• Foodspotting turned two in January and we celebrated all month with eatups around the world. In San Francisco we threw a Foodspotting Ball Ball for our birthday and to toast to the release of our redesigned iPhone and Android apps.

    Thanks to our awesome sponsors Beretta, Hog & Rocks, Chef Michael Hung and Lemon Z Limoncello, we served delicious foods in our favorite shape, like bourbon cheese balls, whole grain rice onigiri with black truffle and Dungeness crab arancini.

    Everyone also adored the treats provided by our bicoastal birthday cupcake sponsor Sprinkles Cupcakes, some which even featured our new logo!

    In New York City, a new artist loft space-bar called Kinfolk Studios opened its doors to foodspotters and a Filipino feast of longanisa sliders (sweet sausage) and arroz caldo presented by one of our favorite East Village restaurants, Maharlika.

    From London to Istanbul and Philly to Sacramento, Foodspotting ambassadors and users got together to celebrate our second year and spot food. Even during a snowstorm, Seattle spotters met at Chino's for cupcakes by Cupcake Royale, Mini Mai-Tai and Gua Bao...

    Philly foodspotters gathered at beloved Khyber Pass Pub for drinks, an almond birthday cake with strawberry and buttercream, and cupcakes custom made by Cupcake Karma. Read the recap on bridges, burgers & beer and see more pics by foodspotter Mikey Il.

    Meanwhile... in Silicon Valley, Foodspotting ambassador and super spotter Randy collaborated with his all-time favorite restaurant Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino to make the night extra special, complete with a "meat and greet" with executive chef Jeffrey Stout, champagne and dessert tasting!

    Our DC ambassador Lisa ate this entire cake by herself...

    Just kidding! Lisa was joined by loyal spotters at H Street Country Club and the cake was created by Whisked DC.

    Los Angeles and OC foodspotters celebrated with this amazing-looking chocolate powder covered behemoth. Read the recap and see more pics by foodspotter Steven...

    Last but not least, we're still blown away by this birthday brunch spread and two-tiered cake created just for us by Delish New York Bakery in Orlando! Don't miss the wonderful write-up by our Orlando ambassador Julius on his food blog, Droolius.

    For more pics of Foodspotting birthday eatups from around the world, visit our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us - we're lucky to call you foodspotters and friends. Here's to more cakespotting and celebrating in 2012!

    In addition to those mentioned above, photos were provided by JamesMNgo, Meng He, Desmond Chow and Valentina Vitols.

  • On the the last day of our whirlwind Ireland trip, Chris and I found ourselves back in Dublin after a tire on our rented car blew out en route to Kilkenny. Hungry and worn out from multiple car-related mishaps, we ventured out looking for dinner with our trusty Foodspotting app leading the way!

    See our favorite dishes from this trip in Foodspotting with a Local Focus in Ireland.

    Many thanks to Failte Ireland and Good Food Ireland for organizing our four-day culinary tour, and for going above and beyond to rescue us when we had car troubles!

  • This week, we're on a NEXTPEDITION thanks to American Express Travel. Our first stop was New Orleans where we enjoyed Cajun and Creole specialties like seafood gumbo, turtle soup and beignets smothered in powdered sugar. After three days of wandering the French Quarter, sampling pralines, seeing rare white alligators at the Audubon Zoo and basking in the beautiful fall weather, we learned about our second destination yesterday - San Francisco!

    We're looking forward to the Snacker's Delight tour of SF tomorrow (organized by the NEXTPEDITION team), but decided to surprise the Foodspotting team and work from the office today. Check out our quick video of today's unexpected visit and to see our sweet digs in San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood.

  • This summer, we began our search for the first round of Foodspotting Ambassadors. We had a good idea of who we were looking for: people who are creative, inspiring and magnetic, and who would motivate the Foodspotting community to come together over our common appreciation for food and discovery. What we did not realize, however, was the many forms that "great" could take.

    Our number of app downloads nearly doubled since we posted our call for ambassadors, but we're still a small team of ten. This made it all the more important for us to bring on ambassadors to help unite our growing worldwide community in person over food – just like Foodspotting was designed to do. It took some time, but, at last, we whittled a long list of qualified individuals down to ten. Please help us welcome these standouts who'll be repping Foodspotting from London to Seattle, and thanks to you guys for keeping us humble and hungry.

    Pictured above, from left to right...

    Philadelphia, PA: Alexis and Brian are two of our original eat-up organizers who started getting foodspotters together for World Foodspotting Day in January and haven't stopped since. They have hosted everything from picnics to hot dog crawls and afternoon tea gatherings to Sichuan feasts.

    Orlando, FL: Julius is a photographer and social media consultant for mobile food companies in Orlando. We met Julius for the first time when he was in NYC earlier this year; he, like many of us, works his travel itinerary around good food he wants to eat. He's led eat-ups in Turkish restaurants to dim sum outings, and next he'll lead a German eat-up in time for Oktoberfest! Julius is a true inspiration for those who love to explore the world through different cuisines.

    Washington, DC: Lisa is a multimedia pro and a runner who loves to cook. She's one of the sweetest people we've ever met via social media.

    Las Vegas, NV: Manya is an interactive marketing pro and longtime friend of Foodspotting. She's one of our first users and has been an unofficial ambassador since the beginning!

    Seattle, WA: Valentina is originally from Venezuela, but now lives in Seattle. She was one of the first foodspotters to weave her professional life as a food photographer into Foodspotting. Her vibrant personality is infectious.

    Boulder, CO (and beyond): Spence is a triathlete, traveler and connector. Despite his accomplishments, he's incredibly down-to-earth and works with an organization that aids underprivileged kids. There are not enough words to describe how cool Spence is.

