almost 7 years ago.
      Soraya is so bright and articulate, great interview!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      She is so smart! Great interview XD
  • DSC_0097

    As the love for Foodspotting catches on around the world, we've been touched to see that our users have taken the initiative to meet fellow food lovers offline too. One city that has really taken the notion of Foodspotting eat-ups and made it their own is Philadelphia. Today we welcome avid foodspotter Alexis Siemons to our blog today! Here, she tells us about the Foodspotting eat-up Philly hosted just last week. Wish we were there... - Amy

    Philadelphia should really be known as the City of Brotherly Love...for everything edible. A few months ago, Philly Foodspotters broke bread and fried chicken at Adsum to celebrate Foodspotting’s first birthday. This simple celebration led us to organize a monthly eat-up group, so that we could dine, spot, and share our love for Foodspotting beyond the Internet.

    Since then, we’ve gone on a dim sum outing organized by Shao Zhong, foodspotter and food blogger at Fried Wontons For You. Then, last week, foodspotter and Geekadelphia contributor Dan Tabor had our burger-loving hearts beating fast at a "Baby Burger Tasting" at Philly’s famous burger spot, PYT. Proudly sporting our Foodspotting t-shirts, we gathered to taste from the slider menu PYT created just for us.

    With lobster, Korean short ribs, and Buffalo chicken bleu cheese, this tasting wasn’t your average cheese-and-pickle burger bash. PYT’s owner and fearless leader, Tommy Up, even showed his love for our vegetarians with portabella burgers. When paired with the crispy onion rings, fries, chips, tater tots and a milkshake (classic strawberry is my favorite, although others swear by the “adult” alcohol infused sips), we experienced the PYT trifecta. What's more, we were encouraged to buy three sliders and swap them with our tablemates. It worked out great and helped people to get to know one another.

    Before we headed out onto the streets of Philadelphia with full stomachs, we made sure to pose in front of the burger wall and smile – some of us now one step closer to earning the sought after “burger expert” title and Philly Burgers! guide badge. AS

    Alexis Siemons is a tea marketing consultant and tea blogger at Teaspoons & Petals.



    Photos courtesy of foodspotter Dan Tabor

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on March 23, 2011
    • almost 7 years ago.
      i'll take the one without the fs shirt. hehe...
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Thanks for this wonderful opportunity, Amy! It was such a treat to share my love for Philly Foodspotting :)
    • almost 7 years ago.
      I love my job and Foodspotting because of enthusiasm like yours! Can't wait to meet all of you guys this year :)
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  • Taken using Sony's cool panoramic sweep feature.

    Amy and I arrived in San Diego to attend Sony's showcase of its new digital camera, the Cybershot WX9, due out in April. We're getting an exclusive sneak peek of the camera's wonderful functionalities, specifically those built for food photography. What do you know, that's right up our alley! Sony also generously gifted each of us with a camera so that we can get familiar with its features.

    We played with the camera over breakfast, with some great results so far. More to come - and follow our adventures today on Twitter, #SonyFoodie.

    Additional photos from our day at the gorgeous Oceanside Farmers Market...

    Taken using the Gourmet setting, designed for food photography.

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      What a great day! I really enjoyed hanging out with all the foodies today! Thanks for coming to SD!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      I love food photography. Props. Rock it.
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Found my way over to Foodspotting from the #sonyfoodie blogger event. I'm all signed up and excited to use this website! It was lovely meeting you :D
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  • A few months back, we were invited to take part in an episode of Food(ography) with Mo Rocca on the Cooking Channel. Well, we're thrilled to announce the episode airs tonight at 9pm EST!

    Take a look behind-the-scenes of our shoot – "Going Coconuts On The Cooking Channel" – and be sure to tune in to support your fellow foodspotters!

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on March 19, 2011
    • about 7 years ago.
      Food(ography) is exactly the reason why I food this website. I think it's the coolest especially seeing the group go around town trying food!! I'm currently trying to put a group together like that now. Keep up the great work!!
    • about 7 years ago.
      Yummy4myTummy, thanks so much for your kind words and we hope you put your food crawl on Foodspotting. It's easy to organize the dishes you want to try by creating a guide! http://foodspotting.com/guides
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      Exactly, this is really excellent site. Looking forward for the next excellent post!
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      I just want to know about that table. I love it. Anyone?
  • It's the team's first full day in Austin for this year's South by Southwest festival. Already we've met so many friendly foodspotters who have stopped us in the streets because they recognize us – and our awesome t-shirts.

