• Sometimes it’s more fun to eat with a group, which is why we’re happy to share three opportunities for Foodspoting eaters around the world.

    SACRAMENTO: Join Munchie Musings at the The Republic on Wednesday, October 24, 2012 from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Featuring grub from Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen, you’re in for a totcho-toiting, mac ‘n cheese ball bundle of goodness. Not only that, they may have have a sample of the Twisted Sunday Brunch menu.

    SYDNEY: Get to know Parramatta with the help of Crave Sydney International Food Festival. On Thursday evening, October 25th at 7 PM, Sydney Foodspotters are visiting Parramatta Lanes together to cruise the food stalls, listen to live music, and explore the hidden pedestrian laneways. Join the fun by RSVPing on the Facebook event page.

    ORLANDO: From mango sticky rice to savory curry puffs, taste Thailand at this month’s Orlando eatup. Join Ambassador Droolius at NaraDeva Thai Restaurant on Friday, October 26th at 7:30 PM. RSVP on the Facebook event page to say you’ll be there.

    Recently spotted: Totchos at Republic Bar & Grill by LarryConlin

    Posted by April in Eatups on October 22, 2012
  • Have you heard of Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki or Kushikatsu? I grew up in Pittsburgh, where I was a Pierogi and Primanti Brothers Expert, and while my adventurous parents did their best to expand my horizons by feeding me everything from Egg Foo Young to Liver & Onions, there were so many dishes I simply couldn't find in Pittsburgh or even the US at all. So, as you may have heard by now, I started Foodspotting when a trip to Osaka, Japan opened my eyes to how many dishes I'd never heard of before.

    Since then, I've discovered so many dishes using our redesigned apps -- from Dosas to Doubles -- but discovering dishes using our website has never been quite as easy. So we set out to change that this summer. Today, we're excited to announce our first web redesign since August 2010, which not only unifies the site and apps, but enables you to slice and dice over 2.5M dishes in all kinds of ways.

    Be sure to try...

    Share your discoveries!

    These are just a few of the great finds our team has been exchanging all summer, and we can't wait to see what you discover! We'll feature your best finds as #dishoftheday.

    1. Set your location or pan & zoom the map to adjust it.
    2. Search for whatever you're craving by dish or by restaurant.
    3. Share your favorite finds on Twitter or Facebook, right from the header, using the hashtag #dishoftheday on Twitter or mentioning @Foodspotting on facebook!

    But what happened to ___?

    In addition to reimagining the foodseeking experience, we've redesigned every other page of the site to make your photos shine and draw attention to what matters most: It’s all about the food. This means some features have been simplified or shuffled around, which we realize may take some getting used to. But in the end, we hope you'll enjoy less clutter and MORE FOOD as much as we do! (Hint: Your Dashboard Feed, Guides and People all can be found under “Share”)

    Still can't find something? Have questions or thoughts? We're here to answer and listen!
    Visit our Redesign FAQ & Feedback Forum »

    • over 1 year ago.
      Unfortunately when I post on foodspotting and try to sync to foursquare from my phone it doesn't work. Only if I use my computer. And yes, I'm checking the foursquare box to indicate the share. Is this just a bug? Anyone else having the same problem? I find myself wasting time posting the same thing twice when I would rather be enjoying my meal and night out. Thoughts?
    • 12 months ago.
      The new iPhone app for iOS 7 is a step back. The look is colder and less food associated. Usability has decreased. More clicks and more scrolling is required. Things like "liked, tried or loved" are hidden in a deeper menus. Please go back or revise the new app.
    • 12 months ago.
      The new iPhone app for iOS 7 is a step back. The look is colder and less food associated. Usability has decreased. More clicks and more scrolling is required. Things like "liked, tried or loved" are hidden in a deeper menus. Please go back or revise the new app.
    • 5 months ago.
      It would be great to see all your submissions all at once instead of one by one. For example, seeing the photos like in a grid for easier viewing on whether you posted them or not. Maybe even being able to sort them by restaurants so you know if you already took a picture of that item.
  • Just when we think we’ve heard it all, another astounding, delectable dish pops up and teaches us that there is more food in this world than one person can know. To celebrate that fact, and to push ourselves to learn more and try everything, we’re starting a new feature—Dish of the Day.

    How will we go about finding all the worthy dishes? With your help, of course! All you need to nominate the next Dish of the Day feature is just the proper hashtag, #Dishoftheday, and a Foodspotting URL! That’s it.

    How to nominate the next Dish of the Day

    TWITTER: Tweet a Foodspotting link and #DishoftheDay with your nomination.

    FACEBOOK: Post a link of the dish on our Facebook wall.

