• D.C. Foodspotters, join Ambassador Lisa Mathis and the RUNIN Out crew for an evening of Italian food on Thursday, September 20, 2012 from 6:30pm until 9:00pm.

    The Italian eatery Vapiano Chinatown will also several menu items for you to sample. RSVP on Facebook to let them know you’ll be there. Mangia, mangia!

    Photo: Pizza Caprese from Vapiano Chinatown spotted by DansFoodPix(Obi Wan Cannoli)

    Posted by April in Eatups on September 17, 2012
  • Get out of the house and meet your fellow Foodspotters! Good food and fun awaits you at these events across the country.

    Eatup in Kansas City

    Join Foodspotter Elaine at noon on Sunday, September 16th for an eatup at Bangkok Pavilion in Overland Park. Enjoy a taste of Thai and have a fried dumpling or hot and sour soup with your neighbor. Find more details, RSVP and see who else is going on the Meetup.com event page.

    Foodspotting Month at Atwood Cafe

    Chicago's own Atwood Cafe is celebrating you, the Foodspotting community, during Foodspotting Month! Dine at the restaurant between September 15th until October 15th, spot at least one item, show your waiter, and you get 20% off the bill. Reserve the best seat in the house, the Foodspotting Table, for a little extra TLC from the chef and the best lighting in the restaurant. Bonus: if 100 Foodspotters participate, they'll do a random drawing and someone will win dinner for four on the house! Chicagoans, tell your people.

    Toronto Underground Market Celebrates

    The Toronto Underground Market is throwing a particularly big bash for their upcoming anniversary on September 30th. Tickets are on sale now with a good chance of selling-out, so don’t dally. Once you're there, spot anything and you'll be in the running to win something special from Foodspotting + Toronto Underground Market.

    An SF Bay Area Double Header

    Foodspotting is hosting not one but two incredible eatups over the next two weekends! First up is Oakland’s Eat Real Fest on Saturday afternoon, September 21st. Then join us the following weekend, Friday night at Split Bread inside San Francisco’s Metreon. We have more, much more, information coming today so stay tuned.

    Photo: Lettuce Wrap at Bangkok Pavilion by Elaine, the Eggs Benedict Trio from Atwood Cafe by Chris Connolly, Pepporonata Popover from Toronto Underground Market by Chops

    Posted by April in Eatups on September 14, 2012
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      I'm gonna be at the Eat Real Fest on that Sunday, can't wait!
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      Love the app, but i'm from Guatemala and here people uses Foursquare a lot, I can find a lot of things using fsq but i would completely love foodspotting if existed an integration with fsq venues to find and spot dishes, more quickly and with more reliable location using fsq.
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      wow. very impressive.
  • From the bay to the pacific ocean, it’s time for our first San Francisco Bay Area double header. We’re hosting not one but two incredible eatups over the next two weekends! First up is Oakland’s Eat Real Fest on Saturday afternoon, September 22nd. Join us the following weekend, on Friday night, September 28th at Split Bread inside San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center.

    Foodspotting + Eat Real Fest: Photo Contest

    Oakland’s annual Eat Real Fest is their homage to eating, making and growing good food — and we’re having an eatup! Join us at 1:00 pm on Saturday, September 22nd next to the giant telescope on the boardwalk and Scott's Restaurant. From there, we’ll enjoy one of the numerous street food vendors, quench our thirst with locally made beverages or maybe even learn something at the food skills demos. As an added Eatup Bonus: we’ll have free Foodspotting t-shirts on hand! RSVP on Facebook to let us know you're coming.

    During the eatup we’ll also be spotting things for the Eat Real Fest 2012 photo contest! Even if you can’t make the eatup, anyone can enter — just spot something at the Eat Real Fest 2012 and you could win delicious prizes. On the following Tuesday, we'll select one grand prize winner based on photo quality and number of "Great Shots!" from friends (so be sure to share on Facebook and Twitter!) to receive an Eat Real Fest Gift Bag. We'll also select winners from each of the following categories to receive Eat Real and Foodspotting tshirts: 1. Most Hunger-Inducing; 2. Most Unusual; 3. Most OaklanDish.

    Foodspotting + Split Bread: Free Grub!

    From the founders of Mixt Greens, Split Bread wants to give you an unbeatable sandwich or rotisserie dinner, thanks to their newly launched dinner service. Before you head home from the office on Friday, September 28th, swing by their convenient location (4th and Mission St.) between 6:00 - 8:00 pm for a bite to eat. If you're a Foodspotter, order off their new dinner menu via their nifty QR codes and your meal is on the house. Pair the eatup with a movie at the nearby Metreon? Sounds like the perfect Friday night out! Does that sound too good to resist? RSVP on Facebook and to let us know you'll be there!

    Photos: Spicy Mac n Cheese from Eat Real Festival by Verlisia and Split Roasted Leg of Lamb Sando from Split Bread by Pixelboy

    Posted by April in Eatups on September 14, 2012
  • When we launched our Facebook Timeline app earlier this year, we loved that we could finally see all of the interesting things our friends were wanting, trying and loving on Foodspotting. In fact, we were finding so many great dishes via Facebook that we began to crave this capability in Foodspotting.

    So in the spirit of helping people discover even more great dishes, as well as making Foodspotting more interesting for those of you who don't photograph food or don't have friends who do, we're excited to introduce The New Activity Feed for iPhone and Android (and coming soon to web and mobile web -- let us know if you want to beta test!).

    The dishes people Want, Try and Love appear as lightweight entries that you can act on too:

    And the dishes people Spot appear as full entries, complete with comments and compliments:

    We realize that for our top users, this may feel like a dramatic change (and we're exploring ways to help super users manage any information overload). But we hope that for both foodspotters and foodseekers alike, The New Activity Feed will open up a whole new world of great dishes to discover.

