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St. Louis Sandwiches

Sauce Magazine · Guide to St Louis · created about 7 years ago

Who doesn’t love a great sandwich? Whether it’s meat you’re mad for, the veggies you go gaga over or the cheese you just can’t get enough of, everything’s better with two pieces of bread around it. In a city filled with plenty of goodness between the bread, we’ve found a few worship-worthy ‘wiches no good eater should be without. Just remember to take a picture and post it to our Foodspotting guide before you dig in – and then, of course, eat up.

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    Cochon de Lait Po’ Boy at Riverbend Restaurant and Bar in St. Louis, Mo

    Po’ boys, Louisiana’s version of a sub sandwich, are traditionally dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. Riverbend offers several versions. Cochon de Lait, traditionally made from suckling pig but more often featuring pork shoulder, features wonderfully seasoned, slow-roasted, porky goodness.Po’ boys, Louisiana’s version of a sub sandwich, are traditionally dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo. Riverbend offers several versions. Cochon de Lait, traditionally made from suckling pig but more often featuring pork shoulder, features wonderfully seasoned, slow-roasted, porky goodness.

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    South Side Smoke at stellina pasta cafe in St. Louis, Mo.

    When it's barbecue you want, the South Side Smoke at Stellina Pasta Cafe more than satisfies. Smokiness infuses every bite, from the tender, fall-apart pork to the light barbecue sauce to the silky Gouda. Accented by soft, sweet caramelized onions and served on a sturdy sea-salt ciabatta bun, this hearty sandwich will instantly find a place on your list of lunchtime favorites.

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    Brisket Sandwich at Winslows Home in St Louis, MO

    One sign that this brisket is better than your Bubby’s? Winslow’s Home sells it to-go by the pound. The U. City general store/café’s secret recipe results in a beef brisket with a super-tender texture and a savory-sweet flavor. Mounded onto rye ciabatta and paired with luscious Brie and tangy horseradish sauce, the brisket becomes a well-balanced sandwich that’s both comforting and current.

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    Heart Stopping BLT at Crown Candy Kitchen in St Louis, MO

    Sure artisan bread and farm-fresh tomatoes are nice on a BLT, but face it, it's the bacon everyone cares about. Crown Candy Kitchen's version will make your head spin the moment it's walked out of the kitchen: Unabashedly old-school, it arrives on toasted white bread slathered with Miracle Whip and piled with tomato and features almost a full pound - a pound! - of crispy bacon.

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    Back Bacon, Egg and Cheese at Dressel's Pub in Saint Louis, MO

    One bite of the Back Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich at Dressel's Pub, and you'll never settle for plain ol' bacon and eggs again. Served on toothsome ciabatta, fried eggs add richness, lean back bacon adds a perfectly chewy-crisp savory note and blue cheese adds piquant depth of flavor that doesn't overwhelm the sandwich's other elements.

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    Chicken Torta at La Vallesana in St Louis, MO

    Stuffed with chicken, shredded Monterey and Cheddar cheeses, lettuce, pico de gallo, mayo and guacamole, the chicken torta at La Vallesana is packed with fresh flavor. Toasting the whole thing causes the stuff on the inside to meld into a delicious, slightly spicy, cilantro-y filling. Of the two salsas that accompany it, we love the way green one, made with tomatillos, chiles and cilantro, makes your lips burn.

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    Virginia Ham at Onesto Pizza & Trattoria in St Louis, MO

    There's ham and cheese, and then there's Onesto Pizza and Trattoria's ham and cheese. The South City pizzeria turns up the volume on the age-old pairing with a mountain of savory house-smoked Virginia ham topped with creamy Fontina cheese, tart-sweet apple slices and tangy stone-ground mustard for a memorable take on a classic sandwich.

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    Hot Salami at Gioia's Deli in St. Louis, Mo.

    There's a reason the Hot Salami has been Gioia's Deli's signature sandwich for decades: It's that good. The star here is the house-made salam de testa, a thick-sliced, soft salami with a salty, rich flavor served on crusty Italian bread. You can choose your cheese and toppings, but we see no reason to mess with a classic: This legendary sandwich is best when loaded up with pepper cheese, pepperoncini and yellow mustard.

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    Panino Fresco at Blues City Deli in Saint Louis, MO

    Who said big, hearty sandwiches have to be filled with meat? Think of the Panino Fresco at Blues City Deli as a muffuletta for vegetarians. Served on the same round Italian bread, a thick slice of fresh mozzarella stands in for all that meat, providing the perfect mild base for the briny saltiness of the deli's signature rustic olive salad. No meat also means a lighter, cleaner flavor. That said, we dare you to finish this monster of a sandwich in one sitting.

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    Shrimp Po' Boy at Mollys in Soulard in St. Louis, MO

    Though new executive chef Bryan Flaxbeard changed the Shrimp Po’ boy at Molly's in Soulard a bit after the restaurant re-opened this winter, the sandwich's hearty baguette and tender, plump shrimp would still make any New Orleans native proud. Sweet and vinegary meet tangy and spicy as the house-made barbecue sauce that coats the shrimp combines with creamy remoulade to create a true Southern kick in every delicious bite.

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    Tilapia Reuben at Annie Gunn's Restaurant in Chesterfield, MO

    The mild flavor of the perfectly seasoned tilapia on Annie Gunn's Tilapia Reuben allows the tangy Thousand Island dressing oozing from the toasty rye bread to take center stage. Caramelized onions add a touch of sweetness, sauerkraut creates a bit of sour, and melted Fair Oaks Swiss blends it all together to create a sweet-tart combo that will keep your mouth watering from the first bite to the last.