    TUMBLR: Tumble your Dish of the Day nomination on Tumblr and use #DishoftheDay.

    INSTAGRAM: Next time you Instagram a particularly worthy #food image, nominate it as #DishoftheDay.

    PINTEREST: When you’re pinning food to boards on Pinterest, add a #DishoftheDay to the description to nominate something noteworthy.

    GOOGLE+: Share the Foodspotting link on Google+ and tag it as #DishoftheDay.

    Not one for social networks? Then just let us know anytime in this handy Google Form.

    What to nominate

    Here's what we we're looking for:
    - the unsung heros of Foodspotting
    - beautiful photographs
    - interesting or unique dishes
    - dishes from new, notable, rising restaurants and chefs
    - colorful dishes with a history or fascinating story

    We’ll feature a Dish of the Day twice a week, so keep your eyes peeled and send the good stuff our way. Com’mon, let’s celebrate food discovery with a Dish of the Day—spectacular new dishes for you to crave.

    Photos (top left then clockwise): Belgian Waffle from BICCCS by Oliver Jansson, Monkfish, Pork Fat, Spiced Pear from Vue de Monde by omggimmenow, Sweet Surrender from Cold Layers by C&C&C, and Laksa from 928 Yishun Laksa by WL Goh

    Posted by April in Spotlight on October 10, 2012
  • No matter if it's hosted at a major metro food event or a low-key meal at a restaurant, eatups are a great way to get to know Foodspotters around you. Here are two events happening in DC and Philly.

    Washington D.C. shines not just as the nation’s capital but also for the diverse food community. This weekend, the Taste of DC shows off 50 local restaurants and food trucks and beverage-makers. And where there is food and drink, there will also be a Foodspotting eatup! Look for Ambassador Lisa Mathis in a Foodspotting tee on Sunday, October 7th at 1 pm by the 11th Street entrance. RSVP on Facebook so she knows to look out for you.

    It is time for a Philadelphia Foodspotting Eatup at Sammy Chon's K-Town BBQ on Wednesday, October 10th! Join nearby food lovers and Ambassador Brian Lim for a 4-course menu of assorted kimchi, hot Korean appetizers, Korean BBQ and soup. Reserve your spot at the table on Eventbrite.

    Photos: Grilled Corn at Taste of D.C. 2011 by DansFoodPix, and Dolsot Bibimbap With Pork from Sammy Chon's KTown BBQ by Percy N

    Posted by April in Eatups on October 05, 2012
  • Central Floridians, experience the magic of hot pots this Sunday afternoon during a Sunday afternoon Orlando eatup. Join ambassador Droolius and other Foodspotters as they dunk and cook their way through seafood, meat and vegetables prepared in a hot pot.

    Don’t let an experience quite like this pass you by — RSVP on Facebook to let them know you’ll be there.

    Photos: Udon Dumpling Mushroom Veggie Craziness from Hotto Potto by Tanya Tibbets, and Chicken, Pork Dumpling, Egg Noodle, Bok Choy, Shiitake, And Scallion Soup from Hotto Potto by Terence Jay Fines

    Posted by April in Eatups on September 28, 2012
  • Contrary to the name, Oktoberfest starts much sooner than October. In fact, the 16-day festival kicked off Saturday. The main fairground is Munich’s “die Wiesn”— or for English speakers, The Meadow—but cities around the world host their own boisterous celebration. Whether you’re headed to the big event or to one closer to home, seek out the best hearty Oktoberfest food using our handy guide.

    1. Bratwurst (Pork Sausage)
    No Oktoberfest celebration is complete without sausage. Bratwurst, a German staple since old times, is made of seasoned, chopped meat in casing which is then grilled or pan fried. Not always served with a bun, bratwurst can be a standalone dish, topped off with onion and mustard. While sampling sausage, try the ghostly Bavarian specialty, Weisswurst, a white sausage made with veal, bacon, and parsley. See where Bratwurst has been spotted near you.
    2. Steckerlfisch (Fish)
    Steckerlfisch is a long name for fish on a stick. Made with a some variety of white fish, it is seasoned with spices and oil, placed on a fire and roasted until crispy.See where Steckerlfisch has been spotted near you.
    3. Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle)
    Schweinshaxe is a classic Bavarian dish. To make the succulent pork knuckle, it’s boiled, then baked. The final result is knobby pork bone covered in a crisp, crackly skin. It is often accompanied by a side dish or two like sauerkraut, Knödel, a doughy noodle ball, and topped with gravy. If you like the sound of the sides but not the bone, instead get Schweinebraten, roast pork slices. See where Schweinshaxe have been spotted near you.
    4. Hendl (Roast Chicken)
    You know what to order if you want beef or pork, but if you prefer something feathered, don’t miss the Hendl at Oktoberfest. Germany does roast chicken right. See where Hendl has been spotted near you.