    London, UK: Katherina is one of our newer users who just moved to London from Switzerland where she lived for three years. Her travel blog reminds us to take a holiday every now and then, and we're excited to follow along as she gets to know her new home city through Foodspotting!

    Chicago, IL: Rosalyn helps to bring new products to life for a large food company! She just entered culinary school so she's working full time and learning to cook professionally. We admire Rosalyn's commitment to making food a part of her life everyday in every way.

    Silicon Valley, CA Randy is kind of a big deal in the Foodspotting community. Though he's a busy professional in the health care field, he manages to make the time to upload all the incredible food he eats (3,780 dishes and counting), making him one of the most active members on our platform. Incredibly humble and friendly, we're lucky to welcome Randy as an ambassador officially.

    Our new ambassador team shows that no matter how diverse our interests, backgrounds and experiences, we're all looking for something good to eat, which inevitably brings us closer to those we break bread with. We hope to continually grow our ambassador program so if you or someone you know would be a good fit, send them our way. We'll be profiling each ambassador individually in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for more Foodspotting stories, eat-ups, contests and other ways for you to get involved with our global family.

    • over 6 years ago.
      Yep, someone has just GOT to cover the South. The American South had good cookin' way before cooking with fresh, local, ingredients became a fad! It's just a way of life, always has been. And if you were lucky enough to have a mom from Louisiana, you learned how to make a roux, courtboullion, and gravy before you could walk. I did! We need to honor those roots.
    • over 6 years ago.
      How about Phuket in Thailand (http://timinphuket-restaurants.blogspot.com/)?
    • over 6 years ago.
      I am up to cover Barcelona, I just joined, but I am an expert couchsurfer (I already organise many going out events) and I work for Salir.com (a website about restaurants in Spain) I cannot wait to foodspot my favourite places :)
    • over 6 years ago.
      If you're considering extending the ambassador program to Hawaii, please consider me. I tried clicking the " send them our way" link, but it did not go through. Thank you and Aloha
  • When our co-founders Alexa, Ted and Soraya were informed they'd be featured in Inc. magazine's 30 Under 30 special, we got the chance to get the three together in San Francisco for a photo shoot with photographer Lianne Milton.

    These pics didn't make it into the feature, but we felt they are too fun not to share. Take a peek at the slideshow below. To see more of Lianne's work, visit her blog. Her photos are amazing!

    Foodspotting for Inc Magazine - Images by Lianne Milton

    Posted by Amy Cao in Team on August 24, 2011
    • over 6 years ago.
      Thank you, Catalepsic! Lianne Milton, the photographer of this shoot, definitely did an amazing job.
    • over 6 years ago.
      Love these! Such a great spread. I can't wait to see the ones that made it to the feature and read it :-D
    • over 6 years ago.
      Thank you Valentina! You can read the feature online here: http://www.inc.com/30under30/2011/profile-alexa-andrzejewski-soraya-darabi-ted-grubb%20founders-foodspotting.html
    • over 6 years ago.
      Wish our outtakes looked like that - love the shot of your three founders in the food market & the one with their iPhones all over the food!
  • This week, we're throwing our second annual bicoastal shrimp and wine fest with our good friends Wok+Wine. As you can see, our San Francisco party was a blast! Thanks to Oriel Wines for providing delicious wine and keeping it flowing while professional wok-wrangler Peter fried 50 pounds of sizzling and perfectly seasoned shrimp. We ate with our hands, made new friends and got to see old ones. Thanks to everyone who came! We're still a little dazed from enjoying the unforgettable feast.

    Have friends in New York? Tell them to come to the New York leg of our bicoastal celebration happening tomorrow night. Click here for tickets.

    Photos courtesy of our own Chris Connolly. For more, check out Wok+Wine on Facebook.

  • The Foodspotting team has always known that our three co-founders, Alexa, Ted and Soraya are awesome. Of course, we also knew maybe we're just a little biased. This month, the trio is featured in Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30, confirming that they are indeed spectacular - and not just to us lucky few who get to work with them.

    Read about the thirty extraordinary young entrepreneurs on Inc.com and pick up the magazine at your local newsstand. Big congratulations to our co-founders and friends!

    WATCH this fun video of our founders who tell us about Foodspotting in their own words...

  • What's the best thing you've discovered with Foodspotting?

    If it weren't for Foodspotting, we might never have discovered dishes like lobster tacos, pie shakes, bacon apple maple donuts, Japanese curry pan and more. These are just a few of our team's favorite Foodspotting finds.

    We're making a video for a very special occasion and we want you to be a part of it! To help us get a sense of how Foodspotting has helped you discover new dishes, make a quick video (about 30 seconds) of yourself telling the world about one of the best things you've learned about using our site or app. The video doesn't have to be fancy - use the camera on your smartphone or point-and-shoot. That's what we do :)

    Bonus points if you are actually eating the food in your video; gold stars and virtual hugs for spotting with the Foodspotting app, too.

    Upload your videos here:
    Password: foodspotting

    Videos due on Monday, July 18th. Can't wait to see your discoveries!

    Posted by Amy Cao in Team on July 13, 2011
    • over 6 years ago.
      Looks yummy!
    • over 6 years ago.
      what time will you be closing off submissions?
    • over 6 years ago.
      Just read about this! Any chance of extending the submission deadline to later in the week? I'd love to make a video of me eating food!
    • over 6 years ago.
      Hey Adam and Tushar, if you want to send in videos, email them to team [at] foodspotting.com. If the file is too big, we'll give you another way to send them to us because the above link has been taken offline.