No Reservations: 100 Food Spots Visited By Anthony Bourdain

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Chef, author and irreverent world traveler Anthony Bourdain has eaten thousands of crave-worthy meals on his adventures. Now, to celebrate the 100th episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, it’s your turn to eat where Tony ate on the show. Experience the edgy, the unexpected, and the unforgettable flavors that give Tony a lust for life.

How many of these 100 dishes have you tried? Share your photos with Tony and other No Reservations fans!

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    Crab Salad, Asparagus Salad, Seafood Carpaccio, Rabbit with Microgreens, Seafood Risotto, Vodka and Caviar at Горки, Ресторан in г. Москва, Россия

    At this Russian fusion restaurant, Anthony Bourdain, his friend Zamir and Miss Russia enjoyed a fancy meal consisting of crab salad, asparagus salad, seafood carpaccio, rabbit with microgreens, seafood risotto, vodka and caviar.

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    Hangover Soup at Hangang in Yongsan-gu, Seoul

    After a night of heavy drinking, Anthony Bourdain visits this restaurant in search of the famed hangover soup (spicy potato stew).

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    String Hoppers and Coconut Curry at Mohamadiya Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    At this hole-in-the-wall eatery, near the central market in Colombo, Anthony Bourdain samples string hoppers (rice noodles) and coconut curry.

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    Rice Flour Bowls with Fried Eggs and Spicy Sambal at Lakmal Tea Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka

    A tri-shaw driver takes Anthony Bourdain to Lakmal Tea Center for a breakfast of rice flour bowls with fried eggs and spicy sambal.

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    Mutton Chops, Mutton Soup, Mutton Masala and Mutton Curry at Ravi's in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Ravi is a Pakistani canteen famous for its mutton chops, mutton soup, mutton masala and mutton curry. Anthony Bourdain samples each one.

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    Sheep & Cow Stomach, White Wine, Tofu at Bao du Zhang in Beijing, China

    Anthony Bourdain visits a little place in Beijing called Bao du Zhang – “Zhang’s Sheep Stomach”. Tony has white wine, a little sheep and cow stomach, along with tofu.

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    Duck Feet at Li Qun Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing, China

    Anthony Bourdain samples the best of the best in roast duck feet in the Beijing area.

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    Pickled Vegetables, Potatoes, Papadan, Naan and Curry at Natraj Thali Restaurant

    Tony joins owners Jatim and Jaynat at their vegetarian Indian restaurant. The brothers are full-time students and full-time restaurateurs. Tony sits down with them to a meal of pickled vegetables, potatoes, papadan, naan and curry.

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    Palm Wine, Cassava Fish, Fish Soup at Tribal Leaders' Homes

    Anthony Bourdain took a boat ride to Nzulezo, where he met the local tribal leaders for a festive meal of palm wine, cassava fish and fish soup.

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    Big Unit Hot Dog at Alice Cooper's Town in Phoenix, AZ

    Anthony Bourdain visits Alice Cooper’s restaurant Alice Cooperstown to try the popular Big Unit hot dog.

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    Grilled Snapper, Lobster, Beer at Aunt Merle's Fish Shack

    Anthony Bourdain enjoys a meal of grilled snapper fish, lobster and beer at his beachside restaurant.

  • Chicharrons, Pan de Pais at El Pueblo del Chicharron in Bayamón, Puerto Rico

    Anthony Bourdain delights in fried-pork-skins served with warm, sweet delicious pan de pais.

  • fried fish at Sorolo Restaurant in Panama, Panama

    Anthony Bourdain has fried fish at Sorolol Restaurant in this poor but vibrant neighborhood of Panama City.

  • Ceviche, Empanadas at Donde Ivan in Parque Lefevre, Panama

    Anthony Bourdain endulges in ceviche and empanadas.

  • Seafood Platter at King Sitric Fish Restaurant & Accommodation in Howth, Fingal

    Anthony Bourdain sits down to an abundant seafood platter that included periwinkles, Irish lobster, shallots, boiled razor clams and steamed prawns. He washes it all down with some white wine.

  • Steak and Guiness Pie at Crown Liquor Saloon in Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Anthony Bourdain discusses politics and enjoys a traditional meal of steak and Guinness pie. He also samples Irish stew (lamb, potatoes, carrots and onions) and Galway Bay oysters.

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    Doner Kebab, Wet Hamburgers at KIZILKAYALAR HAMBURGER in Istanbul, Türkiye

    Kizilkayalar serves up Doner kebab and wet hamburgers to bar-hopping Turks & Anthony Bourdain.