    5. Brezlen (Pretzel)
    When you’re between meals or wants something to wash down that liter, grab an enormous pretzel. This knotted treat is made from sturdy bread that’s flecked with salt on the outside. Served with butter? That’s a Butterbrezel. You could also enjoy the Bavarian delicacy Obatzda with your pretzel. It’s a creamy herb cheese spread. See where Brezlen have been spotted near you.

    6. Käsespätzle (Cheese Spatzle)
    Rounding out this collection of rich foods is cheesy spatzle. If you love mac and cheese, get a friend to help you eat a bowl of the ultra-rich Käsespätzle. See where Käsespätzle have been spotted near you.
    7. Lebkuchenherzen (Gingerbread)
    On your way out, pick up a souvenir for your sweetie. Lebkuchenherzen is made from gingerbread but is intended more for decoration than eating. Think: conversation hearts for the beer-swigging, Schweinshaxn-consuming masses. See where Lebkuchenherzen has been spotted near you.

    There you have it—over a half dozen foods to eat in between the drinking songs and toasting. Have you been to an Oktoberfest celebration? What’s your favorite food from the festivities? If we missed it, let us know!

    • almost 2 years ago.
      We were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy Munich and Oktoberfest sonme years ago and chose a tent with only 50,000 of our closest friends. We found out how small this globe really is when we sat right next to people who knew people we knew back in Biloxi, Mississippi. So we had instant conversation along with a liter or two of brew. I did not fare well as I had a half liter too many and my wife drug me on a roller coaster, cementing my evening in the Marriott bathroom later on. Would not trade the experience for the world. Love Haxen.
    • almost 2 years ago.
      Bratwurst is my favorite food
    • almost 2 years ago.
      In Stuttgart they have Volksfest, which is their Oktoberfest, the half chicken is great, I almost think better than the Munich chicken. Also, you can get Langos, which are fried pizza dough, that you can get with various toppings, one of my favorite things at fest.
  • For people who fancy film noir, pinot noir, and tarte au chocolat noir, we have the ultimate Movies to Dine For giveaway — two $250 Festival Passes to The Napa Valley Film Festival. During November 7-11, 2012, the festival showcases the best of independent films, foods and wines from the heart of California's wine country.

    Every time you spot a dish from a participating restaurant between September 25 and October 25, you'll receive one entry to win two $250 Festival Passes to the Napa Valley Film Festival.

    For the list of participating restaurants, follow Napa Valley Film Festival's Guides and browse the list below. Read the official rules for all details.

    - Alexis Baking Co.
    - All Seasons Bistro
    - Annie The Baker at Ritual Coffee Roasters
    - Annie The Baker at Napa Style
    - barolo
    - Bistro Jeanty
    - Bistro Sabor
    - Brannan's Grill
    - Bosko's Trattoria
    - Ca' Momi
    - Cafe Sarafornia
    - Calistoga Kitchen
    - Calistoga Roastery
    - Calistoga Village Bakery
    - Carpe Diem Wine Bar
    - Checker's Restaurant
    - Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen
    - Cindy Pawlcyn's Wood Grill & Wine Bar
    - Compadres Rio Grille
    - Eiko's
    - Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch
    - Fatted Calf
    - Hog Island Oysters
    - Hurley's Restaurant and Bar
    - Hydro Grill
    - JoLe: Farm to Table
    - Kara's Cupcakes
    - La Condesa
    - Lucy Restaurant & Bar at Bardessono Hotel
    - Market
    - Model Bakery
    - Model Bakery
    - Molinari Caffe
    - Mustard's Grill
    - Oenotri
    - Pacifico Restaurante Mexicano
    - Palisades Deli Cafe
    - Redd Wood
    - Tarla Mediterranean Grill

    • almost 2 years ago.
      Love that the app now shows these announcements!
    • almost 2 years ago.
    • almost 2 years ago.
      pretty cool http://www.quotesdaddy.com/user/musyafak
  • We're happy to report that we teamed up with one of our favourites, Serious Eats, to highlight a few of our super powers: our ability to make you hungry, and our ability to help point you to interesting foods from around the world via the shared knowledge base of our community.

    Each month on Serious Eats, Team Foodspotting will showcase some of these dishes eaten and enjoyed by you all, the Foodspotting community. Today, a selection of Asian dishes that will satisfy your need for noodles. See all 11 in the slideshow >>

    What are some noodle dishes we missed?Let us know by adding them to our collaborative guide - and stay tuned for more of our food field guides in Serious Eats!