    As you know, we're here to meet so many more of you, to spread the Foodspotting gospel, to give our best shot at the Team Android Choice Awards, and to host a kick-ass Street Food Fest with BlackBerry this Sunday. In case you need a reminder why you should join the festivities and tell your friends to download Foodspotting, check out this schweet piece just posted on WIRED: "Foodspotting Turns Up Heat on Austin’s Food Trucks"

    In the article, Jason Umlas, owner of Lucky J’s, which specializes in chicken-and-waffle tacos, says:

    “I think Foodspotting is definitely a really cool site for connecting people with the actual place and dishes... Being a chef, I don’t really take everyone’s opinion into much regard, but a picture’s worth a thousand words and being able to be like, ‘I have this awesome food in front of me, check this out!’ — that means a lot more to me.”

    We couldn't have said it better ourselves. See you guys on Sunday!

    Top photo: Jon Snyder/Wired.com

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on March 10, 2011
  • Aside from releasing our Android app and announcing our Official SXSW Street Food Fest presented by BlackBerry, we came across all manners of fun food news, announcements and discoveries this week. Below are a few of our favorites. If you have a tip for next week's Weekend Wrap Up, just shoot us an email with "Weekend Wrap Up" in the subject line.

    - Foodspotting First Friday is today! Tag related tweets and include #FSEatUps in the notes section of your sighting. This month's theme is "circular shaped foods."

    - We were left speechless by this Japanese sushi candy video.

    - Watch cream hit the surface of coffee in this gorgeous high speed video by Modernist Cuisine.

    - Visit The Nutropolitan Museum of Art in New York City this weekend. Receive a free jar of peanut butter just for stopping by. Exhibit runs from today to Sunday, March 6th.

    - Secret crops of the Japanese citrus fruit Dekopon hits stores in California. (LA Times)

    - The new season of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations premiered this week, and we're so excited to stumble on Into No Res, a Tumblr blog that goes behind the scenes of the show.

    - We'll be watching America's Next Great Restaurant with Chef Bobby Flay this Sunday night on NBC.

    That's all for our first ever Weekend Wrap Up. Catch us on Twitter and Facebook, and have a great weekend, everybody!

    Posted by Amy Cao in Spotlight on March 03, 2011
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    • about 7 years ago.
      Yay for lotus wrapped sticky rice and the Weekend Wrap Up. :)
    • about 7 years ago.
      @Randy, yeah lotus wrapped sticky rice sounds really good right now. Hungry!
  • Here at Foodspotting, we're always on the lookout for unusual dishes, so imagine our joy when our friends Zagat Survey invited us to a live spiny lobster feast - and filming - at 15 East in New York City. Joining in the meal were Jeremy Fisher of Dinevore and Andy Freedman of Wined & Dined, who, I must point out, was way more squeamish than I was in the face of the crustaceans' thrashing tails.

    After the lobsters were presented on a platter at our table, they were whisked away to the kitchen where they (magically!) became lobster sashimi for our first course. The second course was lobster tempura, and for the final course, the lobster remains flavored a filling lobster miso soup.

    The three-course lobster menu for two is available for $120. If you're seriously considering stopping by, do make a reservation. This experience, along with some of New York's best sushi, should inspire adventurous eaters and sushi "afishionados" to put 15 East on their Wanted list!

    • about 7 years ago.
      You are like the bravest. Wow. Eating live lobsters! Mao once swam down a flooded Yangtze, but that was another stunt, a long time ago.
    • about 7 years ago.
      I can't believe you ate that! I had a similar experience in Japan with writhing shrimp. Gives me the shivers!
    • about 7 years ago.
      This is just disgusting!!
    • about 7 years ago.
      There is NO reason to do this for your pleasure in this day and age. I hope you lose many nights of sleep, both for the mistake you have made in treating a creature as a plaything, and for posting it as if it were a fine thing to do. Anyone who calls the process of severing a still-living creature in two "magical" should stop blogging immediately and start seeking psychotherapy.