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    Boza at Vefa Bozacisi Boza Sirke Şiravegida Maddeleri San. ve Tic. in Istanbul, Turkey

    Anthony Bourdain tries a local favorite, a unique drink made with chickpeas.

  • Jamon with Cheese and Fried Egg on top of a Buckwheat Flour Crepe at St John Bread & Wine in London, United Kingdom

    Anthony Bourdain visits St. John Bread and Wine, Fergus' newest restaurant. He enjoys roasted bone marrow with toasted bread, stewed pig's head with bacon and blood cake.

  • Jamon with Cheese and Fried Egg on top of a Buckwheat Flour Crepe at Crêperie Ty Billig in Quimperlé, France

    Anthony Bourdain tries a traditional lunch specialty -- jamon with cheese and a fried egg on top of a buckwheat flower crepe.

  • Tripe Soup, Greens, Lamb Sweet Breads, Stewed Wild Goat and Chickpeas at Pantheon Restaurant

    Anthony Bourdain samples a meal of Greek specialties including tripe soup, the ubiquitous greens, lamb sweet breads, stewed wild goat and chickpeas.

  • Blood Sausage, Rum at Tour de Montlhéry in Paris, Ile-de-France

    Mmm ... blood sausage. Anthony Bourdain samples blood sausage and some rum baba at A la Tour de Montlhery.

  • Spit-Roasted Veal and Lamb, Cheeses, Cured Meats, Homemade Pastas at Su Gologone in Oliena, Italia

    The hotel and restaurant is a favorite for locals and travelers alike. Here Anthony Bourdain tries all that the kitchen can dish out including various local cheeses, cured meats, homemade pastas, spit-roasted veal and lamb.

  • Fritto, Deep-Fried Soft-Shell Crabs at Ristorante Al Covo in Venezia, VE

    Anthony Bourdain visits Al Covo to sample some of the freshest seafood in all of Venice including some of the house specialties and local favorites: fritto (a large array of small fried fish) and the deep-fried soft-shell crabs caught earlier that day.

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    Goat & Lamb Heart, Brains, Liver, Feet at Souk Market, Old Town Jeddah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Anthony Bourdain is introduced to a typical breakfast of Saudi champions -- goat and lamb's heart, brains, livers and feet. This tiny vendor in the middle of the central market, aka the Souk, is a local favorite for a hearty meal to start off the day.

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    Foie Gras Dog at Hot Doug's Inc in Chicago, IL

    Anthony Bourdain loves hot dogs, or any other meat in tube form for that matter. Tony samples the Foie Gras Dog, grilled sauterne-infused duck sausage with truffle mustard and topped with a generous piling of fresh foie fras.

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    Pizza at Burt's Place in Morton Grove, IL

    In the popular Morton Grove neighborhood, Anthony Bourdain visits the artisanal pizza joint Burt’s Place where he discovers the wonders of the amazing Chicago deep-dish pizza.

  • Polish Boy, Fried Chicken, Ribs, Pulled-Pork Sandwich at Hot Sauce Williams Barbecue in Cleveland, OH

    Chef Michael Symon joins Anthony Bourdain for a popular home-cooked meal of a Polish Boy (hot dog with cole slaw and fries), fried chicken, ribs, pulled-pork sandwich, black-eyed peas, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes and collard greens.

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    Three Way Chili at Skyline Chili in Cleveland, OH

    Anthony Bourdain travels to Cleveland where he meets long time friend Michael Ruhlman. The 2 visit Skyline Chili for the classic Three Way Chili, made with chili (spiced with cinnamon), spaghetti and cheddar cheese, along with sweet tea and oyster cracker

  • Spaghetti and Meatballs at Russ & Daughters in New York, NY

    Anthony Bourdain visits Russ & Daughters for some classic spaghetti and meatballs.

  • Boudin Noir w/Truffles, Potate Celery Puree at Bar Boulud in New York, NY

    Anthony Bourdain samples some of New York City’s best charcuterie with chef Daniel Boulud at his restaurant Bar Boulud. They dine on french charcuterie – Boudin Noir (blood sausage) wrapped in delicate pastries, studded with truffles alongside a mashed po

  • Parmesan Agnolotti w/ Scrambled Duck Eggs, Pickled Pig’s Feet, Summer Sausage at Piccolo in Minneapolis, MN

    Anthony Bourdain visits Chef Douglas Flicker, who challenges the local food scene at his restaurant Piccolo where he serves up beautifully prepared small plates. Tony samples many dishes including parmesan agnolotti with scrambled duck eggs and pickled pi

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    Roast Chicken Breast, French Fries at Bouchon in Las Vegas, NV

    Anthony Bourdain visits Thomas Keller's French brasserie, Bouchon, for house marinated olives, Salmon Riette, Maine lobster, Salt cod and potato for the appetizer. For the main course, roast chicken breast and the best french fries Tony has ever had.

