No Reservations: Bourdain’s Tokyo

No Reservations · Guide to Tōkyō Metropolis, Japan · created over 7 years ago

Anthony Bourdain visited Tokyo in search of the relationship between a perfect piece of sushi and a perfect knife blade.

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  • Kaiseki Sashimi at 柊家別館

    Seeks to elevate the Japanese dining experience to its highest level.

  • Squid, Yellowtail Tuna, Salmon Roe at 次郎すし

    Perfection is possible. Every item is served at exactly the right time, temperature and stage in its preparation, including the rice.

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    Yakitori at Toriki in Tokyo, Japan

    Practiced on a very high level in Japan – and here, it’s made with fresh killed beautiful chicken. See map here: http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1312/A131201/13026017/

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    monkfish at restaurant omae XEX

    Like foie gras. Tomatoes, leeks, quickly boiled monkfish skin and a dressing of monkfish liver and ponzu sauce. Rich, fatty, delicate flavor.

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    Soba Noodles at Sarashina Horii 更科堀井 in Minatoku, Tokyo

    Making soba since 1789. It’s all about the noodle, and the Japanese have worked an entire lifetime to perfect it.