    Download the latest updates to give it a try, and if you haven't already, let us know what you think! Send us a note to tell us about any bugs, and if you discover something particularly interesting via the new feed, tweet it using the tag #feedfinds!

    P.S. Not following anyone interesting yet? May we suggest some of our friends, like Chow, BlackBoard Eats, and musician Mayer Hawthorne?

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      Dear Alexa: I truly enjoy FS and have spent quite a bit of time on it since I joined. I am following 450+ food spotters from all corner of the globe and I enjoy the dialogue with a my spotter friends; and I do try to view all their new postings. But for whatever reasons that people want & love certain food or spot or giving friends points, it is now showing up on the activities screen (which used to be the "following" screen) and with me following 450+ people it takes forever for me to get past the wants & loves to get to the new spots which I am most intrested in and I'm confident a lot of my FS friends feel the same. So if you can separate the "wants & loves" into a separate screen and the spots in dedicate screen (like before) - for both the activities and the profile section, this Food Spotter will be so grateful. Since I updagraded my iPhone, I have stop using it because it is too slow and too cluttered with all the "loves & wants" which BTW I can barely see the food pictures and make out what they are. It also makes the "loved & wanted" food pictures on phone screen appear very small, cluttered and trivial. So I stop using my phone FS app. I apreciate your time & consideration. Let's go on with our Yummilicious adventure:-D
    • over 5 years ago.
      Tom Doran is spot on! FS is my favourite mobile app however not so much since the update.....I agree with suggestions he has made to ensure FS continues to be fantastic for time poor prolific mobile users. Kudos to FS for seeking feedback & striving to be an ongoing fabulous experience/addiction for worldwide food lovers :)
    • about 5 years ago.
      Well put by one of the members that provides the community a positive experience~
  • Sacramento and Sydney-dwellers, two notable Foodspotting eatups are happening in your cities this week!

    Northern Californians in the Sacramento-area, join Munchie Musings at Red Rabbit on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM for librations and yummy treats. RSVP on the Eventbrite page to let them know you’re coming.

    Our Foodspotters down under are having an anniversary eatup to celebrate their very first get-together. Hooray! Join your fellow eaters for Indonesian at Pondok on Sunday, August 31st 7:00 pm. If you can’t turn down the opportunity to drink Es Campur and nom Terong Balado, RSVP on the Facebook Event page.

    Sad these eatups aren’t happening nearby? Have an eatup in your town! Learn how to host an eatup.

    Pondok’s Es Campur was spotted by The Very Hungry Katerpilla while Red Rabbit’s Loco Moco was spotted by Rodney.

    Posted by April in Eatups on August 27, 2012
  • Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a dip, Philadelphia. Foodspotting Philly is gathering Tuesday, August 20th to enjoy a special $35 three-course tasting menu at The Melting Pot - City Center. It’s just $10 to hold your spot, so RSVP and register for a seat on Eventbrite.

    If you’re not in Philadelphia, get in on the action in your own town by entering The Melting Pot’s The Fondue Effect giveaway. You could win a $100 Melting Pot gift card — read Spot to Win: Dip into the Melting Pot for more details on how to enter.

    Photo: Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue at The Melting Pot by Jason Fondue

    Posted by April in Eatups on August 20, 2012
  • You don't have to ask us twice to go check out good food, good wine, and top San Francisco chefs and restaurants - twist our arm, why don't you. We had the great pleasure of attending the SF Chefs Grand Tasting Tent earlier in the month, which boasts a superb lineup of the SF Bay Area food scene. The festivities surrounding SF Chefs start every year at the end of July and are designed to showcase the city's food and wine talent.

    Our only problem was we made the rookie move of eating breakfast. Have no fear - we did not let a slightly full stomach stop us from enjoying delicious samplings from the likes of Credo, La Mar, Murray Circle, Viognier and much more. The event was bustling and there was a solid vibe of excitement buzzing through the canopy. All the vendors clearly had as much fun as the attendees did. We even caught glimpses of Celebrity Chefs Martin Yan and Marcus Samuelsson.

    We highly recommend checking out SF Chefs next year if you get the chance. And for your continued SF Chefs fix, follow SF Chefs on Foodspotting to get a taste of the great food involving participating restaurants outside of the event.

  • Editor's Note: There is nothing quite like a refreshing cold beer in the summer, are we right? That's why today's spotlight sends us to DC where Lisa Mathias, our DC Ambassador, hosted a Foodspotting Eatup and Drinkup at the sold-out Drink the District event. Take a look at her recap below.

    It was a scorching-hot July weekend, but crowds of DC, Maryland and Virginia residents gathered in the Mt. Vernon Square neighborhood on July 28th for Drink the District, a first-time event held by the folks who hold Taste of DC. Drink the District gave local Foodspotters a discount to take advantage of the 40 breweries on hand for a casual "drinkup." Attendees were given their own small beer mug to use for unlimited tastings of beers, like Dogfish Head, based out of nearby Delaware, as well as Belgian ale makers Brewery Ommegang.

    Several foodtrucks were also at Drink the District to provide more solid sustenance to go along with the flowing beer. Trucks like Carnivore BBQ and DC Slices were slinging barbecue and pizza, José Andres' Pepe served Spanish sandwiches, and Sinplicity and Goodie's DC handled desserts with artisanal ice cream and custard to help cool off in the heat.

    Drink the District also had the block party vibe going on, including local bands and games like corn hole and flip cup. The Nats Truck was even on hand to dole out prizes. Seeing how fun this first year of Drink the District was, we're already looking forward to doing another "drinkup" next year!

    Photos: Turtle Pecan Escape from Goodie's DC and Woodchuck Pear Cider by Lisa Mathias