  • Charcuterie Course, Oysters at Primo Restaurant in Rockland, ME

    Anthony Bourdain visits Primo co-owner Melissa Kelly for some of her homemade specialties including a charcuterie course from her own pigs -- pasta, veal and pork chops. For the finishing touches, Anthony Bourdain tries Maine oysters from the Damariscotta

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    Po' Boy at Domilise Sandwich Shop & Bar in New Orleans, LA

    Anthony Bourdain bites into a local favorite -- po'boys.

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    Doughnuts at Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR

    Anthony Bourdain tasted various kinds of doughnuts, including maple with bacon and Oreo with peanut butter. But he loved the bacon doughnut with maple frosting the best.

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    Pu Pu Platter at Jade Island Restaurant Inc in Staten Island, NY

    Anthony Bourdain and David Johansen sample boat drinks and a Pu Pu platter consisting of garlic chicken wings, double batter fried shrimp, chicken rolled up in bacon, spare ribs and beef terrayaki on a stick.

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    Tortillas at Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos in Brooklyn, NY

    Anthony Bourdain ventures out to Bushwick for an authentic Mexican experience – tortillas that are wonderfully thick, slightly chewy and fragrant.

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    Double Cheeseburger and a Beer at Red's Java House in San Francisco, CA

    Located on a pier at the docks of the Embarcadero, Anthony Bourdain stops by Red's Java House for the perfect double cheesburger and beer.

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    Beef on Weck at Schwabl's Restaurant in West Seneca, NY

    Anthony Bourdain and friends have lunch at Schwabl's, known for having the best beef on weck in the area.

  • Deep-Fried Grouper and Pie at T W Graham & Co in Mc Clellanville, SC

    Anthony Bourdain joins Chef Pirate Pete at this small-town general store turned restaurant for some deep-fried grouper and pie.

  • Chili Relleno Fajita at Pepper Pot in Hatch, NM

    Hatch is known for growing some of the best chili peppers in the country, and The Pepper Pot serves them up relleno style, made from scratch and Anthony Bourdain samples them in his fajita dish.

  • Fragrant Flower Salad, Fruit Dessert Trio, Fresh Local Fish at Sooke Harbour House in Sooke, BC

    Ed Tuson is the chef at this Victoria landmark. Nearly everything on the surrounding grounds is edible. Anthony Bourdain enjoys a fragrant flower salad, a fruit dessert trio, fresh local fish, among other dishes.

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    Half-Smoke Chili Hot Dog at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC

    A true monument to DC -- Ben's Chili Bowl has withstood the test of time, hardship and gentrification to remain a staple of the DC scene gastronomically and socially. Anthony Bourdain samples their staple product, a half-smoke chili hot dog.

  • Sweet and Sour Soup, Chicken Wings w/Pork & Prawns at Van Mai

    Chef Anthony Bourdain Tan suggests a walk down Victoria Street in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond. The visit to Van Mai includes a large number of dishes such as sweet and sour soup with tamarind and carrot, chicken wings with pork and prawns and more.

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    Parrillada at Estancia Del Puerto in Montevideo, Montevideo

    At Estancia Del Puerto, Anthony Bourdain enjoys Parrillada -- grilled meat.

  • Rigatone All'Matriciana at Il Timoniere

    Anthony Bourdain meets up with locals Sara and Marco, the Fish Seller, to try this local spot in the Garbatella neighborhood known for its rigatone all'matriciana.

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    Cacio e Pepe at Pizzeria Roma Sparita S.R.L. in Roma, Lazio

    Anthony Bourdain tries what Romans have adopted as their modern favorite – a pasta dish known as Cacio e Pepe.

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    Lumpia at Lumpia House

    Ivan Man Dy takes Anthony Bourdain down an alley in Chinatown to Lumpia House, a hole in the wall that serves up the Filipino take on the classic spring roll.

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    Beef Biryani at NM Fast Food

    Unlike most of India, it's possible to find many places that serve beef in Kerala because of the large populations of Muslims and Christians who eat meat. Anthony Bourdain samples beef biryani.

