No Reservations: Bourdain’s Hawaii

No Reservations · Guide to Hawaii, USA · created over 7 years ago

Arguably the most exotic state in America, Hawaii’s beaches and easy life have intrigued our Anthony Bourdain and the cuisine did as well.

How many of these dishes have you tried? Share your photos with Tony and other No Reservations fans, and earn your No Reservations Hawaii badge by spotting all 5!

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    Portugese Sausage at Side Street Inn in Honolulu, HI

    You want to make a Puerto Rican cry, you serve this

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    Chicken gizzards at Side Street Inn in Honolulu, HI

    An unexpected and wondrous mash-up of food and culinary traditions from every culture that’s touched Hawaiian shores.

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    Poi at Ono Hawaiian Foods in Honolulu, HI

    This stuff is supposed to suck, but it’s great. A starchy substance made from mashed taro root originally used to make a little meat go a long way.

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    Lomi Lomi Salmon at Ono Hawaiian Foods in Honolulu, HI

    Salt-cured salmon with tomatoes.

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    Laulau at Ono Hawaiian Foods in Honolulu, HI

    A mammoth purse – a handbag, really – of pork, salt, fat, and butterfish, steamed in taro and tea leaves.

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    Mai Tai at La Mariana Sailing Club in Honolulu, HI

    Three different rums, some fresh lime juice and a dash of syrup. Nothing makes a drink taste better than drinking it out of a head.

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    Spam Sushi at New Upton Fountain (Closed 2007) in Honoululu, HI

    For a certain cluster of Hawaiian islands, it’s what’s for dinner. Like a nori roll or hand roll, but with fried rice, and a big slab of SPAM right in the middle. Unfortunately, this mom-and-pop closed in December of 2007. One great way to keep these l

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    Puka Dog at Puka Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs in Koloa, HI

    Fresh made sausage, wacky tropical toppings, an ingeniously designed, toasted bun impaled on something vaguely medieval looking.