T+L's Irresistible London Restaurants

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Forget trendy and mod. When it comes to dining in Europe, we're forever seduced by the authentic, the inimitable, the timeless. Here, our favorite dishes to eat in London. By Anya Von Bremzen. Adapted from "Irresistible European Restaurants," Travel + Leisure, October 2011. http://www.travelandleisure.com/articles/europes-most-irresistible-restaurants

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    Cow Pie at Mall Tavern in London, England

    Among the kitchen pyrotechnics at this Notting Hill "local": a bone loaded with marrow juts from a golden mantle of suet crust hiding a melting stew of beef braised in ale.

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  • Fishcake with Poached Egg at The Wolseley in London, United Kingdom

    This opulent evocation of Vienna's fin-de-siècle cafés spells out modern London so completely. Ponder this as you tuck into the smoked haddock cake crowned with a poached egg.

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  • Sole Goujons at Scott's in London, United Kingdom

    Everyone—politicos, actors, swank young Iranians on dates with Moscow gazelles—is munching these fancy fish fingers at the seafood citadel in Mayfair.

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  • Hake Cheeks at Hix Oyster & Chop House in London

    Mark Hix's original spot flaunts everything we love about Modern British dining. The bacon-wrapped hake's cheeks on a shocking-green fava purée, for instance, is a witty surf and turf.

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  • Spaghetti with Langoustines at Massimo in London, UK

    The lemony spaghetti laced with spinach and langoustines, composed by Massimo Riccioli from La Rosetta, in Rome, sings a familiar tune but with perfect pitch.

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  • Amadei chocolate tart at Brown's Hotel in London, United Kingdom

    In the polished, suave English Tea Room here, we sipped a bracing Assam while wondering if Stella McCartney (a fan) loves these tarts as much as we do.

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