  • Dumplings at Da Song Shui Jiao in Harbin, China

    Anthony Bourdain and Alan hit up a tiny dumpling shop to try its version of Harbin’s dumpling flare.

  • Uni Butter Pasta with Caviar at Le Bernardin Restaurant in New York, NY

    Chef Eric Ripert demos one of Anthony Bourdain's favorite dishes -- uni butter pasta with a hefty dose of fine caviar.

  • Roast Duck Nachos, Crispy Won Ton Ahi Poke Balls, Short Rib at Alan Wong's Restaurant in Honolulu, HI

    Wong prepares his most mouthwatering dishes -- Chinatown roast duck nachos with avocado salsa and tapioca chips; crispy won ton ahi poke balls with wasabi sauce; and twice-cooked short rib, soy braised and grilled Kalbi-style.

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    Chivitos at Chiviteria Marcos in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Chiviteria Marcos is known for their giant sandwiches called Chivitos.

  • La Calderada, Colonche at La Calderada in Manglaralto, Ecuador

    Anthony Bourdain stops for a quick bite of la calderada and colonche. La calderada consists of seafood chowder with crabs, prawns, crayfish and mussels. Colonche is a seafood peanut curry with crayfish and plantain.

  • Ensebollado at El Pez Volador in Guayaquil, Ecuador

    Diego Perez takes Anthony Bourdain to his second-favorite breakfast spot where they have Ensebollado, a very typical Ecuadorian fish stew. The stew contains such ingredients as albacore tuna, fresh prawns, yucca, tomato and onion.

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    Empanadas, Machas at Las Deliciosas in Concon, Chile

    Anthony Bourdain and Jorge Sotomayor take the scenic route down the coastline starting in Concon. Their first stop is Las Deliciosas, famous for their homemade empanadas. Anthony Bourdain and Jorge sample the local specialty -- machas, Chilean razor clams

  • Sea Bass, King Crab and Abalone at Donde El Gordito in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos

    Located in scenic Puerto Varas just blocks from the lake and volcanoes that make the region famous, Anthony Bourdain meets local friend Alfredo Sauss for a meal of sea bass, king crab and abalone.

  • Grilled Bread w/Butter and Coffee at Bar de Santa in São Paulo, Brasil

    Anthony Bourdain's friends Renato and Priscila take him to enjoy a typical Brazilian breakfast - grilled bread with butter and coffee.

  • Chicken, Spicy Cumin Pork Spare Ribs, Heart at Dainty Sichuan in Melbourne, VIC

    Owners Ye Shao and Ting Li provide Anthony Bourdain and local chef Anthony Bourdain Tan with a spicy Sichuan experience at their authentic restaurant, Dainty Sichuan. The 4 sit down to a meal of mouthwatering chicken, spicy cumin pork spare ribs, and hear

  • Lebanese Pizza at A1 Middle East Food Store in Brunswick, VIC

    Anthony Bourdain and local food writer Matt Preston wander down Sydney Road in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. Their first stop on Sydney Road is A-1 Lebanese Bakery. Anthony Bourdain and Matt sample Lebanese pizza and bread filled with minced lamb.

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    Fish and Chips at Eamonn's a Dublin Chipper in Alexandria, Virginia

    Ask the owner and chef of Eamonn's what the difference is between a Dublin chipper and an English chipper, and he'll tell you that in Ireland, beer is for drinking, not cooking. Anthony Bourdain and Cathal sit down to some fried fish and Guinness.

  • Cavatelli, Orecchiette at Scarpetta in New York, NY

    Chef Scott Conant cooks pasta from memories of watching his grandmother make dishes like cavatelli and orecchiette. Anthony Bourdain pays him a visit to learn his special techniques of cooking from memory.

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    Amuse Bouche, Duck Foie Gras, Pumpkin Foie Gras, Goie Gras Hot Dog, Halibut Fish & Chips at Restaurant au Pied de Cochon in Montreal, Quebec

    Anthony Bourdain checks out this renowned Montreal restaurant owned by chef Martin Picard. Anthony Bourdain samples many dishes including an Amuse bouche (a thick slab of duck terrine), duck foie gras, pumpkin foie gras, foie gras hot dog, halibut fish an

  • Corona Chicken at T B's Bar & Grill in Del Rio, TX

    Anthony Bourdain eats Corona chicken - chicken breast marinated and filleted with onions, jalapenos and cheese, and wrapped up in bacon. He also tries chicken-fried steak.

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    Butter Burger at Solly's Grille in Milwaukee, WI

    Anthony Bourdain visits Sollys, home of the local favorite and highly questionable butter burger.

