• Hi everyone,

    Fiona here, writing my very first newsletter. I am excited to announce two amazing guides launching today on Foodspotting: One features hundreds of places in the US that you can get FREE DESSERTS, TODAY ONLY and the other is a fun way to win an awesome cookbook!

    Get free desserts today, 9/15, to celebrate Just Desserts Day! Follow this guide to find desserts near you. Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts premieres today at 11pm/10c. You can celebrate by enjoying sweet treats today from over 200 participating bakeries and retailers nationwide. Be sure to spot what you try!

    Win the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook by completing their photo contest. All you have to do is follow their guide here and be one of the first five to submit photos from the cookbook categories, and this mouth-watering cookbook AND 2 tickets to the Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting will be yours!

    New at Foodspotting HQ

    Our Android app is in the works and on its way. We know all our Android users have been anxiously waiting its arrival - appreciate your patience as we build a rocking app for you as quick as we can.

    In case you haven’t yet seen, we recently moved into our headquarters in San Francisco’s SoMa district - take a look at our brief tour video to see where we now live.

    This fun video couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for our lovely resident food blogger and smiles generator, Amy Cao of Amy Blogs Chow and creator of Stupidly Simple Snacks. Amy and I will be combining our powers to bring you more food-related fun in the near future.

    As always, keep spotting great foods around you, and do get in touch if you have feedback to share.

    Thanks so much!

    Fiona & Team Foodspotting

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  • Our New Home!

    Two weeks ago, the Foodspotting team moved into a new office in San Francisco’s SoMa district complete with huge windows, open kitchen area for our daily feasts - dubbed Cafe Foodspotting - and a cozy upstairs lounge area. It’s starting to come together and we’re absolutely loving it here. Check out Foodspotting HQ, our new home!

  • Our New Home

    Lately, it’s been week after week of great news here at Foodspotting, and this week is no different. The Foodspotting team just moved into our new offices. It’s a lovely live/work loft space in San Francisco’s SoMa district (3rd and Brannan) equipped with a nice kitchen - perfect for our future eat-ups.

    Yesterday, the team packed up our belongings from Ohai, where we have been living for the last several weeks, and moved a few blocks away into our new home. After our Co-founder and CEO Alexa’s six-hour IKEA expedition, assembly of all of our desks, and multiple other furniture/installation adventures, we were nearly close to being settled in yesterday - but not without some sidewalk vandalism first to announce our arrival (see below). This is an exciting step for us as a company: Just shy of our first birthday, we have an official headquarters!

    Stay tuned for our tour video. Very special thanks to Ohai for taking us under their wings while we were on our space search.

    Until next time,

    Posted by Fiona Tang in News on August 30, 2010
  • Update to Foodspotting 2.0 just hit iTunes (2.0.1) and is even featured under Location Based Apps! Be first to get the update, and please help us out by rating it again (every update resets the ratings to lifetime average).

    Update to Foodspotting 2.0 just hit iTunes (2.0.1) and is even featured under Location Based Apps! Be first to get the update, and please help us out by rating it again (every update resets the ratings to lifetime average).


  • How excited are we that we’re partnering with Travel Channel’s No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain? I can’t even put into words. Starting this week, No Reservations has unveiled a great promo (yes, we’re on TV!) for its guides on Foodspotting. Check out the video above and follow Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations on the Foodspotting guides: http://www.foodspotting.com/noreservations/

    And if this wasn’t enough to celebrate, TIME Magazine placed Foodspotting on its 50 Best Websites of 2010 list. We’re so honored to be featured in the social media category next to companies we highly respect - Gowalla, LinkedIn, StockTwits and Tumblr.

    It’s certainly been an amazing month for the team here at Foodspotting. Three big cheers - hip hip hooray!


    Posted by Fiona Tang in News on August 24, 2010
  • As some of you may have seen if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, I’m Fiona and I just joined this week as the new Community Lead. I’m super excited to be part of such a great team. I’ve been following Foodspotting’s growth since they launched, love the team dearly and am really excited for all the fun stuff to come.

    Just a few things about me:
    - I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia
    - My favourite Aussie foods are the good old meat pie, and a chicken kebab with cheese, garlic sauce, hummus and tabouli
    - Foods I don’t ever want live without include bread, hot dogs, duck, and creme brulee
    - Fave meal of day is breakfast/brunch

    You’ll be hearing from me across the board, and hoping to get a chance to meet some of you over the course of the next weeks and months.

    In the meantime, feel free to follow me on Foodspotting.com/fiona or Twitter at @yayfiona.


    Posted by Fiona Tang in News on August 19, 2010
  • Ted, Soraya, Marc, Fiona and I have been too busy to eat here at Foodspotting HQ, but it’s finally time to celebrate, because Foodspotting 2.0 is here at last! Be the first to…

    Download Foodspotting 2.0 from the iTunes Store: (And yes, the Android app is finally under development, too!) We’ve completely overhauled the design and code to make finding and sharing food recommendations a more intelligent, social and beautiful experience. Read more about what’s new…

    Let us know what you think of the new website: Explore foods near you using our Giant Foodmap, show off your food sightings in a new blog-style profile and get more comments and reactions to your food sightings via this streamlined redesign.

    Follow expert guides from the Travel Channel, Zagat, Marcus Samuelsson and others: We’re especially excited about the No Reservations collection, because we admittedly like to eat where Anthony Bourdain eats. Check out the Travel Channel guide to 100 things Anthony Bourdain has tried around the world and celebrate his 100th Episode airing September 6, 2010!

    We hope you’ll enjoy the new iPhone app, website and guides! Let us know how we can keep making Foodspotting the easiest way to find and share food recommendations.

    Thanks so much!

    Alexa & Team Foodspotting


    Today’s Press Release: Foodspotting 2.0 iPhone App Launches with Travel Channel, Zagat, Marcus Samuelsson & Others

  • If it weren’t for okonomiyaki, there would be no Foodspotting, and if it weren’t for No Reservations, I might never have learned about okonomyaki. So we all have Anthony Bourdain and the Travel Channel to thank for making Foodspotting possible in the first place!

    I fell in love with hard-to-find foods on a trip to Osaka, Japan, where I sampled okonomiyaki & takoyaki, which I first learned about from Tony’s Osaka episode. I returned to San Francisco craving these foods, only to find there was no easy way to look up or rate specific dishes. So I set out to create a way for people to learn about new dishes and find them locally, and thus, Foodspotting was born.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I still always I want to know what Tony’s eaten near me. (Here’s me at Koyoshi Sushi on my last trip to Japan…)

    And that wish has finally become reality with today’s big announcement:

    Travel Channel has partnered with Foodspotting to make recommendations from No Reservations available to me & you via location-based guides on Foodspotting. The first guide they’ve created is quite a masterpiece - 100 foods from around the world to celebrate the 100th episode which means you should be able to launch Foodspotting in any city Bourdain has been to on No Reservations and see the closest foods he’s tried. Not only that, but you can also share your own experiences with Tony & fans by posting photos to Foodspotting.

    Because Foodspotting is all about sharing food experiences, I can’t imagine a better partner to launch our guides platform with than the Travel Channel & No Reservations.

    Follow the Travel Channel on Foodspotting — we can’t wait to see how many of Tony’s recommendations you’ve tried!