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On the Eat This page of each issue of Sauce, we recommend a single dish that we simply can't get enough of. From breakfast to burgers, tacos to Thai food, these are awesome plates that we've tasted and tipped our culinary hat to. They aren't all new, some are hidden gems that are as old as we are, but they are all notable (and really darn tasty, in our most humble opinion).

Before you devour each dish, take a picture of it and post it to our Foodspotting guide. Love it? Nominate it and let us know. As each issue comes out, this guide will grow and grow (kinda like our bellies), so be sure to check out the newest additions.

And as always, happy eating!

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    Chicharron de pollo at Fritanga in Saint Louis, MO

    Summertime, and the snackin' is easy: For classic warm-weather fare, head to South City's Fritanga, whose chicharron de pollo ranks among the best fried chicken in town. Juicy white meat and a crispy, just-greasy-enough crust are elevated with a hint of spice, while a pop of lemon flavor cuts through the richness with a delicious tanginess. Ask for a side of vinegary chimichurri for extra Latin punch.

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    St. Louis BBQ Bacon Dog at Busch Stadium in St Louis, MO

    It’s not really baseball without hot dogs and beer. Next time you’re at a Cards game, take things to the next level with the St. Louis BBQ Bacon Dog, a hot dog ... wrapped in bacon ... topped with all kinds of goodies; we order ours with pickles, pico de gallo, grilled onions, spicy aïoli and barbecue sauce. That’s a winner.

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    happy hour tapas at Modesto in St. Louis, MO

    We can't think of a better way to spend a post-work hour than at Modesto, where weeknights at the bar offer a variety of bites at prices that can't be beat. 50-cent champiñones (stuffed mushrooms)? Albóndigas (veal-pork meatballs) for a quarter? Montaditos (Spanish crositini, including tomato-Manchego and tomato-serrano ham) for 25 cents to a $1.50? We'll drink to that.

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    Italian Dog at Audi K's in St Louis, MO

    Game on: Can’t score tickets to opening day? No problem. Get yourself a radio, a lawn chair and a hot dog from Audi K’s, and you won’t miss a thing. We suggest the Italian Dog, whose onions, tomatoes, mayo, banana peppers and Italian dressing would surely do Joe Garagiola proud.

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    Bratwurst Burger at Shaved Duck in St Louis, MO

    Shape-Shifter: Say hello to grilling season with the Bratwurst Burger at The Shaved Duck, where the classic warm-weather sausage – here studded with smoked onions – appears in patty form, topped with sweet dried mango, tangy Dijon sauce and creamy Swiss for a new taste of an old favorite.

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    avocado egg rolls at Scape Bistro in St. Louis, MO

    Looking for the perfect summer nibble? Head to the Central West End’s Scape, where the Avocado Egg Rolls encase creamy chunks of avocado in a lightly crispy exterior, providing a memorable interplay between fresh and fried. Get your own order to allow for double dipping, because a dunk in the sweet-sour tamarind dipping sauce adds depth of flavor to each bite, and a swipe through the plate’s swish of poblano sauce turns up the heat.

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    The Big Squeal at Kakao Chocolate in St Louis, MO

    Take one crunchy, sticky bite of Kakao Chocolate’s The Big Squeal, the chocolatier’s new bacon brittle, and you’ll be hooked. Rich caramelized sugar is studded with Missouri pecans and local bacon from Hinkebein Hills Farm, making it sweet, salty, savory, smoky – and more proof that bacon really does make everything better.

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    Fried Eggplant Napoleon at Vin De Set in St. Louis, MO

    Once you figure out just how to eat the fried eggplant napoleon at Vin De Set, you’ll fall in love. A sweet balsamic reduction drips down each layer of this farm-fresh tower, and every bite should include a bit of sweet tomato, tangy goat cheese and crispy fried eggplant for a flavor frenzy that will leave you scraping the plate.

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    Malted Waffle at Crepes, Etc in St. Louis, MO

    We always say we’ll try something new this time, but the not-too-sweet, not-too-crisp yet not-too-doughy malted waffle at Crêpes: etc. has us so addicted we can’t order anything else. Stir some cinnamon into the accompanying whipped cream, then spread it on like butter so it gets trapped in all those little squares. One bite and you’ll be hooked too.

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    Cornmeal-Crusted Wings at London's Wing House in Wellston, Missouri

    When the younger generation reopened the family-owned London’s Wing House – shuttered for the past four years – late this summer, the line immediately stretched out the door. One bite and you’ll know why. Made from the STL institution’s decades-old recipe, the flavorful, not-too-greasy, not-too-dry, cornmeal-crusted wings are worth the wait.

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    Samosa Chaat at Gokul Snacks & Sweets in Saint Louis, MO

    The samosa chaat at Gokul Snacks & Sweets will keep your taste buds on high alert. Crisp, flaky shells filled with a savory mix of potatoes and peas are topped with chickpeas, black channa, onions, cilantro, and tamarind and mint chutneys. A drizzle of cool yogurt sauce balances out the heat and a sprinkle of crunchy sev adds some texture. Sour, spicy, sweet, fresh – you'll be pleasantly surprised with each bite.

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    Thai Barbecue Burger at Sub Zero Vodka Bar in St. Louis, MO

    The Thai Barbecue Burger at Sub Zero Vodka Bar is a welcome addition to the burger world’s usual suspects. Budweiser, sriacha, liquid smoke and (yes) bacon drippings collaborate to create a red curry barbecue sauce that’s sweet, tangy and perfectly spicy; a fresh, vinegary green papaya salad both complements the meat and adds more heat – make sure you’ve ordered your vodka before taking a bite.

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    Faraci's Special at Faraci Pizza in Ferguson, MO

    Provel is a must when it comes to St. Louis-style pizza, but it so easily overwhelms a pie. Not so at Faraci Pizza in Ferguson, where the smoky stuff is blanketed on just so, resulting in a little cheesy goodness with each bite. A light, crisp crust and deeply flavored tomato sauce support the Faraci’s Special, but the house-made sausage is the standout star among the toppings of pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms and onions.