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    Reindeer, Boar and Duck Bratwurst at Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs in Denver, CO

    Anthony Bourdain has an order of reindeer, boar and duck bratwurst at Biker Jim Pettingers cart.

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    Pit Beef at Chaps Pit Beef in Baltimore, MD

    Anthony Bourdain eats pit beef with The Wire's Jay Landsman.

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    Goh Risotto at Trattoria Da Romano in Venezia, Veneto

    Anthony Bourdain visits Da Romano Trattoria on the island of Burano (of lace-making fame). The restaurant has been open for over 100 years and is tied to tradition. Anthony Bourdain tries Goh risotto, the restaurant's obsession.

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    Fläsklägg at Restaurang Pelikan in Stockholm, Sweden

    Anthony visits with famous Swedish skiers Kaj Zachrisson and Sverre Lilliquist while enjoying a meal of fläsklägg (pigs' knuckles - yummy).

  • Roasted Pig, Caviar, Polenta with Tomatoes at Jaristea in Bucharest, Romania

    Anthony Bourdain and Zamir visit Jaristea, a restaurant catering to Romania's imperial past. They were served an assortment of items including whole roasted pig, caviar and polenta with tomatoes.

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    Black Label Hamburger at Minetta Tavern in New York, NY

    Josh Ozersky and Anthony Bourdain head over to Minetta Tavern to sample the $26 Black Label hamburger that Josh claims is the best in the country.

  • Deep Fried Haggis at The Mermaid Chip Shop in Edinburgh, EH6

    Anthony Bourdain and best-selling crime author Ian Rankin have a lunch of deep-fried ribs at The Mermaid Chip Shop, a local favorite for anything deep-fried, including haggis and king rib.

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    Currywurst mit Pommes at Konnopke's Imbiß in Berlin, Deutschland

    Anthony Bourdain and his friend Nigel enjoy a traditional Berlin snack of currywurst and french fries smothered in ketchup.

  • Conch Gratin Tart, Christophine au Gratin Seafood Casserole, Yardie Coq au Vin at L'Auberge de Grenadines in Port Elizabeth, Grenadines

    The chef and owner of L'Auberge is a CIA-trained Vincentian, who whips up a wonderful menu of conch gratin tart and christophine au gratin seafood casserole as well as Yardie coq au vin.

  • Fried Green Tomatoes, Shrimp & Grits, Coca-Cola Cake at Jestine's Kitchen in Charleston, SC

    Anthony Bourdain sits down with local food writers Tim Driggers and Aida Rogers for some good old-fashioned Southern food. They dine on fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, and Coca-Cola cake.

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    Japadogs at Japadog in Vancouver, British Columbia

    Anthony Bourdain and Nari sample this popular Vancouver street food, a variation of the New York City hot dog.

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    Tacos at Crazy Coyote Tacos in Banning, CA

    Anthony Bourdain stops by this roadside food stand near Palm Springs for a staple tacos – California road food.

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    Cajun BBQ at Cochon in New Orleans, LA

    The chefs of Cochon invited Anthony Bourdain to a BBQ where they showed him how to use a cajun microwave to “nuke” an entire pig.

  • Pasties at Pinky's in Livingston, MT

    At Pinky's Pasties, Anthony Bourdain and Dan Lahren sample a new take on the traditional pastie, a hearty meat pie that was once the staple of miners in the area.

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    Oysters & Maine Clams at J's Oyster in Portland, ME

    J’s is a dark pub-like atmosphere. There are plenty of oysters for the taking, but the real stars are the Maine clams, aka steamers. Anthony Bourdain and Zach Zamboni enjoy some pints and a large bucket of steamers and butter.

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    Salumi at Salumi Artisan Cured Meats in Seattle, WA

    Anthony Bourdain enjoyed a wonderful meal of cured meats with Mario Batali and his family.

  • Walleye, Poached Sturgeon, Beef-Cheek Pierogie, Foie Gras Brats, Turnip Kraut, Stout/Cheddar Soup, Poached Egg w/Pig Ear at Lola Bistro in Cleveland, OH

    Anthony Bourdain and Marky Ramone visit Lola for some walleye, sturgeon poached in smoked butter, beef-cheek pierogie, foie gras bratwurst, turnip kraut, stout/cheddar soup, pig's feet, poached egg with crispy pig ear, and ice cream to top it off.

