Tarik Moody · Milwaukee Scavenger Hunt · created about 6 years ago

Use Foodspotting's Free Mobile App for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone as your virtual guide for 88Nine's Soundbites.

Soundbites is a special event of music and food pairings. The event is a fundraiser for 88Nine RadioMilwaukee, a non-profit, public radio station and will be held on Thursday, February 2 at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 88Nine DJs Collaborate with Milwaukee top chefs to develop a perfect playlist accentuating the experience of both the food & music you will enjoy throughout the evening.

The guide is a virtual guide of all the dishes that you can spot and eat at Soundbites. With this guide, we want you to take photos of the dishes (photos can be of just the dish, or you or your friends eating the dish). You can also rate and comment on the dish. If you have an Android phone, Windows phone, or iPhone you can use this guide during the event.

You can listen to the music pairings via 8tracks: