Best Chinatown Street Food

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There are so many amazing street carts in Manhattan's Chinatown. But finding the best ones can be a challenge. This guide lists just a few of the options that you can find in the iPhone app Chinatown Chow Down NYC.

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    tea eggs at Rutgers Street Cart in New York, NY

    Open at 6 am everyday, this street cart serves up amazing tea eggs (3 for a dollar).

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    Rice Noodle Roll at Chee Cheong Fun Cart in New York, NY

    With chicken, scallions, peanut, soy, and hot sauce, this is the perfect breakfast for $1.25.

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    Soy Custard at Fong Inn Too Inc in New York, NY

    Add the syrup on top and you have a great dessert or snack.

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    grilled fish balls at Xinjiang Kebabs in New York, NY

    Grilled meats and fish on a stick for a dollar: lamb, chicken, beef, squid, fish balls, chicken hearts, chicken wings...

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    fried chicken at Shing's Food Shop in New York, NY

    This excellent food cart serves up fried rice, spring rolls, mai fun, and tasty chicken. Hard to track down, but usually 2-8 pm and depending on weather.