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    Three Little Pigs at Silver Palm Inc in Chicago, IL

    Anthony Bourdain pays a visit to Chicago’s own shock jock, Mancow Muller. The two visit the Silver Palm restaurant for the house specialty: Three Little Pigs, a gigantic sandwich made with three kinds of pork.

  • Pacha at Al Bait al Baghdadi in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

    Anthony Bourdain checks out one of the best Baghdadi restaurants in Dubai. Lunch is Pacha, known as the poor man's food. Usually eaten with lemon and chilies, Pacha is basically a stew of boiled stomach and intestines served with bread.

  • Olive & Wild Boar Stew, Mushroom Ravioli with Dried Sasage, & Salami at Ristorante Uccellina in Collecchio, Toscana

    Anthony Bourdain and chef Cesare Casella visit the best highway restaurant (aka trucker joint) in all of Italy. They enjoy local wine, olive and wild boar stew, handmade mushroom ravioli with dried sausage, and salami.

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    Montaditos at Quimet & Quimet in Barcelona, Barcelona

    Anthony Bourdain visits Quimet & Quimet, a tiny Barcelona vermouth bar. Quimet & Quimet is known for its variety of vermouth and its selection of montaditos, small Basque-style tapas on crisp bread.

  • Wild Hare, Braised Partridge, Pastas, & Wild Boar at Agriturismo Predas Rujas in Torpe -- Posada, Nuoro

    Anthony Bourdain and family are joined by owners Laura and Gianpaolo for a lunch of wild hare, braised partridge stuffed with lardo, homemade pastas and wild boar.

  • Red-Pepper Gazpacho & Grilled Alpilles Lamb with Fried Aubergine at Hôtel Les Ateliers de l'Image in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

    With a view of the Alpilles mountain range from the outdoor patio of Restaurant Le Provence, Anthony Bourdain and Anne Daguin feast on red-pepper gazpacho and grilled alpilles lamb with fried aubergine.

  • Croissants & Orange Juice at Le Royal in Paris, France

    Embracing the timeless French tradition of breakfast in a cafe, Anthony Bourdain Bourdain visits Le Royal to enjoy croissants and orange juice.

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    Bougasta Hanion at Μπουγάτσα Χανίων in Χανιά, Crete

    Anthony Bourdain visits a small shop for a Hanian delicacy, bougatsa. Bougatsa is a sweet cheese and phylo pie. Here the same baker has handmade the gossamer thin phylo from scratch for 20 years.

  • Seafood Platter at Chez Jacky in Riec sur Bélon, France

    Chez Jacky is a popular seafood spot located on the Port de Belon. Anthony Bourdain orders the popular seafood platter overflowing with lobster, clams, oysters, crabs, cockles, periwinkles and mussels.

  • Roasted Baby Lamb at Sur Ocakbaşı in İstanbul, Turkey

    Baby lamb cooked in an underground oven is on the menu for lunch at this favorite spot in the Fatih District of Istanbul.

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    Fish and Chips at Leo Burdock's in Dublin, Ireland

    Anthony Bourdain and Paddy eat fish and chips after attending a literary tour about author Brendan Behan and the pubs of Ireland.

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    Lechon Sofrito at Lechonera Los Pinos in Guavate, PR

    At this stand, Anthony and Andy indulge in a roasted pig basted in sofrito.

  • Gai Yang at Likit Gai Yang in Bangkok, Thailand

    Before Eric's muay thai fight, he and Anthony Bourdain go to Likit Gai Yang next to the stadium for a meal of gai yang, a very popular Isan-style grilled chicken dish and green papaya salad.

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    Singaporian-Inspired Cuisine at Straits Kitchen in Singapore, Singapore

    The Straits Kitchen is a Singapore-inspired restaurant presenting the best of local cuisine. Anthony Bourdain indulges in an endless parade of flavors -- everything from Chinese to Malay to Indian cuisine.

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    Sigsig of Pampanga at Aling Lucing's Sisig in Angeles City, Central Luzon

    Claude and Anthony Bourdain sample the famous Sisig of Pampanga, which is a dish of boiled and chopped pig face served on a sizzling plate.

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    Artisanal Cheese at Cato Corner Farm in Colchester, CT

    Celebrated chef and affineur, Terrance Brennan leads us through the entire process of cheese-making. He demonstrates the fine craft of affinage in Artisanal's cheese cave.

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    Pho at Bac Hai in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    No trip to Vietnam would be complete without a bowl of steaming hot Pho. Anthony Bourdain heads to Bac Hai, a popular late-night stop for bicycle taxi drivers looking to grab a quick bite.