Gourmet Live: New York City Hotspots

Gourmet Live · Top 10 Guide · created about 7 years ago

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    Fresh Pasta at Eataly in New York, New York

    A butcher, fishmonger, cheesemonger, salumi counter, rotisserie, bakery, dried goods, fruits and vegetables, Italian beers and just about anything else the well-heeled foodie cook could possibly require.

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    Truffle Custard at Per Se in New York, NY

    Per Se makes more than meals, they make memories. The combination of incredible food, thoughtful service and a luxurious setting induces a dreamlike state. If they're on the menu, indulge in the Truffle Custard cups that are served warm in hollowed-out eggs and garnished with caviar.

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    Fish and Chips at A Salt and Battery in New York, New York

    A Salt and Battery offers chunky, irregularly shaped French fries, and crisp golden batter that doesn't overwhelm the melting taste of the fish inside.

  • Sliders at Bouchon Bakery in New York, NY

    Thomas Keller is serving up some seriously delicious understated sliders as a special at his Bouchon Bakery.

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    Soup Dumplings at Chinatown Brasserie in New York, NY

    Chef and restaurateur Mario Batali told Gourmet Live that he loves the "crazy soup dumplings … they get them to us hot [for delivery] and they're delicious."

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    Sausages and burgers at DBGB Kitchen and Bar in New York, NY

    The menu offers an up-to-the-minute snapshot of what young New Yorkers crave right now. Sausages and clasically rich boudin noir are a draw, as are the burgers.

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    Italian Specialty Foods at Torrisi Italian Specialties in New York, NY

    Although the menu changes nightly, meals are Italian in pacing, but American in character. You're as likely to see Vietnamese sweetbreads as sweetbreads Milanese, and a shrimp po' boy as tripe cacciatore.

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    New York’s Original DB Burger at DB Bistro moderne in New York, NY

    The standout burger is a foie-gras and red wine-braised short rib-stuffed creation served on a Parmesan roll. It was a sandwich created on a lark that instantly became the restaurant's signature dish.

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    Roast Chicken at Barbuto in New York, NY

    The hottest dish in Manhattan today is…roast chicken? It may seem like a simple dish, but when done right - as it is at Barbuto - it can also be just about perfect.

  • Cocktails at Monkey Bar in New York, NY

    The tiered restaurant seems so much like the sophisticated New York of the wicked '30s that you'll look around to see if Nick and Nora Charles are at the next table, feeding one another witty lines.

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    Fish at Le Bernardin Restaurant in New York, NY

    You cannot get a mediocre meal, or even a mediocre dish, in Eric Ripert's shrine to seafood. No one understands fish and fish cookery better.

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    Shack-Cago Dog at Shake Shack in New York, NY

    The Shake Shack Shack-Cago dog stays pretty true to the classic - a Vienna all-beef hot dog and a poppy seed bun layered with the classic toppings.

  • Contemporary American Cuisine at Gramercy Tavern in New York, NY

    The restaurant's no-reservations front room is that rare space that's sexy enough for a date but comfortable enough for your grandparents, and the menu is so thoughtful it's like an act of generosity.