• Like we've said before, having such a small team means that we feel very much like a family - and it just so happens that Foodspotting's baby of the family is none other than Amy Cao aka Amy Blogs Chow, our resident expert video producer and community BFF.

    We've taken today's blog space and used it for the absolute best reason we can think of: to show you a little more of who Amy really is, and shed some light on why we all love her to bits.

    Help us wish Amy a very happy birthday!


    What's one thing that you want people to know about you?

    I am pretty good at remembering names and faces. I also really, really want a puppy.

    What's the most special food-related moment for you?

    Boston University is my alma mater, and I must say that we had a wonderful dining hall in West Campus. Food - HOT food - was available all day and as far as I and my pre-loaded dining card was concerned everything was free. OK, it wasn't free, but I did enjoy spending hours sampling food from the various stations after a full day of classes.

    And what was the most memorable dish you had during your samples?

    Monte Cristo! What a fancy name for a fried ham and cheese sandwich. Also, pureed butternut squash. After trying it once, I began looking for it every year around Thanksgiving. They must have added a lot of sugar to it, it was so sweet - like dessert.

    What about favourite dish/most memorable meal period?

    Favorite dish of all time? May I just list my favorite foods? If you follow me on Foodspotting, you'll see I eat many almond croissants and love banana desserts, pork chops, brunch foods, lattes, cheeseburgers, cupcakes, deviled eggs (follow my guide), and sushi!

    You've done tons of traveling - what was life changing?

    Getting hit by a car in Athens, Greece during a trip there six years ago and spending three months lying on my back in a hospital bed there. The gentleman who hit me actually shares the same birth date as me, so today is his birthday too, actually. It was an interesting three months, but I made a full recovery and the kindness shown to me during that time by the people I met will always stay with me.

    Well, we're all super glad you're okay! Any major revelations, life lessons, words to live by that you decided on during that time?

    Of course - many, but the one that immediately comes to mind is: The only constant thing is change, so the bad often will pass, but so will the good. Don't take anything for granted, as they say.

    And car-crash free, where in the world will Amy Cao end up next?

    I'm planning to travel around Italy this summer. Hopefully Southeast Asia and Melbourne, Australia are on the horizon, too.

    If you weren't Foodspotting, what would you be doing?

    I was writing about food before Foodspotting, so I imagine I would still be working in a food-related field if I was not working at Foodspotting. That said, I feel lucky to work with my team. It's lonely going at it - even something you really love - alone.

    Most dangerous feat you've ever accomplished?

    I don't like danger, so I avoid it at all costs. I kinda don't want to get hit by a car again.

    Pet peeve?

    People who are rude to waiters! Rude people in general.

    Okay, on to happy things - favourite songs to dance to?

    My new favorite song is "Club Can't Handle Me" by Flo Rida. It's from the Step Up 3D soundtrack, so it's very much an acquired taste unless you're great, in which case you'll love it right away.

    Photo taken in the back of a pickup truck in Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador.

    Posted by Fiona Tang in Team on March 21, 2011
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Happy Birthday Amy! We're lucky to have you! Looking forward to seeing what you eat next!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Happy birthday, fellow Aries! All the best for you, chica!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      What a nice profile of Amy! I hope everyone takes a moment from posting and reads this blog entry.
    • almost 7 years ago.
      I feel hugged :) Thank you so much for your birthday wishes, everyone!
  • You plan for months, register for permits, team up with a great co-host, rally together Austin's best food trucks, get the word out, and pray for a sun-filled day. Still, even with all that preparation, you don't really know what will happen until it does.

    Yesterday, the whole team woke up before anyone else in Austin to set the stage for the Foodspotting SXSW Street Food Fest, presented by BlackBerry aka one of the most anticipated food events at this year's interactive festival. There we met up with our co-hosts, BlackBerry, who brought along tons of goodies, like their soon-to-be released PlayBook, and BlackBerry phones for the winners of our Secret Menu Scavenger Hunt.

    Gates opened at 11am and from that moment on, the incoming stream of people didn't stem until the event ended at 4pm. Put it this way – we were hoping for 1,000 attendees. By the end of the day, we counted nearly 4,000 people.

    We still have a video and more photos to come, but we just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to eat and say hello to us and our partner BlackBerry, who we also cannot thank enough for working with us to produce an unforgettable food fest!

    Photo taken from far, far away so you can't see the weight we gained this week.

    Posted by Amy Cao in Team on March 13, 2011
    • about 7 years ago.
      Thanks Amy and Team Foodspotting for an awesome event! Amazing food (especially the chicken and waffle tacos from Lucky J's)! Looking forward to the photos!
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Amy and team, great job on the event! I have to say that our favorite was the Korean BBQ truck. We filmed a video of the event. Amy, your guest appearance made the cut! http://www.location3.com/sxsw-food-truck-meetup
    • almost 7 years ago.
      Indeed. This web page is really interesting, most especially for the different delicious photos that being displayed here. I am looking forward for the next excellent photos. Keep posting!
    • 4 months ago.
  • I walked into Bar Stuzzichini last Friday night with damp palms, feeling anxious. Did I forget something? Would there be enough standing room at the bar? What if nobody showed up?

    It was Foodspotting's inaugural Foodspotting First Friday – our first attempt to rally the Foodspotting troops for monthly eat-ups. As our startup's head of social media, I felt it was my duty to make it happen in New York. So I tweeted and I blogged and I let everyone know on Facebook. I made my boyfriend promise to stop by just in case I ended up at the bar spotting fried Italian rice balls by myself.

    After the heartwarming success of World Foodspotting Day – 100 eat-ups happened across 25 countries for Foodspotting's 1st birthday! – it made sense to make these eat-ups official. So we created a Meetup page where foodspotters can find an existing eat-up or host their own in cities everywhere. This has worked spectacularly well for some, like our Philly-based foodspotters who got together for dim sum in February and are meeting again this coming Wednesday for burgers! (Details on Geekadelphia.)

    Turns out, I needn't have worried so much. As soon as I heaved open Bar Stuzzichini's doors, there were already four of you guys there. Shortly after, two super sweet foodspotters visiting from Nashville introduced themselves, and over the two-hour gathering, over thirty people showed up, including a new foodspotter who had just moved to New York a week ago. Turns out, eat-ups are a pretty good way to meet new friends.

    A huge thank you to everyone who took part in Foodspotting First Friday! If you didn't make it last week, join the next one or start a cool Foodspotting crew of your own on our Meetup page. Let us know, too, so we can help you get the word out.

    Photos courtesy of Desmond Chow in New York City and Kim Ahlström in San Francisco.

    Posted by Amy Cao in Team on March 09, 2011
    • about 7 years ago.
      So much fun!!! Thanks for organizing!
    • about 7 years ago.
      :0 I missed it. That looks so delicious. Need to go next time!
    • about 7 years ago.
      I wish I could've made it! Next time! :-D
    • about 7 years ago.
      We need this in Toronto!